• JustRandom 7 months ago

    Best show ever

  • Jay Yeung 7 months ago


  • AquaticOscarAngel Roblox 7 months ago

    Isn’t a minecraft better ?

  • AquaticOscarAngel Roblox 7 months ago

    A silencer on the heli so they can’t hear you XD jk lol just imagine

  • SkyGlider Gamer 7 months ago

    yey u uploaded moded factions instead of catching hackers !!! wooohooooo U DA BEST

  • Arbiter Of demons 7 months ago

    Dude are you to good to open with others

  • Gg Gaming 7 months ago


  • MemeKing YT 7 months ago

    Can you put all the mods you use in the description please

  • Arbiter Of demons 7 months ago

    By the way I always like you’re vids for 2 years now I will dislike. Until you become a team player and not an elitist douchebag

  • Andrew Amos 7 months ago

    Don’t make crystal chest because you can sort of see what is in it

  • MpmpPlays 7 months ago

    Yo I know you trick at the entrance you have a obby presureplate if I think I have seen it

  • Aj Cyrill Dy 7 months ago

    Pls make a rule that doesn’t allow youtubers to watch other youtuber’s videos.

  • Toxic Charger2 7 months ago

    15:28 you can see a obsidian pressure plate 😁

  • RICHMOND GAMING 7 months ago

    Slap that like button!!!!!!,

  • Benjamin Hagel 7 months ago

    Who else loves 2015/2016 Ryan and Saico factions ??

  • I’m Ryan, I don’t want to use all of these 2 stacks of gun powered because I need to save it for the team, *proceeds to spend literally most of it*

  • I’m ryan, this jewels apple isn’t mine but since I’m iMporTanT I’m going to take it

  • FinLetku Gaming 7 months ago

    Good video loved it 🙂

  • Seif Alislam 7 months ago

    saw that obsidian pressure plates infront of the base xD

  • Dylan Cooke 7 months ago

    Gotta hide those secrets… Looks strait at Obsidian pressure plate xD 15:28

  • Nigel TheBlockMaster 7 months ago

    I already found a trap!!

  • Evolution Gaming 7 months ago

    At 15:28 did you guys see those obby “pressure plates”?

  • Neutrideo ` 7 months ago

    You should turn this into a public gamemode on saico!!

  • Philipp 7 months ago

    Use g3 with autofire modification

  • Mr Aqua 7 months ago

    Put water on top or trapdoor so they cant blow into it as easy!!!

  • hanif nugroho 7 months ago

    what if someone use x ray

  • The Normal person 7 months ago

    I saw the obsidian presure plate

  • SweElite 7 months ago

    I was the 37 to leave a like

  • SweElite 7 months ago

    Keep up uploading daily

  • SeventhLargest 7 months ago

    15:27 Obsidian Pressure plate

  • BlakeMC1981 7 months ago

    What Modpack is that

  • John Paul Paul 7 months ago

    Minigun with exposive ammo is op

  • Jeff The meme 7 months ago


  • tom pogrebinsky 7 months ago

    get anti airplane guns in your base

  • DirtierBeatle3 Henry Its ya boi Bo3 7 months ago


  • LOKOLELE PLAYZ 7 months ago

    Make a bar

  • hackertop3 7 months ago


  • TasteTheThresh 7 months ago

    just use /sethome duhh

  • blezer 7 months ago

    keep it going keep the good work up

  • blezer 7 months ago

    400 k

  • blezer 7 months ago


  • Douglas Walling 7 months ago

    ~keep it up! #13 #14 #15……….~

  • Douglas Walling 7 months ago

    u ur op!

  • TheRedstonePower 7 months ago


  • FireTiger 7 months ago

    15:30 he probably just doesnt want to show the obsidian pressure plates and theres actually nothing in there

  • Dominic Sauer 7 months ago

    U do smp with sourciety?

  • Joaquin Adona- Gaming,vlogs and other stuff 7 months ago

    Like the vid do more to hundred ep

  • Aznhunt 7 months ago

    I Beg you not to stop! I love factions, Modded even more! 😀😀

  • darkshard143 7 months ago

    gg, good trap-whatever it is

  • Golden Arrow Gaming 7 months ago

    When will the next token drop be?

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