• ExplodingTNT 1 week ago

    Hope you guys enjoy 😀

  • Jowello Barrozo 1 week ago

    if exploding tnt bacame noob

  • Kid Gamer 1 week ago

    When your friend leaves the server but it takes forever to load

  • Troll5662 1 week ago

    If every mob has deletet

  • Amber Hasenoehrl 1 week ago

    if turtles where a banana then eats other bananas

  • Ro Trollz 1 week ago


  • Sweet Dawinner Just Dance y mas 1 week ago

    If we were tighter than bark on a tree? (SAN TI AGO)

  • Mini Youtuber boyz 1 week ago

    For some reasons i turned into horse
    but why?

  • Piegoesmoo YT 1 week ago

    Of pie goes mooo

  • Venoss_the ultra gaming 1 week ago

    If jeb had a mustache

  • Bazza Gazza 1 week ago

    Purple sheep dimension

  • Earl Justine Cagomoc 1 week ago

    If squidward got pants

  • superboygamer 1 week ago

    If tnt turned into a fly pig donkey

  • Nightmare Rv 1 week ago

    If chuck norris love dirt block

  • JEREMY DRIEVER 1 week ago

    If minecraft has bad graphics

  • Rosa Vega 1 week ago

    At 0:48 when spongebob said” that was satisfying”, i got gears of war flashbacks

  • If ExplodingTnT Died 1 week ago

    if explodingtnt had a baby

  • If ExplodingTnT Died 1 week ago


  • If ExplodingTnT Died 1 week ago

    bhai fh

  • Solobro Style 1 week ago

    What if Alex and Steve are dating?😱😱😱😱

  • Furternator 1 week ago

    If sonic dance on grass

  • Night Gaming 1 week ago

    If purple Shep love TNT

  • Kristoff Nace 1 week ago

    If Lego mode was added in Minecraft

  • Jake Lonald 1 week ago


  • Vivia Ayu Aulia Sari 1 week ago

    If Pink Sheep was a donkey

  • Alle Gaming YT 1 week ago

    If spongebob eat sponge

  • Alex Griffith 1 week ago

    time for the one hour of weird comments, TNT 🙂

  • anana banana 1 week ago

    if minecraft has physics

  • Herobrine Persson 1 week ago

    Hahahaha!!! Stupid Mouse you’re like a gray human mouse hahahaha see ya hahahah!!!!

  • Andrei Berti 1 week ago

    If every player / entity was small

  • James Lee 1 week ago

    Number 2 was so funny

  • Kaj Etus 1 week ago

    If air disappear

  • Lency Rosana 1 week ago

    If ender dragon married herobrine

  • Wilfredo Espedido 1 week ago

    If Kim Jong un Licks SpongeBob while Licking Pink Sheep while Farting while burning in lava

  • Ahzaam Ahmed Mohamed 1 week ago

    What is The Name Of The Song At 0:02?

  • SURAJ singh 1 week ago

    if food was removed from minecraft

  • TBNRWARS TBNRWARS 1 week ago

    If herobine have married

  • Chami YT 1 week ago

    If Exploding TNT marries a TNT

  • Carl Jonsonn 1 week ago

    If minecraft was minecraft!

  • Willie Trespeces 1 week ago

    If all mobs lay eggs

  • Albertooo 1 week ago

    if hair was dirt and licked

  • alif charbiwala 1 week ago

    do if expliding tnt kept farting tnt

  • starhero 1234 1 week ago

    if cars were added to minecraft

  • Cocky Streetz 1 week ago

    If you love Minecraft the sub to my channel

  • Sub4Sub - Do A Sub For Sub! 1 week ago

    If exploding TNT hate cheese and farts every minute like if you agree!!!

  • Clay Woodberry 1 week ago

    If grass poop on steve

  • Rianna Ticu 1 week ago

    If toilets add in minecraft

  • bel zev 1 week ago

    If ExplodingTNT was a Pokémon

  • Rianna Ticu 1 week ago

    Or if explodingtnt was pregnant

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