Today we set up traps to protect our house!
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  • Dylan Graham 3 months ago

    Love this type of videos

  • EmotionalHugs101 3 months ago


  • Silver Wolf Infinity 3 months ago


  • Michael van Panhuys 3 months ago

    technically, atoms don’t make up everything. there are still leptons, bosons, photons, antimatter, dark matter, and dark energy

  • Haydens123 3 months ago

    The sirens tho

  • Tyler Christopher 3 months ago

    U should play a fan battle on this map

  • Zuhair Khan 3 months ago

    do more now

  • Zuhair Khan 3 months ago

    play more

  • ArabsCamel 3 months ago

    This video would have been a lot better without the constant alarms.

  • Clifton Motley 3 months ago

    “How long dose it do that” (while it’s on a red stone block)

  • Karan Paul 3 months ago

    They didn’t finish the Harry potter one

  • Gerrycorn_ Ducky 3 months ago

    Bork 178

  • jordon lionetti 3 months ago

    do one where jerome has to find the obsidian

  • FISH ON 3 months ago

    Dwayne don’t u film with tewity anymore did u guys have a fight ?

  • Jacko Marvin 3 months ago

    Hi I got my appendixes taken out

  • Jack Johnson 3 months ago

    U should’ve made a room so when blade walked in it would just be alarms on redstone blocks 🚨

  • Survival King 3 months ago

    Jerome u should be the finder person or ben or Austin

    P. S. Pick Austone

  • Colonel Salad 3 months ago


  • GrizzlyBear5704 3 months ago

    Next time you guys do one of these, you should setup a tripwire to a command block, and have it run /kill

  • Benjamin Fraeyman 3 months ago

    this is so dumbed down to a point where i have lost faith in the next generation of kids

  • piggy gamer 1975 3 months ago

    20:42 best trap ever 11/10

  • LZF gaming 3 months ago

    Why didnt jerome,alex and austin just use a water bucket to put out the fire at the start of the video

  • ProGamer 80 3 months ago

    I miss this soo much

  • Patrick Mendiola 3 months ago


  • Shmoe911 Films 3 months ago

    What happens to ark

  • Sam Mccormack 3 months ago

    Man I miss tewity

  • Fluffy Unicorn 3 months ago

    “DoNt WaLk On StOnE, i WoNt SaY iT AgAiN” *says it again* -Ben 2018

  • Jennifer Ke 3 months ago

    JaROmi ShaliomiA

  • Inspectpt 3 months ago

    Do hogwarts trapos again ahah

  • Ben Storm 3 months ago

    Note to self never have full volume when watching a Jerome stream

  • themlgnoob 3 months ago

    we need an OHHHHHHHH budy world record
    and benz NAUSTY

  • Cindy Madigan 3 months ago


  • starcrafter25 - Gaming And Maybe More! 3 months ago


  • Exotic Antibiotics 3 months ago

    55:52 listen carefully to Austin say f**k

  • Aujin Choi 3 months ago

    Huh, neat

  • J master 3 months ago

    The stuff was impossible

  • Yayacat03 3 months ago

    What map is this?

  • David David 3 months ago

    The midrolls on this are insane

  • Sean Sullivan jr 3 months ago

    What ever happens to that 3 part Harry potter seiries😁😁😁😁😊

  • lol lol 3 months ago

    I neroli did lfing XD XD

  • Joshua Deflora 3 months ago

    you should play hide and seek on this map, like if you agree

  • Dog The Dog 3 months ago

    Jerome saying Do u Know De Wae when its dead

  • Ninja Valleyof ninjas 3 months ago

    Doing good

  • anime lover 164 3 months ago

    i love the vid but all the the alarms they kill me i was so annoyed

  • William Games Games 3 months ago

    He really does need sleep

  • Debbie Marquez 3 months ago

    Moooooooooooooore pls!!!

  • steven de los reyes 3 months ago

    I am dead from laughing

  • Baron Hendricks 3 months ago

    more pls

  • Russell Baird 3 months ago

    Please bring this game back!

  • CallMeSenpai YT 3 months ago

    this made me cry

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