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    I puncht the like button

  • Titas Bartaska 5 months ago

    Dude Pls Make ” Top 10 Creepiest Seeds You Should NEVER Visit”

  • Natalie I Love You Aphmau 5 months ago

    Top 10 most seen slender Man Sightings in minecraft

  • Deck Deck 5 months ago

    How to kill the Ender Dragon I Heard a Voice say I will be back

  • Gusy Poops 5 months ago

    O1G….. What is wrong with you?!

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    oh crap 333 comments…

  • Debbie Beck 5 months ago

    Maybe the gate way is the nether but it’s not loaded yet..maybe I don’t know that one really messed me up

  • Peace for Aliens 5 months ago

    I saw the house of herobrine

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  • Aron Betts 5 months ago

    Try the seed cross on Minecraft

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    Top 10 cutest Minecraft things and sighting plzz I subscribed

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    Team OG

  • Ava ant 5 months ago

    Hey hey I love your videos plz keep it up your a star

  • Ava ant 5 months ago

    Oh BTW first one was wizard of Oz if you heard the song follow the yellow brick road in a seen they get to a tower just like that by following the yellow brick rode just so you know

  • DustxLou 5 months ago

    Top 10 Real Places Creepy seeds that IRL places are real and have dark back stories

  • Flutter shy 5 months ago

    If you go on the seed my little pony and see a cross and go ina cave you might hear one of them

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    I subscribe

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    I subbed like on October and turn on notafications

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    top 10 funniest herobrine sightings.

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    Do Top 10 Most Creepiest Things In Minecraft

  • Waffles The Cat 5 months ago

    “Minecraft Black Forest seed”

  • Waffles The Cat 5 months ago

    Don’t try researching Minecraft The Emerald City and Black Forest, you’ll just get people’s builds of Oz builds and roofed forest facts along with some woodland mansion stuff.

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  • Addison Peak 5 months ago

    On xbox 360 minecraft i put in the seed bar john cena in creative there was a cross and a village i saw a flash of herobrine and then my game crashed and could not play minecraft for a year

  • Minegamer Craft 5 months ago

    Top 10 Most Haunted Seeds

  • Dizzy Kiz 5 months ago

    I did it!

  • lon ey 5 months ago

    top 10 dolls have been spoted in minecraft

  • Peyton Slate 5 months ago

    Top 10 founded crosses

  • Allyson Daho 5 months ago

    Top ten killers in minecraft

  • Ally Eaves 5 months ago

    Top ten scariest villages

  • Thor Napas 5 months ago

    I see enderbrine

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    Wait there secret modz

  • TYZ EDWIN BUSTi 5 months ago

    Top ten creipiest Herobrine spotings

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    top ten

  • Joanna D 5 months ago

    top ten minecraft legends

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    Emerald City 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

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    I like to be your friend!!!!!!???????????????

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    Comment 400!

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    10 creepy people in mine craft

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    I’m 395

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    I like all ur vids

  • Samantha Alexander 5 months ago

    Top ten ghost sightings on Minecraft. Or top ten Herobrine sightings on MCPE or top ten entity 303 sightings on MCPE.(Btw is there a entity 404)

  • _Random Gamer_ 5 months ago

    Do a top 10 most dangerous hackers on Minecraft

  • Samantha Alexander 5 months ago

    Entity 303 came on my world or something idk but me and my brother saw a cross in the ground and e destroyed it and once my brother was pretending to be a griefer and he blew up a bridge in tutorial (©®eative) and it started thundering we were repairing the bridge and he said he saw a fully white figure looking at me I thought it was entity 303 I knew a lot about at that Time ,but when lighting struck it disappeared. This is true but we were playing Minecraft for ps3. TRUE STORY

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    suggestion: top 10 dumbest seeds

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    I’m part of his movement and notification squad.

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    My friend spawn in the Black Forest on Minecraft

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    i did just everything you said

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