• Be Amazed 7 months ago

    If you enjoyed this one, you might like the first epic minecraft builds video! Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o2vRGiJ0ms&t=83s

  • TheDan Dit 7 months ago


  • Penamation Creation 7 months ago

    If you need to roast someone just say Atleast I was born on a highway because that’s were most accidents happen

  • joshuadiamond aws 7 months ago

    i build the tamnial

  • Senayit Adal 7 months ago

    Largest buildings ever

  • Tori Smith 7 months ago


  • 1nf3rn0 G8m3r666 7 months ago

    He said arceus wrong lol.
    He said it like arseus!

  • Trevor Phillips 7 months ago

    Minecraft does have Dr abilities

  • Justin Kosco 7 months ago

    Theme park TODAY I’m goin 2 cedar point

  • Ion Prime 7 months ago

    What about…. oh i dont know THE ENTIRE CONTRY OF DENMARK IN A 1:1 SCALE?!?!

  • Karen Levitt 7 months ago

    I love minecraft

  • Daniel Corey 7 months ago

    Has anybody noticed that minecraft YouTubers always have “British” accents

  • Daniel Corey 7 months ago

    It’s fake

  • Tad Gax 7 months ago

    NO way! They pronounced the Legendary Trio correctly!

  • STAR TRACKER GAMING Singh 7 months ago

    This is just too good man so impressive!!!!!

  • obiwac 7 months ago

    “there is a lag time”

  • DaForerunner 33 7 months ago


  • superhero34x - 2b2t 7 months ago

    The Drain was better, it went to project vault

  • Gaming is my life 101 7 months ago

    number 3 I wouldnt be able to do that in two years

  • JackAttack 7 months ago

    at 0:26 the dragons look really cool!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sebastian de Vera 7 months ago


  • emmanuel jr tundag 7 months ago

    Whoaaaaaa this is awesome 😏😏😏

  • SuburbAllied 7 months ago

    What is the town you show in the very first opening scene? I wanna know more about it!

  • TheOneandOnlyDeelax 7 months ago

    Jurassic world was NOT a successful comeback especially compared to 2 and 3 (they may not be the best but JW was awful, especially the “romance” between the main and secondary characters). Maybe you meant it’s sales were better?

  • Hayden Iley 7 months ago

    Find the difference

  • cyberpunk64bit 7 months ago

    7:05 massive cringe at “two thousand six hundred”.. ITS ATARI “TWENTY SIX HUNDRED”… (would unsub if i had subbed…)

  • skulduggery pleasant 7 months ago

    where was westeroscraft?

  • NoName. NoName. 7 months ago

    i didnt watch the video,i play minecraft but i just wanted to hear the intro

  • The ALL-ROUND YOUTUBER 7 months ago

    I know jeracraft

  • Pickfor Pickford 7 months ago

    I have a ataraia it was found under my dads old bed it was dusty but it still worked

  • Camperboy 1000 7 months ago

    Minecraft: Gear VR Edition Confirmed!! 5:47

  • Ben Tineman 7 months ago

    You now there’s a build that has a phone that you can use and call people.

  • SavedMountain961 7 months ago

    who the hell plays this game these days

  • Dakota Marin 7 months ago

    He sed pokemons a anime i hate you know

  • 1/4 AsianCanadian DoucheBag 7 months ago

    I don’t see JeraCraft…

  • Senna Maassen 7 months ago

    on minecraft xbox one im making a ravine city…. it sounds nice but its very very hard plz wish me luck so i can finish it quikly im aready workin on it for 4 days and i didnt even finish one house

  • ben ogilvie 7 months ago

    im currently building 5 million tnt in minecraft and i love big creations especially in tnt

  • GAY Null 7 months ago

    not amazing

  • Some Body Once Told Me 7 months ago

    Surprised Pokémon Cobalt and Amethyst isn’t in here

  • Peter Gabrielle Tapit 7 months ago

    Meme:Hold My Beer I Got This. 8:26

  • Xx Blaineworld xX 7 months ago

    Actually there aren’t infinite different blocks. There are a lot though.

    10. Nice redstone!
    9. Did they seriously use lapis lazuli as a roof? Actually Imma do hide and seek on some of these. Maybe a compilation made using structure files.
    8. Woah! Looks great for hide and seek! 😀
    7. I started making one of those recently.
    6. Those are fun to make. Although this rollercoaster appears to be modded.
    5. Looks very Minecraftish yet still it’s Jurassic Parkish.
    4. OMG this sounds great for hide and seek if I modify some games to create hide and seek versions. Nevermind.
    3. Awesome for hide and seek still. You could just use the Night Vision potion effect to see tho.
    2. STILL sounds awesome for hide and seek. Especially if I hollow out the statues and make rooms inside to hide in.

  • MinePlex23 7 months ago

    I feel insignificant…

  • JakePlayzRoblox 7 months ago

    Kids these days…wasting parents money on this gay shit Minecraft..
    Fucking cunts

  • Erika Alves 7 months ago

    So cool

  • Black Hood/JF 7 months ago

    DANG!!!!!!!!I KNOW THAT TOOK A LONG TIME TO MAKE THEY probably took years to make all that stuff😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  • The Dumb Dums Show 7 months ago

    People build this while I’m over here with a dirt house

  • Vlogs Gaming 7 months ago

    Can u download minecraft maps?

  • kan kan 720 7 months ago


  • TheRoyal Sheep 7 months ago

    i am a sub from when u had 30K subs

  • 【Kanna Kamui】 7 months ago

    what about wynncraft it even won the guinness book of world records as the largest MMO built in Minecraft

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