• xXDOGGO Xx 6 months ago

    Hoi! IVE GO THE TNT!!!

  • BlazingBlueGhost 6 months ago

    Good Cory, you listened.
    Proud of you.
    Edit: Well maybe you didn’t listen to ME, but I did comment SkyWars, so…

  • FnaF Lover The Survivor 6 months ago

    TnT Wars
    Cori History
    Keep up the good work love ya 🙂

  • dragon10734 6 months ago


  • GreninjasStar 6 months ago

    Keep it at no dislikes please.

  • BLUE663 6 months ago

    That was fun…

  • Narwhalhuman 6 months ago

    Is it just me or did anyone notice Cory/Corey’s new lights in the back

  • Wild diamond dragon 6 months ago

    OMG SKY WARS!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Vannia Luna 6 months ago

    Ashlie9596: Imma bean

  • Forever Fox 6 months ago

    Uni I do the same

  • Brittney Rodriguez 6 months ago

    Do the no talking challenge for a game of murder!!!

  • ThatDude 60 6 months ago

    666 like!!!! Love the videos Cory!!! Keep them up and have a great day!

  • Detective Pumpkin 6 months ago

    Please do more sky wars

  • Grey Ghost 6 months ago


  • TeaFlowers 6 months ago


  • Thana and Friends! 6 months ago

    Corys a bird

  • Berrytrap 2.0 6 months ago


  • GhostArcher 712 6 months ago

    Cory your so hilarious on 7:09

  • Rainbow Derp Gamer 6 months ago

    122nd comment! Have a great day all!

  • Keira Carlson 6 months ago


  • Happyenderman 66 6 months ago

    You should play build battle or the lab

  • Dominator 6 months ago

    Proo skills Cory that made me laugh and it was awesome

  • xXLunaGamingXx 6 months ago

    #GiveUniMoreCredit! XD

  • Bunnythewitch 6 months ago

    Me like

  • Lil' Buttercup 6 months ago

    Please do this again. I loved it!!!

  • skulzer6136 6 months ago

    Ashlie: you good
    Cory: I’m great!
    Me:I’m Omari

  • Katie kawaii 6 months ago

    XDDDD I’m dead

  • Daniel loves Gaming 6 months ago

    Still love the funky music also, nice skin Uni. Oh and Cory…. I LO VE COFFEE TOO!!

  • Derek Foley 6 months ago

    uni’s name is randy?

  • Krysz Gaerlan 6 months ago

    Start of awesomeness

  • Gaster the royal scientist 6 months ago


  • eliy vs gaming 6 months ago

    lol man this vid was awesome keep it up

  • Lia The fallen child 6 months ago

    more please!

  • Mr.Jellyfart 6 months ago

    Hey Cory, this is a bed wars challenge I made up, and I really want you to check it out:

    BED WARS Supply Run Challenge: Everyone stays at the base, except for one person who goes out to get resources. Diamonds and emeralds. No one but them leaves the base.

    To make it even harder (which you should definitely try):
    Every timed event, you have to cycle through scouts. Every time a scout has been sent out, they can only return to the base once. Dying counts, except if you don’t want to follow that rule, where dying means you can go out again. Returning to base can be considered when entering another team’s bedless base, if you die there, you are given another chance, but after keeping the resources in an ender chest or chest, no going out until the end of the countdown. The scout must return to the base before the countdown ends, if not, he jumps off the edge with all the resources. After the countdown, a new scout is chosen and goes out doing the same thing, so that everyone gets to be the scout once.

    To stop loopholes unless you find another one: It is counted that you return to the base once your teammates find a way to get the resources you collected during the run.

    If you like this challenge, please like it up so Cory can see it. Thanks! 😀

  • Livi Bennison 6 months ago

    I hate TNT its so hectic, my fave is slime probs cause I win that onealot XD

  • Junior Master league Gamer 6 months ago

    What is that !!
    Its a plane !
    Its a bird !
    Me:no its cory trying to do rocket jumps…

  • BB drowning 6 months ago

    When UR Fav Youtube insults UR Fav game u Be Like:Yeaa.. Hehe Screw Dat Game only Losers like that heheheh

  • SkeletalDestroyr 6 months ago

    If the video gets 6k Likes, Corl will drink coffee while riding the Hypickle Hype Train.

  • Ayanna Alleyne 6 months ago

    dude do you kiss your mother with that mouth it seriously stop cursing stop cursing will you ever learn your lesson stop cursing or else you’ll forget it stop cursing All the Time Cursing monster

  • JUNK N STUFF 6 months ago

    Carl no coffe allowed carl

  • Meagan Burkett 6 months ago

    More sky wars

  • SC_Games 2106 6 months ago

    Omg i missed this!

  • Toni Jones 6 months ago

    I lol so much I all most died OMG I love u guys so much you guys all was make my smile and have fun and you guys all was know have to make me smile want I am sad are mad I love you guys and I hop you love me too and that so to the people who seeing this video and comment down to you guys all was make my day and night I am so happy I find YouTube thank you so much I am crying right now because I love you guys so much bye.

  • MLG MEH master Temmie God 743 6 months ago


  • Laura Aki 6 months ago

    This is the most entertaining to watch omg

  • Neon Glow 6 months ago


  • Neon Glow 6 months ago

    There’s a lack of Jon Jon in this vid

  • Mochachino_ Bean 6 months ago

    Cory drunk so much coffee that he ended up with…
    *Explosive diarrhea*

  • Zoe Smith 6 months ago

    Can you still continue to play this?? It’s really funny 😂

  • SedateDock 6 months ago


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