• Alfie Tyers 3 weeks ago

    Jerome was my favourite mine craft youtuber back in the early 2010’s but now it’s just sad to see his channel only get up to 50 k views per vid RIP

  • Gaming with Airhead 3 weeks ago

    Jerome, you will probably never see this, but i have a cool idea for a game with lucky blocks. So there is a castle, defended by a certain amount of people, and there is one intruder. The intruder gets 64 blocks while everyone who is on defense gets only 8. There is one obsidian guarded by all of the defenders in the castle, and the intruder has to break it to win. If the intruder dies too many times, he loses.

  • UncannySoul 3 weeks ago

    plz play phantom forces on roblox. if u like pvp shooting games then this is one u may like.

  • Inferno_Warfare Flame 3 weeks ago

    Do more of this game. You should add more tnt though like Mike tnt.

  • Sam Out 3 weeks ago

    Ben: “Where’s Steven?” Jerome: “Oh he dead.” 34:10

  • Justin Marinelarena 3 weeks ago

    Please do this minigame more it’s awesome

  • Musical Pineapple 3 weeks ago

    Do more of this plz

  • Dippy Savage Gaming 3 weeks ago

    yo I missed it aww

  • Heidi Duex 3 weeks ago

    next have steve be it like if agreed

  • TBNR PRIME 3 weeks ago

    “Hey stream we just broke 3000 people”
    Jerome 2018

  • Eli Freeman 3 weeks ago


  • Doink3 3 weeks ago

    I think Jerome won

  • gamingrich vlooger 3 weeks ago

    Yeah do more of this like 5 Vs 10

  • LAN huang 3 weeks ago

    You neeeeeeeeeeeed to do more of this.

  • Lord of Lands 3 weeks ago

    I love it

  • REVERSE JAX 3 weeks ago

    Love this

  • Sage Elliott 3 weeks ago

    Leave it to Jerome to corrupt the server

  • NoName 3 weeks ago

    Do more pls

  • Pig Potato 3 weeks ago

    The salt is real

  • BrixStar PH 3 weeks ago

    23:00 wow! That’s amazing😲

  • Vangie Odi 3 weeks ago

    does anyone remember this is the map they used for the swords mod?

  • william wallace 3 weeks ago

    *E L E P H A N T!*

  • incrediblysour 3 weeks ago

    I built a map in stick fight today

  • FireDragon Roblox 3 weeks ago

    cool game pls play more

  • yancy esguerra 3 weeks ago

    Aww snap i am late…(again)

  • Ahmed Almoayed 3 weeks ago


  • Zakaria Al Zahed 3 weeks ago

    Plz do more of this

  • Onyx Venom 3 weeks ago

    please do more

  • wayne jantzi II 3 weeks ago

    Groot dies in infinity war so I give the movie 0/100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Robinator 1103 3 weeks ago

    You should do this with the god TNT

  • Nikolas Reeves 3 weeks ago

    This would be way better if it was modded traps

  • Connor Zimmer 3 weeks ago


  • Nito Cabasal 3 weeks ago

    Can you continue gta pls i can only watch your videos for 1 month then i got to go to school cant use my cp anymore for the rest of my school year 😢

  • bacca juniur 3 weeks ago

    play RAAAAFT.IO

  • LmArtsy 3 weeks ago

    You should play this map and gamemode again but have all of the nice posture guys defending and let like a hundred fans try to break you down.

  • Ew Gross Weird 3 weeks ago


  • Amy Viera 3 weeks ago


  • Phoenix- -_- 3 weeks ago

    Death counter next time?

  • Anticake 827 3 weeks ago

    Do more it is funny

  • Salem Johnson 3 weeks ago

    Use 500x tnt

  • KiwiOverload 3 weeks ago

    Do it again today, but this time… You invade and be the añimaļ

  • Goodra Games 3 weeks ago

    Oh Benny Boy, The pipes.. The pipes.. are calling.

  • burpulee Asphalt8&more 3 weeks ago

    Tnt X5 fuse is 6 seconds
    TNT fuse is 5 seconds
    X20 tnt fuse is…. idk

  • Imperial Project Blackwing 3 weeks ago

    Ben=tilted towers, life expectancy 2.35 seconds

  • Ew Gross Weird 3 weeks ago

    I want Jerome to be one of the attackers

  • Dayton Wettengel 3 weeks ago

    who thought giving jerome that much tnt would be a good idea…

  • Bobthebuilder 3 weeks ago

    That not fair

  • Jimmy Zheng 3 weeks ago

    Life lesson don’t pillar with stone

  • Jill Fields 3 weeks ago


  • Braden Cosier 3 weeks ago

    This was great, please do more!

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