• alcrafter88 1 week ago

    It is very rare but library’s can spawn with one floor sometimes

  • Super Noob 420 1 week ago

    Python can you make a turn a mega tigia tree to a tree house

  • Elemental Master 1 week ago

    Hey python you should combine the sharpness and sweeping edge 3 book with a sharpness 3 book to make it a sharpness 4 and sweeping edge 3 and then combine it with your sword to make your sword sharpness 5 and sweeping edge 3.

  • Emilie Playz 1 week ago

    Another incredible video python! Keep on working on the series and Flora Valley, also will u ever make an iron golem farm or an automated wheat/potato/carrots farm? Keep up the good work!

  • Siege Aldrin Aris Baron 1 week ago

    Hey , Phyton , why dont you try crafting a turtle shell ?

  • GreenStickFigureMan 1 week ago

    Where’d the silverfish spawned go? I didn’t know there was a chance for them not to spawn.

  • luke hershey 1 week ago

    Hey python I have an idea I watch a lot of thinknoodles man minecraft let’s plays and I love his ender portal design for life joint it to the nether portal maybe watch his video on that I don’t remember the exact vid but yeah love it like how you have a few building exploring and caving videos randomly throughout your series love it c ya

  • Zachary Toth 1 week ago

    Enchant the spare trident and combine the two on an anvil

  • Guardian _421 1 week ago

    Phython can you repair the dungeon?

  • i am way batter then u kkow 1 week ago

    thus + meh sgeddios = best day

  • Gurcharan Singh 1 week ago

    what was that hut type thing in stronghold

  • [ OctopusOverlord ] 1 week ago

    Riptide Trident + Frost Walker Boots = ?

    You should be able to throw the trident out of the water and then land on the ice.

  • THE PSYCHO PANDA 1 week ago

    You should get a banner and make a way point at the nether portal

  • Lyv Plays Games 1 week ago

    Hmm? No silverfish spawner. Odd.

  • Razerash Gaming 1 week ago

    You ended the episode near the end potal

  • chris sezook 1 week ago

    Python, this may not be a question BUT it is important. After watching you conquer the stronghold I can see something that is of great importance. The bookshelves from the library. I have surprisingly come up with a very quick and easy way to get emeralds. You get the books from the stronghold librarys and trade them to librarians for emeralds. Normally a 2 story library can get you approximately 5-6 stacks of emeralds (or 320-384 emeralds). Just being helpful, love the series and keep up the work!

  • Jack Bindman Cohen 1 week ago

    Yes python! Finally getting ready for the dragon! 😀❤️👍

  • Student - song [ Dance ] 1 week ago

    Minecraft PC??

  • Studioless Gaming 1 week ago

    Why is there no silverfish spawner in stronghold I am confused

  • Samuel Skeates 1 week ago

    Could you not just throw the trident instead of putting infinity on your bow? Maybe keep infinity for a boaster now before you have infinite gunpowder and sugarcane for an elytra?!

  • Kiev major 1 week ago

    you too fast python why to stronghold?

  • Bricky Beards Gaming 1 week ago

    Im ispired to play minecraft in survival

  • Crazy Hands-Minecraft&More 1 week ago



    Python, I think that you should build a barn to hold your animals and nano-farms or maybe another building to hold them all. Also pls can you do a whole bunch of vanilla terraria series as an expert class playthrough when you finish your calamity throwing playthrough.

  • Cheasy Gaming! 1 week ago

    You derserve More subs and Under the tree on ep 2 you put logs under the tress but you should put glowstone there also great video 🖒

  • Hall Dall 1 week ago

    And I love your videos and i subscribed to your chanel

  • Black Oni 1 week ago

    901 like

  • NerdyObama/minecraft SUB OR KILLED BY GRANNY 1 week ago


  • Angelina Villaruel 1 week ago

    sorry pythonmc im late but i sub and like the video.

  • JaguarBrickFilms 1 week ago

    The cleric I have in my Minecraft world will give an Ender pearl for just ONE emerald. It’s pretty sweet. But my weapon smith isn’t as good as yours. He only trades a silk touch diamond pickaxe.

  • MineBLOX Channel 1 week ago

    Why are you gonna find the stronghold??

    Are you ready?😀

  • Creativity. Inc 1 week ago

    I was thinking that you could get a big oak tree and make a treehouse or something

  • MineBLOX Channel 1 week ago

    Umm… where did the silverfish spawner was??

  • JHmusik100 1 week ago

    Hey PythonMc There was no silverfish spawner!!

  • Crzy Void 1 week ago

    Are you ever gonna make a map out of your world for us fans to explore?

  • Gooner 1 week ago

    Put diamond horse armour

  • Ezel 1 week ago

    wow, your stronghold generation was pretty much drunk xd

  • India Hughes 1 week ago

    Hey nice vids dude. Ü will u ever make a rollercoaster coz that would be fun ✌🏻Keep up the good work

  • john 100 1 week ago

    Try to make your logo like if agree

  • Ademize 1 week ago

    Thank you Python for this Let’s Play, I am inspired by your Let’s Play, so much that I have a goal of making one of the best survival worlds out there!

    You are absolutely amazing!

  • Ilija Donev 1 week ago

    Python why did you not bread villagers.Then can you trade more usefull things.I ever do it. Thats realy cool and usefull of course.

  • Wonkydud Happygaming 1 week ago

    Why was there no silverfish (or as my brother would say, pinecones) spawner? Thats wierd. Have a great day Python!

  • Terry Bradford 1 week ago

    no spawner?

  • Michael Mayer 1 week ago

    You rock

  • all rounders 1 week ago

    remake make ender dragon

  • _Corby_703_ 1 week ago

    That stronghold is like an old man with dementia

  • Americanbadashh 1 week ago

    I’ve never seen a stronghold without the Monster spawner (upon discovery), I didn’t even realize that was possible.

  • J4ck0200873 1 week ago

    I found a libery but not the end portal

  • Muhammad Aminuddin 1 week ago

    My idea for your next vids : Go to Lake/Sea and kidnap one Dolphins and kill others Dolphins

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