FoolCraft 3 is a Minecraft 1.12.2 Modpack aimed at having as fun as


  • Mr.Flufflypants 4 weeks ago

    Oh yeah!!!

  • Daniel Ellis 4 weeks ago

    Cabin in the woods lol

  • Alejandro Bautista 4 weeks ago

    Guude you forgot the intro rule. Idk what happens but yeah

  • MsMariokartwiifan 4 weeks ago

    I think you forgot to put a “much” in the description.

  • Frankie Gregory 4 weeks ago

    Loving the kitchen Guude, cooking for blockheads is my fave mod to,I get totally caught up in making everything!

  • Kovaxim The Random 4 weeks ago

    Uhm you forgot to make an intro with F5 mode..
    The thing you saw has a chest underneath the middle or one of the side pillars.
    You can speed up the growth of your crops by shifting. Poop is fertiliser. Can also be eaten. Don’t eat the poop. Pakratt will get mad.
    By having a three tall corridor staircase, you can go down much faster. It’s even better with stairs. Pause approves.
    There is a portable crafting table, not sure how it’s called, but I think it might be convenient for you to use.
    Till the grass with a hoe, you can get worms. They can speed up your crops’ growth.

  • Justin Farnell 4 weeks ago

    Guude – Shop Idea…
    Maybe go into business with someone good at building *wink. Get them to knock up a quick and dirty McGuudes restaurant close to spawn – maybe on a corner lot. $$$$$ for days 🙂

  • cavity1010 4 weeks ago

    ghost eats toast?

  • Seth Brown 4 weeks ago

    Turn off Dynamic FOV to remove the sprinting/speed boost FOV effect.

  • Joel Lorange 4 weeks ago

    your description has a typo just fyi, guude. very first sentence. figured you’d want to know. Great series sofar. excited for the rest.

  • Stephsaguudefan 4 weeks ago

    Please make five thousand episodes of this series.  I could watch you play with Pam’s and CFBH forever by themselves, but Foolcraft just has so many neat mods, this series should easily be in the three digits for episode numbers someday.

  • SangheiliWarrior 4 weeks ago

    Honestly i could watch 2 hour episodes of just watching you cook!

  • sowhyus 4 weeks ago

    {snickers} the front of your house looks like a blow up doll! Have you ever considered taking a youtube course on how to not build like a newb? 😉 .. I’ve been watching, occasionally, a few of ‘Grian’s’ vids on that very thing because I, too, have a problem with the square looking house.

  • zwartdude 4 weeks ago

    Pam’s does have there own kitchen blocks like the grinder I’m not sure how well they work compared too cooking for block heads

  • sonofhades57 4 weeks ago

    Pam’s Harvestcraft is one of my favorite mods. I’m gonna add it next time I play modded.

  • WENtheCOOLEST 4 weeks ago

    Very Guude.

  • Ramon Rodriguez 4 weeks ago

    get tho to teach you thuamcraft

  • bandgeeks2005 4 weeks ago

    Guude has so much fun making the kitchen. It was fun to watch.

  • Teresa Laing 4 weeks ago

    Cool video! Cooking for Blockheads is one mod I haven’t heard of. Gotta try it! I love the way the kitchen looks. Kitchen blocks are something we need in vanilla, even if they aren’t functional…they would still look good. Have a good one…see you next time!

  • Tamtam 4 weeks ago

    a better house than direwolf20’s 9×9 bases any day.

  • Ray Ray 4 weeks ago

    Those little cows are mini moos.Similar to flood cows . Milk them to get there stuff like molten iron and gold .

  • Ray Ray 4 weeks ago

    Then can use the foundry mod to mold ingots

  • BrazBlue 4 weeks ago

    speaking of cooking, you said before you wanted to do a cooking show on youtube but never did……I still would love to see such a thing. I’m a novice cooker like i can cook meat and sides, but am so lost on spices and how to really make my food good…..just plain and edible. just two days ago I think I did a great job with pepper and salt on my steak….first time ever using any spices. If your still interested in creating such content….i would definetly watch it all.

  • Velcro Zippers 4 weeks ago

    Glad to see you editing your videos haha.
    I’m very excited for this season Guude

  • Emily Rubright 4 weeks ago

    I love the “mmm” sounds that Guude makes when he loves something. It always makes me smile. Thanks, Guude

  • Tntdruid 4 weeks ago

    Whats up whit the FoV?

  • Levigamer22 4 weeks ago

    Guude I know u forgot to start in f5 mode and I’m sorry but I do think that into rules are kind of dumb and the make episodes tedious but checking and worrying about forgetting

  • GrandMaster-Carlo 4 weeks ago

    Prepare to get fined you forgot the selfie mode intro

  • deltor 12 4 weeks ago

    Welcome to fool craft im late to get notified that fool craft 3 started

  • deltor 12 4 weeks ago

    You need to plant more than just 🥕

  • SubtleSerpent 4 weeks ago

    Always refrigerate your cotton! Plantation life!

  • Shin-no-Ken 4 weeks ago

    You can shift-right-click any Cooking For Blockheads block to open (or close) it without accessing its inventory. That way you can see how cool they look on the inside.

  • Drizzle 4 weeks ago

    Skillet? You monster …

  • DemodeDemigod 4 weeks ago

    Welcome to Foolcraft ^.^

  • LynVoyager59 4 weeks ago

    Turn off clouds in your Options so you can see the Pet Clouds easier. Love the kitchen

  • Elin Magnusson 4 weeks ago

    you can dye the fridge and counters 😀 i accidently clicked on mine with cocoa beans.. i now have a brown kitchen :s can’t change the color after first change

  • ting280 4 weeks ago

    Lol when Guude said “mm. look at that toaster” and jumped on it I thought he was going to say “I’ma stick my dick in it” and crouch.

  • Random channel banner 4 weeks ago

    Fart on the onion, it grows faster

  • Cynthia Schwab 4 weeks ago

    Great your back doing Minecraft. Finally can sub to you again.

  • Avocado_on_egg 4 weeks ago

    You forgot to make an intro with F5 mode, fine incoming!

  • Jono's LP 4 weeks ago

    You asked for it this time. So I have. I left a like. Not because you asked, but because I want too. Also because I always do, but also because you asked.

    Ie. your welcome 😊

  • Cecelia Glaspey 4 weeks ago

    Guude ,if you read these?. Bedrock is flat set up for vain mining

  • Jason Last 4 weeks ago

    I was just watching Etho’s Foolcraft video and saw Guude was on the server. I miss watching guude play minecraft, looking forward to many more vids 🙂

  • Alex Arguello 4 weeks ago

    I love seeing you get all excited about Pam’s every single time.

  • Virginia LK 4 weeks ago

    I love Cooking for Blockheads. You can right-click with any dye on the fridges and cabinets to change their colors. Also, placing the fridges and cabinets from certain angles will change the location of the door handles. You’ll want Pam’s pressers – they have many uses, like tofu, honey, trap baits, juices, paper (logs in the presser = paper), etc.

    Make the Shipping Bin, sell stuff for emeralds.

  • granny spark 3 weeks ago

    Wow, didnt realise you could do so much with Cooking for Blockheads, never really used it before, nice little mod if you haven’t got Pams

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