• missy mydog 1 week ago

    did anyone notice the homepage was on new on the block?just me ?????……………

  • Game 4Squad 1 week ago

    Can u make a modded survival series with that mod plzzzz?

  • Darrin Strunk 1 week ago

    I really have a Xbox and a PS4

  • Darrin Strunk 1 week ago

    Or XBox 360

  • Maratby Plays 1 week ago

    can somebody edit this so everytime logdotzip says minecraft it gets faster

  • PvPKennyGaming Minecraft & More 1 week ago

    All you need to do is use the steven universe command block thing without the resource pack

  • JustLindsey 1 week ago

    Hey logdotzip did you now that you had subscribers from an ather country i am from the netherlands

  • Theodor Zamfir Stanciu 1 week ago

    waht are you thinking about the future of minecraft ?

  • Gerben van Soesjes 1 week ago

    for the community challenge: try to win from 20 phantoms with a elytra, fireworks (i don’t care how many) and a diamond sword. you have to fly.

  • Take on a skeleton with full diamond armor with all types of protection on it and feather falling boots and a sword with sharpness 5 and unbreaking and looting and knock back a higher speed and fire aspect and with a shield, it will need to have 10,000 health , you can have a diamond sword and every round you win you can add one enchantment to your sword and you will keep adding more to the fight till you loose
    To win you need to make it past round 5

  • Gerry Liboiron 1 week ago

    GREAT VIDEO I always like MNU videos

  • Rated Opossum430 1 week ago

    To be honest I ‘m not keen on these

  • Michael Gaming and more 1 week ago

    Me after Tylor finished the intro: yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!! MNU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jadenjjcoolz 1 week ago

    What about minecraft pocket edition when will shields and the aquatic update be added 😱😞😟😔😫

  • Jadenjjcoolz 1 week ago

    Prestons wedding

  • Jadenjjcoolz 1 week ago

    #AsklDz when is the aquatic update coming out on pocket edition

  • StarzBoy's Gaming Nz 1 week ago


  • ericndavid stewart 1 week ago

    You are the Host, Tyler Pappas. You are the only one who hosts this series. How about you friends.

  • Cole brine 1 week ago

    Fgteev is one of my favorite YouTubers and so are you logdotzip

  • M1SS1NGN0 1 week ago

    What about Captain America, a guy who constantly throws a shield.

  • Logan Patrick 1 week ago

    I liked

  • Madison Jeremiah 1 week ago

    LORD OF THE RINGS IS THE BEST!!!! Legolas’s sheild slide is awesome!!!! I am going to try it in minecraft!!!!

  • GDLux 1 week ago


  • Michael Greene 1 week ago

    Do the Bryte Mod!!!!

  • Ahmed Idris 1 week ago

    hi love you so so so so much

  • Travis Vandervort 1 week ago

    I really miss your second channel!
    Please bring it back! Please?

  • CreepVoid 1 week ago

    mistake: when you get to the “homepage” section the words on the bottom of the video are’rt highlighted in blue like they normally are.

  • Stacey Harrison 1 week ago

    please cover the mod

  • Luke Willard 1 week ago

    Cover the mod!!!!

  • pro basilisk451 1 week ago

    ummmmm there is no comunity challenge!!!!!!

  • Tyler Stuckey 1 week ago

    It is just a re-skinned trident. -_-

  • shay marhall 1 week ago

    do how to be obsidian

  • Jace Ware 1 week ago

    Yes an update for 360 it felt like forever

  • Vicki Scott-wade 1 week ago

    Logdotzip zip hi

  • Luna Dragneel 1 week ago

    I can’t have Twitter so I’ll ask on this
    #askLDZ can you team up with Preston,Unspeakable,Moosecraft,and 09SharkBoy? IT WOULD BE AN AMAZING VIDEO

  • Corey Walters 1 week ago

    bryte mod!!!!

  • Rayk_iv The game Fan YT 1 week ago

    When I’m reading there are 666 comments but my comment made it 667

  • termenal Gas 1 week ago

    Your challenge is to get a full set of. iron armer in 5 min

  • prince Pins13 1 week ago


  • XFLEMAX Playz 1 week ago

    0:08 noooooooooooooooooooooo

  • tiny cherry 1 week ago

    U never put the I in the corner…

  • Anna Mead 1 week ago

    For a challenge, beat the dragon with no tile drops!

  • Xpspideyplays Mc 1 week ago

    Yes definitely cover the mod

  • Ty Hancock 1 week ago

    #AskLDZ Do you do let’s play series with beginning YouTubers?

  • OkayKoolaidYOLO69 - Stop Motion & More! 1 week ago

    I’ve played that game and knowing that it has it’s own map in minecraft is so awesome

  • Joshua Rossetti 1 week ago

    whats the mod called

  • Joshua Rossetti 1 week ago

    And yes do a showcase on the mod

  • Jude andem 1 week ago


  • Ninja Playz 1 week ago

    I would add penguins to Minecraft

  • KFC SM SUCAT 1 week ago

    Cover the mod

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