• Eystreem 1 week ago

    😱 Check out my NEW Series where I prove whether or not a SEED is ACTUALLY CURSED! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA8itan-O-Kc07v1UKzV4-krtNAv5vZVF

  • Chi Long Rex Van 1 week ago

    I do not see any flowers, but I see two white eye… Don’t say my name…

  • Minecraft 245 1 week ago

    11:08 entity 404?

  • Amari Taylor 1 week ago

    I defly saw that

  • Lucas Zhao 1 week ago


  • Sarah Funny 1 week ago

    I saw that creepy thing,it look like a ghost 👻👻

  • Chandra Bose 1 week ago

    The particle effects means the sand is going to fall

  • Zaimikiel Benain 1 week ago

    I saw it

  • The boys 1 week ago

    your not crazy because I saw it as well

  • Phoenix and Little Twinkle 1 week ago

    Do more about test subject #3

  • eroz Osorto 1 week ago


  • Really Bad Videos 1 week ago

    The particle effects normally fall from sand

  • Jackie Whyte 1 week ago

    I saw it😱👻💀

  • patsy burton 1 week ago

    The particles are just sand, Im not stupid

  • Cosmo Kramer 1 week ago

    I saw it

  • last geometry dash 1 week ago

    I see that thats a Evile red eyes

  • Zake X 1 week ago

    I can see him in the dark

  • Zake X 1 week ago

    he vanished when creeper come

  • BLACK Magma 1 week ago

    plz make a 2nd part and i love your videos so much i only open youtube to watch ur videos and how those people die in real life we cannot eat a flower in minecraft.

  • Josh Weyers 1 week ago

    Dude sand and gravel does that but only if u are under it

  • Eli Knez 1 week ago

    Not to be rude particle effects DO generate FROM the sand or gravel above

  • Todor Ivanov 1 week ago

    yes i sau it

  • Rishi Rana 1 week ago

    Yes i see that

  • Mitchell Vera 1 week ago

    I saw that

  • Arnold Lopez 1 week ago

    yup you met nghtlock now you have a date with nightlock

  • Ian Assam 1 week ago

    I saw it .could be Null

  • IKAM SINGH 1 week ago

    I love test stive

  • Chelsea Matilda 1 week ago

    XD that guy with the red eyes 😂

  • Pucharee Siribud 1 week ago

    Eye stream u weren’t over reacting I saw a pair of red eyes as well and a dark figure that seed is defiantly haunted

  • Choco The Yellow Chocobo 1 week ago

    The falling particle effects was from the sand.yes I saw the thing with the red eyes.

  • Cookie _YT 1 week ago

    I want to reck it

  • Swish Drpig 1 week ago

    you know those particles do drop from sand and gravel, in caves gravel and sand stays up when naturally generated

  • Swish Drpig 1 week ago

    did u see that zombie at the end? it wasnt burning. no helmet

  • Swish Drpig 1 week ago

    that creepy figure was weird…

  • Dino Trelaras 1 week ago

    I saw it to men

  • Alexis Jay 1223333 Sutaron1wssszzz 1 week ago

    i saw it

  • Mobile Legend WTF 1 week ago

    Who is that?

  • Shakeryt 1 week ago

    I saw it and I was super scared

  • Bjornd theworld 1 week ago

    Eystreem you are my second fave minecraft youtuber, sorry but logdotzip is my 1st

  • Bjornd theworld 1 week ago

    I liked, subbed and put on notifications

  • Agent F2S 1 week ago

    There was something in the left of the screen at 6:18

  • Sankyura 1 week ago

    9:29 that’s normal. Gravel does it too
    Edit: Did anyone realise that a zombie attacked him right at the time when his outro appear

  • CRAFTING CREEPER 1 week ago

    I saw that

  • TheRoblox Boy 1 week ago

    A soul dead from destroying/eating a nightlock. 😱

  • LPS S.V 1 week ago

    Scary… Too scary… 😓

  • LPS S.V 1 week ago

    Dont touch those purple flowers please dont touch purple flowers

  • John Lee 1 week ago

    I love all the intros

  • John Lee 1 week ago

    I tried it on Minecraft PE, and it didn’t have the purple flowers

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