• w0zi - Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    IGN: Factionsw0zi I want it on Ender =)

  • JUREYOLOSWAG 5 2 weeks ago

    IGN: JUREYOLOSWAG I hope i get in your moded factions on wich pls

  • JUREYOLOSWAG 5 2 weeks ago


  • thegodbyron plays 2 weeks ago

    I need 300+ subs to get ytjr in a mcpe server so if u get me 300+ subs u have better chance of winning

  • - fripy - 2 weeks ago

    Does anyone else sing his into it’s so catchy 😅😂

  • Floris Verschuren 2 weeks ago

    Ign: The__Exploot

  • bijniek gaming 2 weeks ago

    Concratz on 400k

  • Maricar Espenilla 2 weeks ago

    Where’s pou?&):3;3/&:@;292929283:3:37464 ;33 I miss pou

  • Patrick Mendiola 2 weeks ago

    “11 plus 64 equals 59” the correct answer is actually 75

  • Patrick Mendiola 2 weeks ago

    Also RIP your 7 mil

  • Jaminben 327 2 weeks ago

    Congrats on 400k subs!!!!!!

  • pvp in the lion 2 weeks ago

    you server bane ME I me not hack maicrafte neime blushegai

  • TheGamerThatPlayed 2 weeks ago

    It’s gotten to the point my mum sings your intro

  • Deviking Games 2 weeks ago

    Ign the_only_viking loves nuggets

  • LittleJacobG Roblox & More! 2 weeks ago


  • SqueakyWaffles 2 weeks ago

    its amazing but i cant afford it 🙁

  • Kogrek 2 weeks ago

    I bet 50$ its /f unclaim s 30 while flyingin Wild with f claim auto

  • Amercian Bacon 2 weeks ago

    i am gonna sell ur head on ebay (head selling) for 5 mill 😀 XD jk ur head looks great

  • RespaMaster 2 weeks ago


  • Travon Mclearn 2 weeks ago

    You need to go and raid the owner

  • Travon Mclearn 2 weeks ago

    Lil pump gang gang

  • Travon Mclearn 2 weeks ago

    15:31 he has 10 not 7

  • Lightr Agario 2 weeks ago

    Don’t release it

  • Adam Eldeeb 2 weeks ago

    Ugh😑 it does not ship to the country I’m in😢 I wanted to buy it but🙄

  • ijailbreak Pro 2 weeks ago


  • Alexander Sandholdt 2 weeks ago

    i buyed a head love your vids

  • Doge Pro188 2 weeks ago

    I dont have money D: i cant buy it D: but its sick LOVE IT

  • Grave Kennet 2 weeks ago

    What realm are you on?

  • SHOT THE GUY 2 weeks ago

    Shdws find your base in the faction

  • can ulaş akgün 2 weeks ago

    Hi I have questions with buying your head.Pls respon

  • Ghostie Son101 2 weeks ago

    GG ON 400K!!!?

  • Improx 2 weeks ago


  • dAnny. 2 weeks ago

    I just had to buy the head.. so legendary 👌

  • Budgie Tamer YT 2 weeks ago

    Ign: Tigerscombos Realm: SKeleton

  • The Pokemon Planet - Pokemon & More 2 weeks ago

    How does the coupon thing work? Cos I want the Holy Nugget Title and the 2 enchanted charms! XD

  • xFireblade 2 weeks ago

    thats just bullshit, your selling invites to your faction…

  • Saico Pig 2 weeks ago

    How many are left?

  • Niclas Meyer 2 weeks ago

    25£ rly so much

  • The Journal of My Life 2 weeks ago

    Well done on 400k

  • Master Clasher 2 weeks ago

    #AWSOME HEAD… I can’t buy one sorry I would if I could. My ign is MASTER_CLASHER I PLAY WITHER REALM COME JOIN NOOB NATION

  • Alibium Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Kill aura

  • Micah 2 weeks ago


  • The_Big_Hobo9 _ 2 weeks ago

    25cm x 25cm x 25cm ryan😂😂😂😂

  • Danholio MC 2 weeks ago

    8:07 ?

  • Joost van Dam 2 weeks ago

    IGN: Jx0
    Realm: Ghast

  • dainande01 Rajkumar 2 weeks ago

    i dont have minecraft but if i had minecraft then i would totally buy the head 😛

  • cyrusrock1 2 weeks ago

    I want to buy this head just to say “I killed crazysteve97 who wants proof”

  • lumbertycoon jeff 2 weeks ago

    what cannon does he use

  • Jermaine Brown ll 2 weeks ago

    IGN: DevilsSR Server: Magma

  • MotionCraft 2 weeks ago

    DUDE. Why did you raid my faction 🙁 me and my best mate worked on it on sleepovers dude WHYY ….

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