• UnspeakableGaming 8 months ago

    Just in case you guys missed it, here is PART 1! –

  • ian miles 8 months ago

    try the painting above the door for level four

  • Jayden Soukkhasem 8 months ago

    can you do part too

  • Jayden Soukkhasem 8 months ago

    i sucribe

  • Brozziest 8 months ago

    Hi Unspeakable! Thanks for playing my map! Btw…. You were supposed to make a redstone torch. on Lvl 4, Sorry about that XD
    Thank you, love you, keep it up.

  • Freddie Brewster 8 months ago

    omg its the clock

  • Lydia Arvin 8 months ago

    The trapdoor flip it to get the

  • Penguin 158 8 months ago

    Why did you not try to move the thing in the item frame

  • Penguin 158 8 months ago

    Can you make a survival series with saber

  • lester mandi 8 months ago

    uhhh unspeakable u can rotate the clock you dummy

  • Unplayable Games 8 months ago

    You were supposed to make a pressure plate and place it on the andersite

  • Charm Charmander 8 months ago

    hey everyone I have a YouTube channel and I need your help to get more subs so can u subscribe to my channel = Charm Charmander. Thank you ☺

  • Martina_simone Villegas 8 months ago


  • SimLinKing 8 months ago

    Maybe you have to turn the clock?

  • Top 10 8 months ago

    I know how to past level 4
    on the bath tube you remove the water and then you jump throu the painting

  • Emerson Golladay 8 months ago

    put a redstone torch on the polished andisite

  • claudine Catacutan 8 months ago

    You have to make a pressure plate 😮 you are flip not sure tho

  • Dark Dusty 8 months ago

    can you play in mcpe

  • King Swift 8 months ago

    unspeakable, you didn’t think about flipping the liver next to the door or moving the clock that was above the door

  • Dark Dusty 8 months ago

    what about the light

  • Anonymous Gaming 8 months ago

    u just need to made a wooden pickaxe dude like the video if u think that

  • banana player 8 months ago

    Did you use a presher plate

  • Jeanne Oliver 8 months ago

    all u needed to do was turn on the lite

  • Shaun Schaeffer 8 months ago

    Unspeakable you’re so smart at this game and good

  • Joe Regnante 8 months ago

    has anyone tried rotating the clock above to give off a redstone signal

  • Phoji Development Team 8 months ago

    You have to place the banner down on top of the polished andesite in order to complete the level

  • winston choi 8 months ago

    wow so you used tips for almost every single item. What a loser!

  • Tyler Mulligan 8 months ago

    a button would work. you can only make a wood one from the supplies

  • J. Florent 8 months ago

    you should of tried to rotate the clock

  • Rhina 111502 8 months ago


  • Rhina 111502 8 months ago

    level 4 and 5 are creations of Fed exgaming

  • Roshaun Vasciana 8 months ago

    Unspeakable you could press the button on the bathtub to make it go up then you might be able to go in the painting

  • Marie Buts 8 months ago

    Try mining the block when you close all the doors

  • AbsurdCarp64537 RedstonerMG 8 months ago


  • LetsEatCake 8 months ago


  • CaptaiN SparroW 8 months ago

    dude you obviously had to move the clock in the item frame instead of cheating

  • Celine Valerie 8 months ago

    Maybe the wood that u throw is a special wood from the map

  • Patricia Muffoletto 8 months ago

    it’s the clock you turn it

  • Cookiepie0973 8 months ago

    I like cake

  • Dan u tube Vid tub 8 months ago

    U turn the clock above the door that’s why it’s there

  • Colbaroooo 8 months ago

    unspeakable are you gonna play games other than minecraft? Its just that there are tons of coll games out there and you are only playing one. Check out the game Subnautica!

  • Caleb Michaud 8 months ago

    Yessssssssssssssss I love this “series”

  • Ekdhagamz Poopsan 8 months ago


  • Kenneth Edwards 8 months ago

    I bet there’s a botton behind the door….

  • Jade Ortega 8 months ago

    Omg that was awesome

  • Wayne Meconi 8 months ago

    i think i know how to get nether star on 4 lvl you click button for the tub thing then run over and go down maybe

  • Zale Blee 8 months ago

    have you tryd rotating the clock

  • Mcpe Crafter Production 8 months ago

    why don,t you try gold preasure plate?

  • David Inman 8 months ago

    wow, you place a redstone torch on the andesite. look up fed x gaming grandfather clock tutorial. Hope this helps

  • Tane Perawiti 8 months ago


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