• Dominic Rinaldi 1 month ago


  • Dominic Rinaldi 1 month ago

    sorry trusted biff

  • Gamer samms 1 month ago

    Do more battle dome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!😊😊😊😊

  • Cayden Lee 1 month ago

    So late 🙁

  • Noisekiller22 1 month ago

    When is pixel Mom coming back

  • Sitemusic 89 1 month ago

    It’s funny, Jerome has used the philosophers stone for months, maybe years, and can’t remember the crafting recipe.

  • Vanessa Villarreal 1 month ago

    Thars a tornado warnings

  • Jamaricus Cherington 1 month ago


  • Micah Bryant 1 month ago


  • keighan kempton 1 month ago


  • Yashil P 1 month ago

    Is dark and red matter enchantable

  • MasterRayquazaGaming 1 month ago

    Jerome can you play other mods.I want you to play other mods

  • The Fire King 1 month ago

    I named my Suicune Suesween as a joke

  • Jacob Blankenship 1 month ago

    Lucky block hunger games plz dad

  • Parkfire 138 1 month ago


  • Kane Fisher 1 month ago

    Its Steveolishous Fresh

  • Alex Carranza 1 month ago

    That how Ben mines

  • D-Jay F 1 month ago

    You need to learn how to play Minecraft

  • Edward LIU 1 month ago

    Pappa bacca is going to win

  • Bailey Simon 1 month ago

    Use the gems of life and soul

  • Paul Chen 1 month ago

    Biff cheated by going to creative

  • Something And Something 1 month ago

    Using EMC mod for years and can’t make the simple thing

  • ARC Rocks 1 month ago

    Why did you not use emc table for inventory pets

  • Daniel Wilbraham 1 month ago

    Who’s an OG Fan and remembers the cookie battledome

  • Jacko bro Gaming 1 month ago


  • Dav Id 1 month ago

    Jerome next time use bow

  • Matthew Schuman 1 month ago

    jerome could have crafted darkmatter and just transferred it to the transmutation table

  • AFarisH54 - Roblox & More 1 month ago

    This weekend I will ?!#£&#+_-3

  • Adventure Kids Toy Reviews 1 month ago

    Just subscribed

  • Spdrboy1 1 month ago

    Oh mah gosh he said a diamond in the rough that is from hamilton the musical

  • Luke Star 1 month ago

    Bean bean bean ohhhhhj who lives in a pinaple under the see austin mran pants #Jeromeasf

  • Yulian Lezama8 1 month ago

    They should split calls

  • Alex Kennard 1 month ago

    fite 4 uganda

  • Michael S 1 month ago

    He could have gotten a lot more emc using a diamond furnaces

  • Sal Vlogs 1 month ago

    What mod was that

  • Sal Vlogs 1 month ago

    For all the ores

  • Sal Vlogs 1 month ago

    And what mod was it for emc

  • TheAnonymous Gamer 1 month ago

    YouTube logic:
    -doesn’t notify when stream starts
    -notifies when stream ends

  • TheAnonymous Gamer 1 month ago


  • Lucas Hall 1 month ago


  • Mtx 28 1 month ago

    I was eating dominos for my first time while watching in the name of jeromy Salome

  • hi2111111111111111 1 month ago

    In The first few seconds… how long will it take to get a stone pickaxe

  • hi2111111111111111 1 month ago

    I have the crafting recipe memorized up to dark matter

  • mackenzie kumor 1 month ago


  • Joseph Toler 1 month ago


  • Jake Latimer 1 month ago


  • Craig Paquin 4 weeks ago

    ░░░░░ ░░░░▀█▄▀▄▀██████░▀█▄▀▄▀████▀
    ░░░░ ░░░░░░░▀█▄█▄███▀░░░▀██▄█▄█▀

  • Craig Paquin 4 weeks ago


  • MythnGods! 4 weeks ago

    does Jerome read comments???

  • MythnGods! 4 weeks ago

    a bunch of stream comments
    Marvin​JEROME!! pixelmon today? 😃
    Zap Squad​Oreos
    Prince Vegeta​Hi am I late :D?
    Faith Ramento​hi
    Evan Painter​hi due I’m new
    Angel Mendez​What is schedule for todsy
    luke aguilar​Pleas say hi
    Ayden Lopez​hiiiiiiiiii
    Breeluna Deathstar​ecoooooo buddyyyyy
    ugandan knuckles Do you know da way​Do u knw da wy
    Chase Featherstone​You are the best
    Patricia Wankum​I’m batman
    Mary Hood​hello
    Aaron Leiching​i just bruised my ribs I’m really happy to get to watch a stream
    Kirb1234 hunter​Echo
    Riley pikachu Jeff Roblox​I subbed
    The Ely’s​I love you playing Pokemon
    Steven Holloway​ohhh buddy
    Kathy Malone​Jerome shout me
    Jonas Blohm​woah
    Shadow Eevee​banana guns great memes doesn’t upload
    Matthew Jackson​i like trains
    Comic club Animations​Your
    Marty Gaming​Hello
    richy man done coc and more brah​hi
    Kevin Portillo​I subscribed
    Trick Shot Genral​i play trumpet
    no bully reee​no bully
    Jonas Blohm​dab
    Cade Collins​How do I donate?
    Sophie Boswell​bekfast
    Akatosh The Dark-Being​hi mods
    Seth Storz​Do it hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Calebwithfriend​i just came from London
    Zach Kiefer​Can you echo bit connect
    Robin Ekstrand​The game is like Bed Wars
    no bully reee​reset
    Davide Grigore​Hi
    Evan Painter​baccas for life
    Damien Atherton​oooooooooohhhhhhhh buddy
    Joseph Conklin Jr.​USA USA USA
    Zaydan Powell​g
    joseph connolly​austin is buns
    Comic club Animations​You ruined battledome
    Grace Farris​Battledomeeeeee!
    Austin Edmunds​Hi Jerome
    Faith Ramento​xxx
    Austin Smells​I lile trains and turtles
    Paige Nichole​HI FRIENDS
    Dylan Martz​This is the only stream I’ve been able to see since the begging of the school year
    Seth Storz​Ha ah aha ha
    Akatosh The Dark-Being​cade donations are having issues atm
    Spencer Smith​2k in 1 min
    Marty Gaming​What are you gays doeing
    Kevin Portillo​hey
    Luc Outrequin​Dab
    no bully reee​how
    Phantom 666​j
    Trick Shot Genral​susween
    Gabriel Cook​Brothers DO YOU NO DA WAE!!!
    Calebwithfriend​​i just came from London
    Luke Kuykendall​hi
    Michael Van Zyl​I already liked lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
    Calebwithfriend​​i just came from London
    coldfire gaming​Baca Lord of the Baca army
    TGD playz​Bitcoinetttttt
    Mary Hood​:l
    Aaron Gizzo​Cade super chat
    Marvin​pixemon today?
    The Ely’s​magic shoe
    xxsnaildudexx​Canada Canada canada
    Wade Thayer​where’s the donatw
    Luc Outrequin​Dab
    Euan Read​Hi Paige
    Mary Booth​where bean
    Piotr Zawislak​love your vids
    Blaine Smith​hi
    Dragon Man​Why so many viewers but little likes
    Manu Franco​kill ben
    Grace Farris​Hi
    RealDealNeal617​I like your Hair Cut
    Jamie Games​aup!!!!
    Austin Smells​Yes he is
    Justin Reynolds​americaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    speedy​chose ben
    Gabe Dattilo​It’s EPICHONAYYYY
    Damien Atherton​bean
    Paige Nichole​hi euan!
    Silver Wolf​I made it WOOOOOO
    Prince Vegeta​Lol
    Seth Storz​Ha ha ha ha ha ha ah a ha ha.
    Mason Toner​hi
    mighty militia​hi
    Marty Gaming​Hey i just subbeds
    Jamie Games​sup
    Austin Edmunds​BATTLE DOME
    W&R Studios​Hey y’all
    Aaron Leiching​i just bruised my ribs I’m really happy to get to watch a stream
    Marty Gaming​Subbed
    Super GamerTV​hellõooooooooooo
    Alex pacheco​Great video
    Toby Slater​hi
    Ethan Birnbaum​Hello people
    Grant Dossett​how was minefaire?
    Akatosh The Dark-Being​hey paige, how are you today?
    Logan Lewis​MOIST
    Laine Webster​Lol Bin got kicked
    Lewis Anderson​hahahahahahahahahhahahahah
    Dragon ball games​I’m late
    Luc Outrequin​Dab
    Cameron Wells​noooo Ben come back
    TGD playz​Hey Paige
    Grant Dossett​how was minefaire
    Christopher Obrien​E-po-de-No
    ChooseyArc 514​lol
    The 3 Amigos​Hi
    Marvin​pixelmon today ?
    Axton Gibson​How doe
    Dragon Man​Good
    Paige Nichole​Good Akatosh how are you?
    coldfire gaming​eco buddddddddddy
    Flip Tim​Hey
    Rowan Aspin​yes
    Dragon ball games​everyone like this video
    gaming with Evan the wolf​what is that doing on the server?
    Austin Smells​Jerome ya benched, cause ya late
    Riley Jones​hi!!!
    wolfboy795​hi Jerome this is my first stream I got to cuz I’m to busy
    Austin Edmunds​ECO BUDDDY
    Powerzeo​yo wassup @Paige Nichole 😃
    Erik Huang​Hi Austin is a peanut 🥜
    Harry&Lily 123​Can you start an Ark series where you get dinos and build defensive houses and battle. You can team up with Ben!!!!!!!
    Paige Nichole​hi @powerzeo !!
    Toby Slater​nowtise me senpie
    TGD playz​That’s a lot of deleted messages…
    Dragon Man​Why no likes
    Riley Jones​you the man!!
    Glen Wood​hello
    Mia Mc Rae​More pixelmon pls
    darkmaster 774​hello jerome you are the best 😀
    Ethan Birnbaum​True, impressive deleting skills
    Powerzeo​how was you day @Paige Nichole 😃
    Luc Outrequin​Sa Dude
    Michael Larry​lololololololololi lololol lololol
    Adrian Russell​since we are doing pokemon can we do pokemon battle dome
    John Wright​tis coll
    Cindy Depodesta​hi
    Dan Sloan​hi just got here for vid
    Riley Jones​jerome
    The Tramps​Echo buddy
    Job Smith​SLAP THE LIKE BUTON ON EVERYTHING U SEE(including this stream 😃 )
    Luc Outrequin​Dab
    Akatosh The Dark-Being​i’m tired lol thanks for asking though paige lol
    Paige Nichole​@powerzeo good how was your day?
    Samuel Yancy​am i late
    Michael Larry​#blame ben
    Glen Wood​i luv you
    gaming legend rko​Jerome can you expliloit the trader
    FlamingNinjaWarrior​whats up jerome
    Austin Edmunds​AUSTIN
    fuzytiger2468​am i late
    Justin Reynolds​Jerome is america
    Austin Smells​#BlameBen
    Nikola Nikolov​didnt remind
    Nana Kwakye​nice
    The Tramps​ECHO BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz
    Luc Outrequin​Baca
    Powerzeo​it was weird it is Monday but it feels like when I got out of school it was a half a day @Paige Nichole
    Firestar 175​ban austin
    Grant Dossett​how was minefaire
    Paige Nichole​HI QUEEN KAT 💖

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