Today we play the hardest modpack in all of minecraft come and join


  • Dvij kotadia 2 weeks ago

    JEROME YOU NEED TO BUILD UNDERGROUND AND COVER IT WITH OBSIDIAIN FULLY FACTIONS STYLE….. Remember the overseers… they see you a hundred blocks over

  • MC. Thunder 2 weeks ago

    Thought This Was Still Season 1 😅
    (Can Jerome Actually Finish A Series Or Is He Gonna End Them All Early?)

  • Milo Vanhulle 2 weeks ago

    Ben why

  • Isaac Cusworth 2 weeks ago

    Jerome, you shouldn’t use night vision because if you’re in the dark a monster spawns that kills you, that’s why it says “It is pitch black you are likely to be eaten by something”.

  • Jamin Mcauliffe 2 weeks ago

    What happened to Jurassic craft

  • Tealdragon 2 weeks ago


  • caleb reid 2 weeks ago

    do death counter

  • caleb reid 2 weeks ago

    do no commands just tp

  • Jesi T 2 weeks ago


  • amosXsoma Plaze_everything 2 weeks ago

    Jerome what is the point of playing survival if your just gonna get yourself food and night vision. You should hunt for them yourself and craft yourself some torches
    Sorry i miss the stream

  • Alex Brown 2 weeks ago

    Who saw the diamonds they missed at 31:38

  • Tealdragon 2 weeks ago


    Like This If U know Who Kehaan is

  • LemonJuiceGames #SourSavages 2 weeks ago

    0:00 to 0:01

  • Tealdragon 2 weeks ago

    Remember last time when those mobs blew into ur underground base and u had to make it out of obi

  • LemonJuiceGames #SourSavages 2 weeks ago

    0:00 0:000:000:000:000:000:000:000:000:000:000:000:000:000:000:000:000:00

  • Yoav Tsadok 2 weeks ago

    how are we still on madpak 2????

  • BrownDog-1 2 weeks ago


  • L. J. D. 9507 2 weeks ago

    It was made by Kemaan said Ben. Oh Kehane said Jerome. It’s Kehaan not that hard said me.

  • bobcatking 831 2 weeks ago

    # blame ben

  • Camo0495 2 weeks ago

    Anyone else notice that Ben said so long and thanks for all the fish at 8:48

  • L. J. D. 9507 2 weeks ago

    18:02 *SHOTS FIRED* Dasha. Oh, and Ben, get roasted.

  • TheEmeraldAxe 123 2 weeks ago


  • Afirecube 20 2 weeks ago

    We want crafting dead

  • wazzuper25 2 weeks ago

    One of the few teak crafted members existing

  • Thom Rabren 2 weeks ago

    Stop bulling Ben only pick on austin

  • Emma Jensen 2 weeks ago

    When is H5M?

  • Madi Norman 2 weeks ago

    What happened to the life counter

  • Mika Wang Granér 2 weeks ago

    yes finnely i hav waiting

  • Mika Wang Granér 2 weeks ago

    a long time long time long time

  • Fudge Nuggets 2 weeks ago


  • Elijah Sturm 2 weeks ago

    Mahhhhd Paaahck

  • MrArnett8 2 weeks ago

    Its keehan it sounds like kehen

  • Evan Goldsworthy 2 weeks ago

    Jerome: become a super bacca, second line in the discription

    Me: ok

    *Goes to the link then taps it*

    *Reads it*

    Me: $5 that’s way too much, and plus I’m British, and also I’m poor

  • Earth Destroyer 2 weeks ago

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes. Again again. Thanks Jerome

  • Connor Steyn 2 weeks ago


  • KENNETH ZIEGLER 2 weeks ago

    Bring back Dinos !

  • Jonah Schroeder 2 weeks ago

    show kehaan some respect his name is said key-an

  • ashley B 2 weeks ago

    Jerome, when are u going to post a new Jurassic craft, or a new crazy craft?….. Keep u the good work on ur videos, im part of the bacca slurping army

  • DEADSPACEOUT f 2 weeks ago

    Blood and bones w/ Preston playz

  • HeroBro Gaming 2 weeks ago

    You need to make a death count

  • David Hammer 2 weeks ago

    The hardest one is madpack combined with crazy craft

  • Theresa Morris 2 weeks ago


  • Erin McCuiston 2 weeks ago

    hi we

  • Erin McCuiston 2 weeks ago

    to me a 300

  • Canadian Jason 2 weeks ago

    Do SpaceCraft 2

  • Jords DSC 2 weeks ago


  • Cpt. FatBelly 2 weeks ago

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  • Jords DSC 2 weeks ago

    Crazy craft that’s the only one I’ve seen lol

  • George Steen 2 weeks ago

    Blood and bones is SOOOOOO HARD

  • Alexis James 2 weeks ago

    Blood and bones

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