• water pumps out 1 month ago

    Hey Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Bhavik Jain 1 month ago

    IDEA: Add a PvP minigame where everyone stops doing whatever they are and go to a battle arena the time with the most kills in a particular amount of time wins like 10-20 diamonds or maybe something else

  • Th3Morgue Roh 1 month ago

    Hey Jerome ur irrelevant and u say to make the channel be alive wow. in 2016 u were blowing up

  • PrO fusionn 1 month ago

    You should add more ores, armour, weapons, bosses and traders

  • Jack frost 1 month ago

    This reminded me of your old west prison server I’m so sad that ended

  • Peanuts359 v2 1 month ago

    Bean should add modded weapons to improve the game. Also, maybe he could add more ores to the game?

  • Rapidryms 199 1 month ago

    I want some more!!! I really like this gamemode!!

  • Tyrhys Tewake 1 month ago

    How was Preston wedding

  • Bryninja Games and more 1 month ago

    Their should be a gate keeper at the entrances to the other sides and you need like 32 iron to get past him.

  • Give rewards for killiing to make it more agresive, something like kill streaks give you emc or per kill emc.

  • Crazyjarry 1 month ago

    You should just give everyone saturation so you don’t need steak

  • Jace Dennison 1 month ago

    I feel like jerome has a script

  • Tobias Hansen 1 month ago

    Can you do a fight after the goldrush

  • Aaron Bell 1 month ago

    Why do they have a fortnite shirt when they only ever play the roblox version

  • gamer 2018 1 month ago

    you shout put more armor and weapon

  • rayan koraichi 1 month ago

    My second favorite minigame

  • Patrick Mendiola 1 month ago


  • Patrick Mendiola 1 month ago

    Also add vein miner or ore excavator

  • Bobet Tinaja 1 month ago

    How about one chest for all mines

  • Eddie Garforth 1 month ago

    Does Ben have a YouTube channel

  • Eddie Garforth 1 month ago

    BEN smellssssssssssssssssss

  • Kevin plays mcpe & Pokemon 1 month ago

    lucky blocks

  • Eddie Garforth 1 month ago


  • thenightmare Beast 1 month ago

    Should add vein miner

  • possu poika 1335 lol 1 month ago


  • King Bob The first 1 month ago

    gg i love this monogame!~!!!1!!!!!!
    keep up the good work!! and keep going1!!!!

  • Spencer Smock 1 month ago


  • john smith 1 month ago

    You should add buyable horses or you could make a river and add buyable boats (The river will go to the other teams side).

  • SKYLOPPER X 1 month ago

    Jerome can you add ender pearl

  • Maclaine Lay 1 month ago

    I doubt anyone will see this but what i think they should add is a enchanted book with the smelting enchantment from a few mods

  • Daniel Shiyrambere 1 month ago


  • afro goat 1 month ago

    I love this game mod but give miner and armored miner more health. Making it more of a late game thing.

  • Vivan Agrawal 1 month ago

    Jerome next time break redstone instead of smelting it

  • Ryan Lotherington 1 month ago

    Was that a game mode where Steve wasn’t salty at the end 😂😂

  • Its CowCraft 1 month ago

    u should add techgun mod

  • Shana Thompson 1 month ago

    my name is Carter

  • Gerwin Trip 1 month ago

    Make it so you can buy upgrades for the furnaces

  • Haileigh Daniel 1 month ago

    When im watching this, there a 69k views

  • Goldenwa3p 1 month ago


  • Logan Scheffelmaier 1 month ago

    Jerome u shops do a potion of strength and a splash potion of weakness

  • Logan Scheffelmaier 1 month ago

    I meant should not shops

  • pedro quiroz 1 month ago

    add lucky blocks

  • Kilorelv 1 month ago

    Have events happen.. such as raids (random chance ever 5 minutes to spawn mobs on both sides). Every 5 minutes the mobs get stronger (still a CHANCE to have a raid so doesnt mean they will spawn). Or say at the half way mark have a boss as mid spawn that drops really good stuff like maybe a few golden apples, and a couple emeralds.. idk what would be entirely balanced for that so blade and ben might need to figure it out. Those are a couple ideas that could be fun and have more incentive to gear up / contest each other.

    Im sure yall know how to do the % chance, but dropper with gold / coal that spits out into a hopper full of gold next to a comparator, gold triggers the event coal nothing because it cant go into the hopper. Have a row set up for each 5 minutes (there are was to do it with 1 but not as easy so might as well do it in a line. Comparator obviously goes to redstone that triggers a command block.

  • Miguelito Arango 1 month ago

    this is my favorite gamemode

  • Blackwolf07 YT 1 month ago

    Y’all keep on doing /time set day but you know you can turn off daylight cycle

  • Dago Gastelum 1 month ago

    Do the minigame where u killed YouTube’s for lucky blocks,that ones amazing

  • Bryce Koch06 1 month ago

    Plz keep doing this game

  • The Influx Warrior 1 month ago

    What happened to andrew

  • Jovan So pro 1 month ago

    1 like=more gold rush

  • Gene Andrei Godoy 1 month ago

    Can you make it that every night there are mobs that attck you and they have levels like lvl 1 leather armor and wood sword like that pls

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