Today we play Monster Industries and have Team Creepers face off


  • jimmy rodriguez 1 month ago

    Yesssss 10k likes !!!!

  • Lagioso 1 month ago


  • Pedro Costa 1 month ago

    14k likes Hello there AUSTIN… Do you know the way (get it?) to the blue hair merchant?

  • Vinb123 1 month ago


  • Thereal blade 1 month ago

    did you know in montreal there is a street called st. Jerome

  • Minecraftexperience9 1 month ago


  • Panda Pub 1 month ago

    15k likes to dye beard green!! lol

  • Rachel Eva 1 month ago


  • Abbypinkrose 1 month ago

    When is season 2 of FEAR THE CRAFTING DEAD it was very interesting and I loved it so please do a season two

  • Minecraft army 1 month ago

    rip austin’s hair

  • Melissa Conner 1 month ago

    What video do we have to get 11,000 likes

  • Make it ghost color

  • RavioliFormula 1 month ago

    the hair will be dyed 14k likes

  • Mitchell Blood 1 month ago

    Hey o 10k 10k 10k 10k

  • Marcus Van sickle 1 month ago

    Go to North Carolina

  • NightShadow 1 month ago

    14k likes? austin?

  • Animal Wave125 1 month ago

    Ha lol

  • Animal Wave125 1 month ago

    Get ready for the blue hair

  • Refaat Mohamad 1 month ago

    Blueberry flavored Austin yau

  • wiliam Neske 1 month ago

    This was streamed 20 hours ago and there’s 15k likes sooooooo Rip Austin’s pink hair馃榾

  • Jacob Seitz 1 month ago

    jerome u should die austins hair white or gray to make him look old like if you agree

  • Jacob Pryer 1 month ago

    In memory of skydoesminecraft… FLUFFY!!!

  • Mack Merdinger 1 month ago


  • Alex Braun 1 month ago

    Yes they鈥檙e are coloring his hair

  • Drslugman Gaming 1 month ago

    Andrews question tho… so many ineuandos

  • Mr.grinch Henneberry 1 month ago

    15k in 24 H!!

  • Camilo Portelles 1 month ago

    No no no you didn鈥檛 just touch my spaget

  • Ryan Valdivieso 1 month ago


  • kaptainkooleio 1 month ago


  • evan lohbrunner 1 month ago

    This is my favorite mini game ever

  • Gamer Fletch 1 month ago

    I’m going to states for robotics

  • Alahn Williams 1 month ago

    Hey jerry

  • Gibb Sonic 1 month ago

    Upload more plz plus 280th comment!!!!

  • Gabe Stern 1 month ago

    don’t be upsetti, eat some confetti

  • echo gameing52 1 month ago

    Well he dyeing his hair again rio

  • Sarah Glowzinski 1 month ago

    10k? Naw fam, how ’bout 16k?

  • lupita lopez 1 month ago

    Keep up the good work jerome

  • Phuong Nguyen 1 month ago

    Can you do Austin hair every color

  • Eric Matwiejczuk 1 month ago

    What is the ip for this server?

  • KreatriX Z 1 month ago


  • KreatriX Z 1 month ago

    Am I the only one who noticed they upgraded monsters even tho they aren鈥檛 allowed to upgrade?

  • Gabi Barukcic 1 month ago


  • Lo Ching Wang Lo 1 month ago

    Don’t dye Austin hair,Cut It!

  • Shadowwarrior 27 1 month ago

    Yes….we get to see doors kicked down. XD

  • blocker star123 1 month ago

    When’s next season of fear the crafting dead

  • thatbobguy JM 4 weeks ago

    Why didnt he buy workers

  • Lilly Sing 4 weeks ago

    Looks like Austin hair is getting dyed blue and Dasha is helping

  • mineclanz Caniplzhaz10000000subswithnovids? 4 weeks ago

    Next 3v1 don鈥檛 allow hire thieves, it always lands on the same person and it鈥檚 so cheap for that purporse

  • Georgia Colwill 4 weeks ago

    im having a grate day becuz i luv ur vids

  • Liam Duncan 4 weeks ago

    Yay Cookies saved the day for Creeper Corp yahoooo!!

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