• Koolkidari Lol 4 weeks ago

    Hey Preston I was wondering if I could be in a BW vid with you I’m lvl 40

  • WDGamer_8 4 weeks ago

    Hi everyone plz help me out in my channel please I only have 3 subs and 2 boring videos but I’m going to start posting more videos sub to me plz and I’ll post minecraft videos soon because I have a video that is not posting and it says error uploading video I’ll make great videos soon plz sub and like me videos even though there boring plz search WD_8 and I’ll show up as WD_8 God that’s it with a cute white dog plz sub and like thank you

  • WDGamer_8 4 weeks ago

    Or just click the dog right here
    <—————— _______________l

  • Fantastic Mr Sheep 4 weeks ago

    preston why u sick

  • Miles D'Andrea 4 weeks ago

    Quote Preston come here ho 😂

  • Mohmmed Haider 4 weeks ago

    I am Arabic I live in Iraq I vary love you

  • Jose Castro 4 weeks ago

    i want hide and seek with nick

  • Jose Castro 4 weeks ago

    sccord choes is lucky bolck reace

  • Zach Jenforce 4 weeks ago

    Nice Hoody

  • Raibolt 2000 4 weeks ago

    MONSTER INDUSTRIES Plz i luv the original one Like if u luved the MONSTER INDUSTRY

  • Choki Choki 4 weeks ago

    I hit the like button so hard it went through my phone screen

  • Johner1045 gaming 4 weeks ago

    Dude make another video with creative mode at bedwars and make an entire bedrock fort and don’t let a random team to leave

  • Koolkidari Lol 4 weeks ago

    Hey Preston I just wanted to say thanks bc u make me happy every day and I’m depressed so if it’s ok with you can we pls play bedwars together my MC user name is Ariani2017

  • Carcowmilk Minecraft 4 weeks ago

    Play roblox

  • charzatre GN 4 weeks ago

    Preston change ur Minecraft body I’m not being mean just saying like get headphones dont be a lava creeper I. Not being mean

  • Abhijeet Patil 4 weeks ago

    What is factions?

  • hi there 4 weeks ago


  • WetSocksPlays - Gaming 4 weeks ago

    Subscribe to Preston! I really enjoy his videos! 😀 <3

  • Kiran Mahil 4 weeks ago

    You are so awesome!
    -Your biggest fan

  • Prestons less than 50k away to get 6 mil subs👍

  • Star Burner 4 weeks ago

    Hey Preston do you play Fortnite

  • Dan Berg 4 weeks ago


  • TBNR Colin 4 weeks ago

    I miss chubby Preston 🤣

  • burpulee Asphalt8&more 4 weeks ago



  • hows japan

  • Cole McManus 4 weeks ago

    Bring back money wars

  • Teh Roblox Noob 4 weeks ago

    When you thought It was socks for the first level.

  • daatmartin 4 weeks ago

    I’ve watched 3 different you tubers play this map lol

  • 38611 more till 6 mil

  • Conplex YT 4 weeks ago


  • squids doge 4 weeks ago

    Voice crack like crazy

  • N Hagler 4 weeks ago

    I’m Late :c

  • typicalfire 1 4 weeks ago

    Cool vid

  • Chloe Archibald 4 weeks ago

    This is called clickbait

  • challenges channel 4 weeks ago

    unspeakable play that too

  • Danreb Dominguez 4 weeks ago

    Preston next time record a Rules Of Survival game

  • Joey Sheftick 4 weeks ago

    New bedwars maps!!!!!-😍

  • Sleiman Khallouf 4 weeks ago

    Thea but I did

  • Sleiman Khallouf 4 weeks ago


  • Ewan Essam 4 weeks ago

    Where is the second part of 100 traps

  • EyeofTheEnd 4 weeks ago

    when u said i have milk now u sounded so funny 😛

  • Devil Kitty 4 weeks ago

    Man, shameless plugs…shamless plugs.

  • Patrick Terry, Jr 4 weeks ago

    Flout /=/ Float

  • Vivi T 4 weeks ago

    I was thinking the answer to the first riddle was memory foam

  • Joseph Bergman 4 weeks ago

    many likes

  • Doomsday Princess 4 weeks ago

    I am confusion.

  • Jennifer Estorque 4 weeks ago

    Iskadaps copy u

  • Faiz Playz 4 weeks ago

    come on guys, make preston has 6 million subs,

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