• Logdotzip 1 week ago

    Hello!! As you all know we decided to push a Snapshot video live yesterday instead of MNU. BUT There is so much news and awesome creations to showcase in this episode! As always leave me your community challenges in the comments…I’m looking for a really unique and challenging one!

  • Isaiah Black 1 week ago

    so no aquatic update for ps4 … 😔


    I guess I’m not playing minecraft anymore… D;

  • Bungus 1 week ago

    I wish they would stop calling it the “Java” edition, in my opinion it sounds stupid and unnecessary, couldn’t just be “Mine craft” like it used to?

  • Johnbenedict Jambalos 1 week ago


  • Daisy Loges 1 week ago

    Challenge: Go in creative mode, build a really hard parkour corse (but still possible) then complete it in survival mode. You will only have 10 minutes to complete the parkour corse.

  • Dharminder Ghuman 1 week ago

    Try to find a woodland mansion, mineshaft, a witch hut and two villages in less than 5-7 minuets

  • NotJustAnotherRandomGuy 1 week ago

    This is a disaster. Why no mention of the new mob dynamics that will break every mob farm that depends on water ladders? I am so disappointed with this. EVERY zombie/skeleton spawner I have come across has been turned into a farm. Now, if applied, WORTHLESS. I thought i was pissed when an update broke zombie villagers from spawning from spawners and killed my 60 hour under ground village build. What the hell is going through their minds over there at Mojangsoft? See what happens when Notch isnt around to tell them that is stupid? Oh and Logdotzip… Do you even Survival brah? 🙂

  • Dabs_All_Ovar 1 week ago

    But shouldn’t we kill nautiluses to get their shells?

  • Diamondsheep19 1 week ago

    ps vita is getting aquatic still?


  • Kristina Blum 1 week ago

    Is underwater parcore a thing? That should be your next challenge.


    There going to stop updating it on console but it said nothing about the Xbox one version

  • Cassee 1 week ago

    Challenge: Create a superflat desert world and turn up the dungeon count to 50. Your goal is to play a music disc in a jukebox. Are you able to get the disc from a creeper rather than using one from a chest?

  • Walker Pierce 1 week ago

    I was hopeing that update aquatic was going to skip consoles… I’m not really happy about the changes to water physics…

  • Silver Hunter 1 week ago

    The only reason I don’t play Minecraft on ps4 is because there is nothing new mojang has to keep their console players updated

  • Quincey Brown 1 week ago

    get herobrine mod and make herobrine follow you on dolphins and this a challenge

  • neon sniper208 1 week ago

    Minecraft has changed so much!

  • magma slime red 1 week ago

    Flat world with things that can burn fast as the ground

  • Kirito Kirigaya play 1 week ago

    Jumping while finding buried treasure

  • Free Time Shibe 1 week ago


  • Sawyer Cartwright 1 week ago

    i challenge you to find a monument, then, start the timer for 30:00 min then, go into survivul mode and get all eight gold blocks,
    and no starter supplies.

  • Daniel Soon 1 week ago

    But I’m a mobile player how can I play the new version???

  • Lilly C. 1 week ago

    can you play survival minecraft with only a sword, and no crafting!

  • Muhammad Arkan Muzaqy 1 week ago

    Try find some diamond in nether,kill monster with stick

  • Tobias Overgaard 1 week ago

    Kill a phantom with desert and end buffet together. Can or not?

  • William Kopp 1 week ago

    How do you not know the People Mover?!

  • Jared Nuttall 1 week ago

    I can solve a rubiks cube

  • MM25564 1 week ago

    Try to build your IRL house in Minecraft in 30 mins

  • PHYNEXZIAN 1 week ago

    I thought everything except ps4 willnot get updates any more but ps4 after aquatic update will still get updates as its said below

  • Tyrannosaurus Cow 1 week ago

    I want a data pack vid. Also stop spamming the chat with hate just for a mistake in the title.

  • troy van der Velden 1 week ago

    in says “MINECRAFt” in the title, you forgot to put the last letter in caps (can happen, nobody is perfect)

  • Michael Brewer 1 week ago

    So console is going to be cut

  • Trey Johnston 1 week ago

    What about the switch?

  • GamerCris 1 week ago

    I love MINECRAFt

  • Richard Sims 1 week ago

    How about the Xbox

  • Richard Sims 1 week ago

    F### mojang

  • RanTDR 1 week ago


  • Zayaad Khandker 1 week ago

    ,week 2 , find notch

  • Řòýãĺ Ͳ҉Ң҉ΰ҉ɴ҉Ḋ҉Ʃ҉Ɍ҉ Pro 1 week ago

    And its hard

  • Erlend mikalsen 1 week ago

    Show us the datapack video

  • wendy basnett 1 week ago

    Ooooo ye

  • Xx Blizzard xX 1 week ago

    Console? Xbox? Plz tell me not windows

  • Tim Versteeg 1 week ago

    Beat the ender dragon with elytra and fireworks but with no other armor pieces #communitychallenge

  • DrLudford 1 week ago

    U made it sound like Carpets on stairs was coming to the actual game….. ;~;

  • Gerben van Soesjes 1 week ago

    for the community challenge: try to win from 20 phantoms (dont spread them over the world spawn them in the same place) with a elytra, fireworks (i don’t care how many) and a diamond sword. you have to fly.

  • Hot Cache 1 week ago

    The t in “Minecraft” is lower case its supposed to be uppercase.

  • Austin77shyguy super shy guy 1 week ago

    In 1.13 get 3 horses with saddles and 10 wolf’s with a mesa buffet style

  • Brandon Rankin 1 week ago

    Get to the actual nether on a buffet nether end island *Note that it is in theory possible and just takes a lot of effort. *

  • _RyanPlayzMC_ 1 week ago

    You messed up on the title because it says THERE AXING THE VERSION OF MINECRAFt instead of THERE AXING THE VERSION OF MINECRAFT

  • Cloud Blocks 1 week ago

    When will the update come out on iPad and phone

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