• ZAMination Productions 2 weeks ago

    April fools :>

  • Glitch boy 90 2 weeks ago


  • jaye tart 2 weeks ago

    I cried

  • Neb 64 2 weeks ago

    The sequel of spotlight mashed with Reese’s puff?

  • Awesome Artaveus Galaxy 2 weeks ago

    Still a better love-story than Twilight

  • Bri plaez 2 weeks ago

    Bro what is this

  • Hayden 2 weeks ago

    This is the best animation I’ve seen in a long time. 10/10


  • Luigi seires and more! 2 weeks ago

    I almost per me pants when watching this….. :D.XDDDDDDD

  • InklingGirl 1229 2 weeks ago

    Now I can’t stop watching this animation!!!

  • InklingGirl 1229 2 weeks ago

    0:52 That doesn’t even seem like he’s running!!!

  • InklingGirl 1229 2 weeks ago

    2:34 William is happy with Baby,

  • Samuel Guanzon 2 weeks ago

    At first I was like this is the worst
    After reading comments I was like ok nvm

  • BadassHarv49 2 weeks ago

    Baby’s hips tho XD

  • Creepergmr 2005 2 weeks ago

    Uh what…😐

  • Creepergmr 2005 2 weeks ago

    Ok I’m acually creeped out

  • Hot Dokkan awaken 625 2 weeks ago

    Can u make a animation of “they’ll keep you running” in Minecraft better and share it to CK9C to see what he thinks?

  • KDarties UndertaleAU Fan 2 weeks ago

    I’m just going to said …. THIS IS THE FUNNIES APRIL FOOLS EVERY

  • Sebastian Powers 2 weeks ago


  • goldenfreddy gamer 2 weeks ago

    This is da nutshell ha lol

  • Tangle the fox 2 weeks ago

    Lol haha bhhh haha lol can’t 😣😣😂😂😂😂

  • Janie Hartman 2 weeks ago


  • Rocky Road 2 weeks ago

    0:14. Creepy

  • Janie Hartman 2 weeks ago


  • Makeala Figueroa 2 weeks ago

    WOW!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! lol!! :3

  • ice cream games -roblox and mo 2 weeks ago

    0:43 his stomach XDDdD

  • Wild pear running 1 2 weeks ago

    I don’t know what I’m looking at

    I love it

  • Victor Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    Nice animations keep it up and lol

  • Samuel Younglove 2 weeks ago

    1:05-1:09 I think I peed myself xD

  • Pro Vaeh 2 weeks ago

    What is this crap?! I think this is making fun if everyone who has animated They’ll Keep You Running in Minecraft

  • Cassie Playz 2 weeks ago

    @ZAMination Productions This is why I have nightmares.

  • Alex McCowan 2 weeks ago


  • Suicide ExoticButters 2 weeks ago

    fuck you ;-;

  • Fivestra 2 weeks ago

    What in the actual living fuck is this

  • Zack_Storm_ Gamer 2 weeks ago

    At least it’s better than those Ugly Animations… XD

    It’s a master piece

  • Sherelyne Angel 2 weeks ago


  • MatheusFOXY Dutra 2 weeks ago

    Lmao Circus Baby, I can’t stop laughing again.

  • Mihnea Petrache 2 weeks ago

    it”s realy bed dude WTF

  • The Unicorn 2 weeks ago

    I watched 37 seconds and I thought (hmmm this video reminds me of something…..) *remembers her weird life* “Oh”

  • WillJVNinja 2 weeks ago

    omg this is amazing

  • Levi Jones 2 weeks ago

    0:51 = my fav part xD

  • Gaming With Hassan Play 2 weeks ago


  • GoomyGames 2 weeks ago

    *Sees the perfect one* Hmm

    *Sees the crappy one*

    Perfect also make a really good one please for reals this time, I know it was an April Fools but I would like to see a Good one

  • Umm

  • Every vid should be like this lol

  • Mike W 2 weeks ago


  • Lølbit Nerd 2 weeks ago

    I lost my will to live but also gained a will to live while watching this.

  • LukaszGaming 2 weeks ago

    0:30 baby stuck

  • LukaszGaming 2 weeks ago

    Baby:i’m having a baby yay
    0:44 my dance
    Baby:i’m in a trash can 😉 come to me
    0:53 me when i trying to not to go to school
    0:56 me when i get power 🙂
    Baby:no wait
    Me:how you get so strong
    Freddy:i will follow you 🙂
    Baby:i’m Ballora now 🙂
    1:15 me when baby is ballora
    1:37 when i have a day off 🙂
    1:49 when school is over (my dance :))
    Me:or your staying why did i say that

  • Isa Marsfjell 2 weeks ago

    HAHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! it was something man did NOT expect! LOL

  • hero mangamer5690 2 weeks ago

    hahahahahahahahahaha so funny

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