• TwitX1 7 months ago

    Alex is the type of guy to call 911 because he lost a live

  • pageo 7 months ago

    11:15 fly hacks

  • Waffle HD02 7 months ago

    Loolitsalex is the best

  • Kavga 7 months ago

    It’s Rick from RickAndMorty and Rick is a scientist. He has that liquid around his mouth because he is Alcoholic

  • Agar Trics 7 months ago

    Alex the type of person to be reading his book in the library and someone takes a sip of water and Alex screams at him for potspamming xdxd

  • Nicesuu // Ben 7 months ago

    Like second bald .5 or go 9

  • Guys i have exclusive footage of Alex’s longest intro (well hello there folks) on my channel…like so alex sees

  • Pure Poignard 7 months ago

    Toxic jolt the type of guy to


  • Versides 7 months ago

    Why do you fake your voice

  • namemccom Hypixel 7 months ago

    Pido was taking no kb at all xd

  • Paggacat 7 months ago

    Hooowdddyyyy there folks

  • Justin c: 7 months ago

    Alex the type of guy to

    like or go bald in 7.6 seconds

  • Flyingplatipuss - Minecraft 7 months ago

    Happy Halloween Alex!

    Like or Not celebrate Halloween with lolitsalex!

  • matteoren 7 months ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue

    Like or go bald in .5 millisecond

  • 4:49 he kind a looks likes a nutball, reported

  • SwiftArcticFox Gaming 7 months ago

    You don’t watch Rick And Morty? That explains why you have a 34 iq

  • Carson Gustafson 7 months ago

    gyhtbuyuh7j8il;./’ mnbvcxdfvgbhnyjumki,lo.;/’

  • Lolitsalex iq: 2
    Rock and Morty fans iq: 200

  • Legacy 7 months ago


  • Warrior Spirit 7 months ago

    Cool you attracted cringe kids if only you where like Meezoid and had really people watch your vids

  • OMGITSBEARZ32 7 months ago

    Leave a like or


  • Synioz 7 months ago


  • Sir_ButtSwags 7 months ago

    scariest thing is that this video is 13:13 mins long. O.o

  • The Locator 7 months ago

    His voice pisses me of so much

  • Braze// MC 7 months ago

    Ur voice sound weird

  • r4robin 7 months ago

    Leaves base at 5:31 your welcome.

  • DaddyYsYs 7 months ago

    It’s very nice you video loolitsalex

  • Burlackchubb 7 months ago

    I heard your real voice in zigys vlog

  • peswaka 7 months ago

    11:16 alex the guy Rido didnt got any kb he is hacking

  • U can make an item elevator in Minecraft with some pieces of glass, that’s why the items can float.

  • ImagineRambo TD 7 months ago

    Alex doesn’t watch Rick and Morty so he has a low iq

  • Kylox 7 months ago

    Jaamiee:Hi Alex

    Like to go bald in 6,26 seconds

  • CristianPvP 7 months ago

    Real voice exposed by Zigy. Alex busted

  • Emil Svedlund 7 months ago


  • _iTzRiazPvP ツ 7 months ago

    dose floating items part of a mc glitch glass is a block but it is transparent and because the items dont have anywhere to go but up it goes up ;i

  • zI Fluxy 7 months ago

    ToxicJolt: Knock, Knock
    Alex: Who Dis Dow
    ToxicJolt: ToxicJolt Buddy Boy
    Alex: ToxicJolt Who Folks
    zIFluxy: ToxicJolt Needs Dem Subs Dow
    ToxicJolt: You Scumbag
    zIFluxy: #ToxicJoltIsAlexsFanBoy

  • DolphinBread 7 months ago

    Alex that floating item is an eye of ender.

  • Edin Emil 7 months ago

    lol that intro cringy af

  • Bernard La Grenouille / oShayn' 7 months ago


  • You Know Who It Is 7 months ago

    Rick is very smart

  • Climax PvP 7 months ago

    um folks i dont know what i just watched you watched PORNHUB ALEX

  • Jason 7 months ago

    alex we are family friendly <3 - HELSLAYER

  • Shark Tale 7 months ago

    Alex ur like 84 and you dont know what rick and morty is… low iq

  • Why does alex fake his voice?

    because his real voice sounds like a bald eagle

  • Unnii 7 months ago

    Alex the type of guy to blame hunger for stealing his kill

  • grape plays minecraft 7 months ago

    love the videos

  • Its WilqiamPvP / MCPE 7 months ago

    0:03 quality Mr3ms top mineman rappers boi!

  • mlsslng ツ 7 months ago


    like or go bald in 2.8 seconds

  • Andreanna Barron 7 months ago

    I love you alex

  • Bequis 7 months ago

    Bal deagle

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