• leon king 2 weeks ago

    Jukebox is wooden plaks all around and ond diamond peace in the center

  • BlueFire Voltron 2 weeks ago

    Dark try this seed –> seed: FINAL there’s a cross there at the acacia tree’s and when I was still in that world things have been changing and the Disc 13 is in the Dungeon and also some of the zombies aren’t attacking the villagers and some villagers aren’t afraid of the zombies try it Dark I would really appreciate it! Because I explore it but I was scared now that I saw the cross so I deleted it pls Dark Go Check It out! I would really appreciate it! Also be careful they said that once your seeing a mob that is disappearing and reappearing get the heck out of the game quick they said

  • Maximilian Ager-Wick 2 weeks ago

    you need a diamond to make a jukebox and eight wood planks

  • Anne Lorraine Adam 2 weeks ago

    6:54 😂😂lol😂😂

    Btw i subbed to u and followed u and I clicked the bell Dark


  • Bernard Castillas 2 weeks ago

    its ntt

  • Michael Brewer 2 weeks ago

    I do believe that there is something going on in these world’s

  • unknown 2 weeks ago

    You end your videos so quick and also when juicy stuff happens 😑 😒

  • Hasan Shamurail 2 weeks ago

    Omg ☠

  • mop f 2 weeks ago


  • Snarlednose34 // snarley 2 weeks ago

    in every vid he makes where he explores a haunted seed where you can clearly see that it’s fake. in one of the worlds he has a spruce house in a dark oak forest, he has a noticeble amount of recources that seem to be only 64 and not like 63 stone and 10 stone in the same chest but different location or he has brand new tools when he goes on a seed where he supposedly has been on before but hasn’t made a vid about it. or he doesn’t see the thing that is in his face and only sees it when it fucking kills him or disappeared.

  • RazvanMihai Tonenchi 2 weeks ago

    I got meech

  • RazvanMihai Tonenchi 2 weeks ago


  • C001 K!d 101 2 weeks ago


  • shwatum hardas 2 weeks ago

    cool these vid DARK keep it up

  • Ye Ding Chan 2 weeks ago

    6:56 that wasn’t even part of the script, was it?

  • Christian Sapti 2 weeks ago

    I think someone joind your game

  • Pēteris Nulle 2 weeks ago

    Avesome dark

  • Dark Secrets 2 weeks ago


  • dann low 2 weeks ago

    I think is herobrine?

  • Ryan Reeves 2 weeks ago

    That was Freddy.exe not a Wither Skeleton

  • Ryan Reeves 2 weeks ago

    Dark divine this is not fake this is real.And by the way I think Freddy.exe put those Iron bars there

  • Freddie Prince Soltis 2 weeks ago

    Dark corner video is fake

  • Stuart Macrow 2 weeks ago

    100% fake

  • genova dullon 2 weeks ago

    Oh sht super scared

  • Alexander Foster 2 weeks ago

    Hey dark corrners I just wanted to know that if somebody buys the merch then will it notifie you

  • Kari Aho 2 weeks ago


  • Christian Paolo Aquino 2 weeks ago

    Can dark hit 1k likes and 900k subs hit the like button and im an darks fan

  • moiz fahim 2 weeks ago

    How to get your skin tell me

  • Asher Gbody 2 weeks ago

    Wood around a diamond

  • Lochie Sharp 2 weeks ago

    Go back to the freddy •exe seed

  • Talitha Vivia 2 weeks ago

    Jukebox? You need a diamond

  • Pikachu Is Here 2 weeks ago


  • TheCookieTube 2 weeks ago

    Did you say the Turd Video

  • Nonic5454 2 weeks ago

    What’s your real name

  • sony zelenka 2 weeks ago

    make a FNaF video

  • SupremeGaming 2 weeks ago

    if Dark puts a music at the middle of the video, get ready because that part is where the scariest part. ☺

  • Im_da_ kawaii_potato 2 weeks ago

    Hey dark, you haven’t done an entity 303 video in a while, I would really like it if you did another one of those!

  • Rocket The Raccoon57 Duenez 2 weeks ago

    Hello Dark. I luv the vids u post and I hope u continue the great work!

  • Andria J Bannister 2 weeks ago

    I saw it to it blended in wait it deasapeard wait mabye it drunked invisible potion

  • TSGaming0429 2 weeks ago

    Ahhhh it’s spring trap

  • I like pokemon and kittys 2 weeks ago

    Mabey the figure you saw was one of the FNAF character’s

  • Iris Tamondong 2 weeks ago

    When i saw dark corners skin i thought he was null 😆

  • Kevin Roman 2 weeks ago

    Keep an eye out for purple man or chica or bonnie or any other fnaf character

  • emojiMilesPlayzMinecraft 2 weeks ago

    0_0 Why are you going from Null to Freddy?

  • Patrice Gardiner 2 weeks ago

    it was freddy run and move away fast he.s coming with his tearm

  • Christine Joie Lacap 2 weeks ago

    ⓘ ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ⓨⓔⓡ merh

  • Yugendra chincholkar 2 weeks ago

    why don’t u take new version

  • Fiona Haverty 2 weeks ago

    I tried it on my own seed and it was scarey

  • Mieadvantest Jabil 2 weeks ago

    Which skeleton and pigman form nether.I thing yo should go to the nether.

  • عرشیا افراسیابی 2 weeks ago


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