• Aiden. s world Supan 4 weeks ago

    Dan. what. is. the. new. video

  • Benjamin Thompson 4 weeks ago

    Yesssss Minecraft misadventures is back 😁😁

  • Matteo Valera 4 weeks ago

    Pls. add the intro theme DAN! For #4.

  • Ayoush Smith 4 weeks ago

    I love this series so far, and also great parkour

  • Coolmonkey666/ coolCoolermonkey13 4 weeks ago

    where is the theme song?

  • The dragon storm 123 4 weeks ago

    Dan I will help you

  • jace the brutal warrior 4 weeks ago


  • Woodster605 4 weeks ago

    I didn’t even know he had done 2 episodes so I’ll go back and watch them

  • King Thunder 4 weeks ago

    Dan we are the watchers we always watch you you have over 16 million watchers

  • Potot Handsome 4 weeks ago

    Dan remove webcam for realistic gameplay

  • Tayla Gentle 4 weeks ago

    Im now terrified… (Im the scared on in my family 😨)

  • Louiza Paspali 4 weeks ago

    dan how can u remember this there is been 3 years!

  • GirlDreamy365 4 weeks ago

    His voice is so low in the previous video

  • GirlDreamy365 4 weeks ago

    The one that he is watching

  • Uzo Edozie 4 weeks ago

    when is dantdm going to make another episode?

  • Urh Zajec 4 weeks ago

    dan play more roblox the plaza

  • potato 4 weeks ago

    I remember Craig from 3 years ago!

    hasn’t changed a bit (:

  • Jaideep Mehta 4 weeks ago

    What’s the Watcher? Someone explain

  • Jackson Greene 4 weeks ago

    i got scared

  • reece hannig 4 weeks ago

    Do more minecraft misadventures

  • Mojox 20 4 weeks ago

    were is pokemon trinity

  • ibrahim x0 4 weeks ago


  • CoolCatGamer 4 weeks ago

    *Please Collaborate with UnspeakableGaming!!!*

  • Squishy Sandface 4 weeks ago

    Trayaurus was having an existential crisis

  • KingMC_YT Mcpe 4 weeks ago

    That’s so cool

  • Can I get a Hey yah 4 weeks ago

    Your so sad

  • Nital Mahajan 4 weeks ago

    Just make Minecraft misadventures 4 right now I am too excited

  • That guy who lives down the street You know him 4 weeks ago

    What up how’s everybody doing have a great day

  • James Buksh 4 weeks ago

    Dan is the best of the most of my favorite part of the day

  • wwe fan 123 the legend 4 weeks ago

    This is not in the playlist

  • MGSVT 4 weeks ago

    Where is the INTRO!?

  • simone McLean 4 weeks ago

    Nice great show

  • WHITEST BLIZZARD 4 weeks ago

    I hope the watcher won’t harm all of you please make more i love you’re videos

  • Totally Liam ! 4 weeks ago


  • Masterov Gaming Channel 4 weeks ago

    Dan has changed in a good way

  • Light Switch 4 weeks ago

    I’m watching you Wazowski. always watching…

  • Tayla Gentle 4 weeks ago

    But hey Dan you should do a neko atsume series (Neko Atsume is a cute cat game 😻 and for ur phone)

  • Remi Szatkowski 4 weeks ago

    where is number 2?

  • Reynard Noel 4 weeks ago


  • CookieCrumbler454 4 weeks ago

    I am sick with a 104 tempature and I’m watching this video to take my mind off my sickness.

  • Harry020 lol 4 weeks ago


  • peter paul villafuerte sanvicente 4 weeks ago

    i dare you to play dan the man

  • shadowhunter 198 4 weeks ago

    Why didnt dan add the opening theme thing?

  • Lego Stop Motion Guy 4 weeks ago

    Who’s the Watcher?

  • Watda wat 4 weeks ago

    dan your outro song is amazing

  • Ottobrino Bros! 4 weeks ago

    Dan please keep doing this series its so cool!

  • Armo Laanemäe 4 weeks ago

    how how did watcher get in your world dan

  • Alejandro Avinante 4 weeks ago


  • Adeel Obaid 4 weeks ago

    maybe in the final episode of this dan will fight the Watcher

  • What Ever 2.0 4 weeks ago

    The WATCHER is back Dan he will do it he will destroy mincraft and the lab

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