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  • Dami Doger 1 month ago

    Pls stream in European times, it’s always midnight for me when u stream

  • Peyton Ward 1 month ago

    H I hope you see this, but you can smelt those anvils in Megs smelter and get tons of iron for your business

  • Madeleine Nielsen 1 month ago

    H! What about #Borkbomb?:(

  • SimplyBrittanny 1 month ago

    I’m glad I’m not the only adult watching Liam just roam around a Minecraft world 😂

  • Crayer Min 1 month ago

    46:50 Is no one gonna talk about that???😂😂😂😂

  • Bret Valdez 1 month ago

    Pen ice

  • Tonberryking 98 1 month ago

    Is it a coincidence that i got an ad where the doctor was asking for a scalpel?? (i skipped as soon as the option was available)

  • salma hassan 1 month ago

    Do you act like the chat is your date and the stream is the place you have your date because your single???? Jk ily but is this true?? You got the big stick from a chance cube

  • Liam Keomoungkhoun 1 month ago

    H should marry Megan

  • Dat_CookieQueen_Mika 1 month ago

    I think you should Marry graser just so u won’t be lonely and sometimes follow him into the secret layer. Also ILYSM HBOMB YOUR AWESOME. PLEASE DO LOTS MORE STREAMS BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING. ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ

  • ThelifeofLauren 1 month ago

    H the kinder egg you got was an actual kinder egg called a kinder joy. They are not a knock off just a different type of egg they do.

  • Kaiting Li 1 month ago

    Why can’t I make it on time

  • LD Pokemongo 1 month ago

    I was asleep because today is a school day.

  • Green Lightening 1 month ago

    i loooove those streams. i normally dont watch them live but i still love them !!

  • Anne-Marije Panda 1 month ago

    Hello, CHAT. I need to stop saying this all the time..

  • Autumnsuckatlife 1 month ago

    I missed the stream because I was watching Supernatural. Whoops lmao

  • roei michael 1 month ago



    I can’t believe H threw away a stack of chance cubes

  • Jennifer Powell 1 month ago


  • Francisco Alvarez 1 month ago

    Liam if graser and the others ever attack you talk with Meg and shubble and attack graser and sigils and you Meg and shubble should all have sailor moon wands!!

  • Kaido Q 1 month ago

    How about we are called “the disappointments

  • Rainbow75888 1 month ago

    What’s funny is that I’m on shark week

  • Magic Dogs 1 month ago

    Make a texture pack with diamonds as dollar bills so that can be your currency like so H can see ps love you H xxx

  • Dragonrider49 1 month ago

    H where does the h come from in Hbomb94 plz answer i need answers

  • ethan stott 1 month ago

    Hi HBomb, this is Ethanwillow. I am a fan of your channel and the crews and I want you to know that for the love of god do not let graser be a mayor of the avenue. He is not fit to be a leader and I support you and Shelby and the others running against him.

  • super_connor 1 month ago

    h no offence butt no wonder why link’s face is deformed cause u keep on hitting him in the face with his toy’s

  • SaphireGem 76 1 month ago

    Thanks for ruining my day, H.

    Ps: I’m not as think as you drunk I am

    Pps: I like that shark’s scalp

    Ppps: You actually made my day better


  • Evy Squigglehopper 1 month ago

    I get all A+

  • I was so prepared… And I missed it… 😭

  • PokePugx 1 month ago

    Always missing streams and rewatching later like a weenie, man! It’s just as well, I’d be wanting to donate the entire time and I’m too poor for that 😂 love watching you because of how down to earth you are! I’m always telling my fiancé you’d be such an awesome friend. Happy days H!

  • Wednesday Gamer 364 1 month ago

    20 hours late!

  • Catherine Edwards 1 month ago

    That girl ” I start school tomorrow ” girl I started school yesterday and I’m in senior school.

  • Ally Mac 1 month ago


    Edit: it’s his name upside down

  • Wednesday Gamer 364 1 month ago

    35:26, OH JESUS CHRIST

  • Sadya Barber 1 month ago

    Heyyyyy H-bomb

  • LD Pokemongo 1 month ago

    Yes we all love you!

  • JasminePeak 1 month ago

    H if u break the signal to Piston you’ll probably find the access to the mafia base….

  • Lil_fish13 1 month ago


  • Crazy Capin 1 month ago

    You have to break blocks to get in its in jestans video

  • Ayla Perez 1 month ago

    i’m so happy he read my comment. I said the comment Love you ya birch in the chat. liam if you read this then you made my day <3

  • MJAN Rowe 1 month ago

    H if you see this please tell me if you play magic the gathering or dungeons and dragons because I love them. I also found out that I am a nerd and geek 😊

  • - Blaze_44 - 1 month ago

    Liam, it turns out that you do have to break into the Mafia base. Graser posted a video where he had to break the wood to get into it. It’s where the pistons are. You are supposed to break into there.

  • Alex Miller 1 month ago

    H, you should build a giant stuffed creeper on or around Andrew’s house as a retaliation prank! Also, love you and your vids! <3

  • uniy 90 1 month ago

    i saw kinder eggs at my walmart and i live in american

  • FideliaNerina 1 month ago

    The kinder egg you got is the one that is legal in America. You can’t find the actual egg one in America. I will get you some when I visit Italy since I have a layover in London 🙂

  • Ellie Vogel 1 month ago

    Wait did i miss somthing…what does shark mean?

  • fezlsezl 17 1 month ago

    ugandan knuckle heads

  • Barry lee 1 month ago

    u have bad handwriting

  • Kamila Gonzalez 1 month ago

    H when you said you are not a home wrecker about Shelby you admitted she has a boyfriend did anyone catch that

  • Jeff T Kai 1 month ago


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