• Ryan Lin 1 month ago

    T we t h

  • Lord of legends Alhanawi 1 month ago


  • Jake LeForce 1 month ago

    Holy crap 666 likes lol

  • Gamer Ree 1 month ago

    Plz do 3 floors

  • Joshua Fields24 1 month ago


  • Mikhail Budis 1 month ago

    Hello jerome

  • Adam Kable 1 month ago


  • Umbra Ophidian 1 month ago

    I don’t really watch you anymore since I was a small child but someone said you died so I had to come and check on you I’ll be on my way

  • Jackson Smethie 1 month ago

    please do more of these and you should do a modded battle dome with the obsidian at the end of a maze

  • mrflippers12 1 month ago


  • dallas S 1 month ago

    Hey Jerome I’m watching your video with a tornado storm 5 miles away super fun☺

  • Braden Cosier 1 month ago

    I haven’t finished watching. But in the time waster section you should have just left the end end open so that they continue going in circles for a while before realising they aren’t making progress

  • Enzo Balagtas 1 month ago

    next time they should make a quadrant with Just Parkour But they have to Parkour in the maze one Wrong turn Is Pretty Much Your Dead And Put the spawnpoint on the quadrant and make it glass Parkour its Pretty Nasty Idea Put ehh Your with ben

  • Firewizard king 1 month ago

    steve is the only one that did anything in the maze

  • Firewizard king 1 month ago

    you gies are jerks

  • MrFriedchicken 1 month ago


  • ouhy phor 1 month ago

    Place down command blocks everywhere to a random command block with random things like potions, teleporting, killed by mobs, and(No teleporting anywhere) and in the middle of the last quadrant teleport you to the gold and they will get crazy and a waste of time

  • ouhy phor 1 month ago

    For a minigame

  • mighty militia 1 month ago

    Finlly yes moded maze trap

  • cool what about u ? 1 month ago

    I wish they didnt put a victory.area before the maze errr

  • cool what about u ? 1 month ago


  • Max Hansen 1 month ago

    “The way we play this is simple, we have 30-“ “cheating!” “Minutes on the clock.”
    So apparently the aim of the game is to cheat for 30 mins so Steve was actually succeeding at the start…😀

  • Jacobiathegreat 1 month ago

    For one of these mazes you should make it only one super easy path, but make it go like 100 blocks upwards that they have to climb and the 50 blocks the other way just to make it go back down and beneath the map to the finish line

  • FireTheMan9898 1 month ago

    battle siege please

  • Lexington cooper 1 month ago

    Ben is crazy omg

  • Lachy 219 1 month ago


  • possu poika 1335 lol 1 month ago

    I want play with you that game

  • water pumps out 1 month ago


  • Angel Del Toro 1 month ago


  • anthony yu 1 month ago

    you could shift through the ghostblocks

  • valtsu0 1 month ago

    28:35 someone make 1h vid of that laugh

  • armed kalev 1 month ago

    Pls do more

  • armed kalev 1 month ago

    Ben you are nasty

  • Tru Hackz 1 month ago


  • NATASHA THOMAS 1 month ago

    Will you every make a maze like a dungeon maze.There have a sword witch they would use to kill monsters throuught the maze. Then when they find the right path. there have invise parkour. Then at the end they would have a boss fight. To rech the end.

  • Nathan Camplisson 1 month ago

    Thay should have done one with fences and carpet

  • Will Dixon 1 month ago

    I’m glad they did it this way because they usually make it always the same just a normal standard maze

  • Zippy2707 1 month ago

    Fill the obby box in a block and then run around breaking blocks see if it works XD

  • Blueboom 4 1 month ago

    Use camoflauge blocks

  • Tokyo Ghoul 1 month ago

    Put magma blocks on the floor so they always have to crohch or they die who’s with me like if you agree

  • bazinga gamin 1 month ago

    Jerome you should put beacons inside your next maze so they can’t see

  • Zack Bossgaming 1 month ago

    NOT 19% OFF, NOT 20% OFF, BUT 20.00000001 PERCENT OFF

  • ZanderZowCow 1 month ago

    I saw this after it became a video and i died of laughter

    Jad El Zein​here: here is a joke what did the seal say to his new home he gave it a seal of approval hehehe😂😂😂

  • Parker Schuller 1 month ago

    The next one you should build a maze out of doors

  • Britton Lashley 1 month ago

    on the last quadrant put random teleport that take them to the beginning

  • potatonazi 1 month ago

    I wanna see jerome go back to a normal survival world.

  • WYATT SWEET 1 month ago


  • David Johnson 1 month ago

    How did Steve get through the second quadrant by going left, if the secret was on the right?

  • Mr_ Maadkipz 1 month ago


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