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  • JetBlast 2119 1 month ago

    My favorite was the Y-lands mod. #dipthongguy #rubberduckboy. who remembers/knows those memes from Andrews channel?

  • SuperBuilder 1 month ago

    How do you get mods with out getting viruses

  • Dave Memes 1 month ago

    Jerome u can play pixelmon generations thats pixelmon there are only more pokemon and mega’s

  • Batmancoolzx 1 month ago

    The Technic Launcher has Pixelmon Generations

  • Toxic Dolphin 1 month ago

    Favorite Mod Packs?!?!

  • Karyn Scheepers 1 month ago


  • GoldenNightcore // Nightcore 1 month ago

    Pixelmon generations..

  • Kolton Murphy 1 month ago

    ProjectE is probably one of my favorite mods ever since you guys first showed it in your videos

  • mossiejamesmoss 2004 1 month ago


  • DarkiplierThePsycho 1 month ago

    I would love to play these but i dunno how to. I have no idea how to get them.

  • Jesse's random Vids 1 month ago

    Can you pls tell me what you use to download your mods

  • Storm Oaten 1 month ago

    inverte pets

  • Death Wolf 1 month ago

    My favorite are tinkers, project E, and even tho it was the simple one i actually prefer applied energistics. Its really easy in my opinion

  • Ben Blair 1 month ago

    What about the superheroes mod

  • William Knight 1 month ago

    Rip pixlemon

  • Creativity Splash 1 month ago

    XD that was one of the BEST enchantments in vanilla! lol

  • Spunge 1 month ago

    jerome pixelmon DARK SEARCH IT UP!

  • Viperz 1 month ago

    Yeah Jerome their is still pixelmon dark or up i have it downloaded and I’m downloading updates etc it’s going great

  • thelderpotato 1 month ago

    You should do you top ten favorite lucky blocks

  • Faze_UP5 1 month ago

    I still like AE2, and applied energistics more than the new one

  • Eternal Time 1 month ago

    Can you make a tutorial for how to install any mod(an actually good one) please?

  • Maarten Philips 1 month ago

    Project e

  • Alexander Elderhorst 1 month ago

    guys if you wanna download pixelmon even though you can’t you can get pixelmon reborn or my preferred pixelmon generations (which is pixelmon dark but they renamed it) It has more megas and alolan forms

  • Joelifer 1 month ago

    The menorah one should work

  • Ramesh Kumar 28 1 month ago


  • Dark Core 1 month ago

    Pixelmon on technic launcher tho

  • SKEL3T0N ._. 1 month ago

    7:02 Minecraft has recipes now

  • Alexander Elderhorst 1 month ago

    I think I’m coming down with a cold myself 🙁 sick=bad

  • TheRedDeads 1 month ago

    I think some tech mod should be in this:
    Thermal expansion and addon to the mod
    Drawers mod
    Actually Addition (not fully a tech mod but its a good one)
    Applied Energistics
    Chisel and Bits for building
    And Draconic Evolution

  • Alexander Elderhorst 1 month ago

    as Jerome says that enchant is meh I think wow. Mending is an enchantment only obtainable from creative or in loot chests in vanilla minecraft and it’s really good for an elytra.

  • Nicoreedo 1 month ago

    Hey atlauncher has pixel mon

  • Cady Leighty 1 month ago

    What’s the best website to look for mods or even find these mods?

  • pranav sagar 1 month ago

    Jeromeasf what about pixelmon dark or pixelmon reborn is it not available anymore there are pokemon from gen 1 to 7 in including legendarys

  • Emerald Yoshi42 1 month ago

    OreSpawn is the best ever!!!

  • Chicckening Masters 1 month ago

    December 8 76 years since america joined ww2

  • Travminer123 1 month ago

    Infinity armor, will rek gem armor 😀

  • Remco Paardekooper 1 month ago

    Complicated mods?
    Try mods like PSI or Integrated Dynamics

  • Onno de Rooij 1 month ago


  • carlene asher 1 month ago

    why didn’t Jerome say ” WELCOME BACCA TO ANOTHER MOD SHOWCASE””

  • Meepmeep - Minecraft 1 month ago

    2,000th like 🙂 I had to

  • Dill pickles 1 month ago

    They sound like their talking at gunpoint

  • Steaming Along 1 month ago

    Thanks for making this list Jerome, I had trouble with just, finding mods to start with, so again, thank you.

  • Flame Out 1 month ago

    Jeromes invtory

  • max wolf 1 month ago

    Can you please give us the download links for the mods. 1.12.2

  • The cool dude Joyner 1 month ago

    Welcome back to another mod showcase!

  • Gizmo 1 month ago

    Jerome, on technic, look up the pixelspark modpack. It is literally a still updating version of pixelmon, with mega pokemon, and some Alolan Pokemon too

  • Meepmeep - Minecraft 1 month ago

    Anyone know the name of the mod that was the dulled down version of Applied energistics?

  • cassieacr 1 month ago

    Love mod packs <3

  • Happy Star 1 month ago

    Jerome in the tekkit launcher there is pixilmon

  • Joe Gebrael 1 month ago

    Can still get pixelmon

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