• Katie Fogle 2 weeks ago

    Weres ep 6

  • ROBOT39B YouTube Channel 2 weeks ago

    No words but LOL

  • The Oddman 2 weeks ago

    I’m pretty sure that wasn’t ash

  • Angela Jung 2 weeks ago

    I ship them

  • Mr Zavala 2 weeks ago

    this is my favorite on here

  • Johnzombi 2 weeks ago

    1:03 yes aviator! that is how you take a test! good job!

  • Johnzombi 2 weeks ago

    i kinda wish they would at least try to make this a little more realistic and not so cheesy

  • Elite Gamers 2 weeks ago

    Who else is screaming ship

  • The Flute Guy 2 weeks ago

    Ryan can you confirm for everyone in the comment section that you and Ash aren’t dating irl

  • Josiah Deris 2 weeks ago


  • ExoticDjcat789 - Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Ryan ♡ Ash

  • Kitty _Lps 2 weeks ago

    MORE SCHOOL PLEASSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! And who ships Ash and Ryan? Cause… I do!!

  • Xiong Fei 2 weeks ago

    can somebody tell me what was ash saying when she complimenting ryan’s eyes?

  • TQKF88 2 weeks ago

    It’s Pythagorean as in Pie-thagoreum

  • jun jan 2 weeks ago

    Pythagoream Theorm: the sum of the squares equal to the two sides of the right triangle is equal to the squares of the hypotenuse……..idk why i said that but i think its correct

  • MadisonIsAsm7374 2 weeks ago

    Why don’t you add more extras in the hallway like you do in the classroom

  • Ralph Blogs 2 weeks ago

    Love you’re vids

  • 2Typical4u Mo053. 2 weeks ago

    Is ash Russian no offence

  • Maricar Espenilla 2 weeks ago


  • Luv2shootarrows Gaming 2 weeks ago

    #Rash ship name! (Il work on it)

  • Smaro Karageorgou 2 weeks ago


  • Tasha the Tiger 2 weeks ago

    The way that mark said that to Ryan is an obvious shout that he has a crush on her instead 🤔🤔🤔

  • The VENTURER Gaming 2 weeks ago

    they are going on a date on ther favourite rocket ship

  • Katie Fogle 2 weeks ago


  • Nozza Gaming 2 weeks ago


  • Savage Cat Meow 2 weeks ago

    Mark looks like markiplier and burt called him markiepoo

  • 09foxcraft 90 2 weeks ago

    Ooh Ryan likes ash

  • Chained Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    I love there videos!!!!!!!!!!

  • Olipotatoe ShadowCadet 2 weeks ago


    Btw when a guy hits on me i am as clueless as Ash !!!(LOL i speak spanish) :))

  • supergnaricbros 2 weeks ago


  • Swag Life 2 weeks ago

    Ryan don’t let him put you down!!! LOVE ASH!!!!! ❤❤❤❤ FOR HOWEVER LONG YOU WANT!!!!!!

  • Aura Fireheart 2 weeks ago

    Another great episode of an awesome series

  • Sam A 2 weeks ago


  • The WoodlandFreedom Dreamers 2 weeks ago

    I don’t think Ash understands how Ryan likes her, but she likes him to, 😅 no offense to anyone.
    She’s like Oh.. I love friends!
    But I ship them anyways, the perfect couple.. ❤️
    I think Mark likes her, that’s why he’s like NO SHE WONT DATE ANYONE,

  • Raptor 124 2 weeks ago

    I ship ash and ryan

  • MDog Ace 2 weeks ago

    Friendship and bonding yeah no

  • savage kay 2 weeks ago

    Bro im Zach/Ryan in a test 😂

  • savage kay 2 weeks ago

    Burt is amazing the answer to life is 4 and circle

  • zolder 12 2 weeks ago

    The guy with glasses sounds like someone off of Minecraft life by ryan

  • Summer Sunshine 2 weeks ago

    No regrets YOLO XD

  • G .shailaja Rao 2 weeks ago

    I want you see more UHC plzzzzzz

  • Dilek Gürkan 2 weeks ago


  • Jezza 4o3 2 weeks ago

    When you put a comment in but no one cares, like if you agree

  • Brian Jones 2 weeks ago

    mark is slade from minecraft life

  • Dak Stewart Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    Haha coo,yes I l uidmrolepkay with ask,tneh ,rprope dummies nice write dsw dolcmbye x diwicge

  • Dak Stewart Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    Koom at the flwseromall the proper dummies in it cool xd WO dywhwh nice Burt wish sinmw y wndhrem

  • Proper Idiots 2 weeks ago


  • The Big Bad Gamers 2 weeks ago


  • Quirina Barron 2 weeks ago

    I like how Ash and Ryan just laying down

  • Neneth Paborada 2 weeks ago

    make episode. 5

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