Welcome back to the Live adventures of Pixelmon Island Season 2! (if


  • Lachlan 2 weeks ago

    Sorry about the abrupt ending, my computer died mid outro 🙁

  • KitKatGamer3000 2 weeks ago

    Build in a ocean or a snow could be cool

  • KitKatGamer3000 2 weeks ago

    Or at that lake in 11:38

  • James Rawcliffe 2 weeks ago

    good luck man hope u find one eevee

  • Sarah McGregor 2 weeks ago

    I recommend go where eevee spawns in birch

  • CamiBearMCPE 2 weeks ago

    Snow Biome

  • Tyler Kuo 2 weeks ago

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  • James Rawcliffe 2 weeks ago

    u guys are AMAZING BROS!! I LOVE U GUY7S!!!

  • Infernioz 2 weeks ago

    More Australian accent 🤣👌

  • Benedict Teodoro 2 weeks ago

    You missed a pokeloot when you were on the high cliff

  • Jack Heywood 2 weeks ago


  • Amanda Fitzsimmons 2 weeks ago

    Stop with pocomon go

  • Jacob Unsworth 2 weeks ago

    I love your vids

  • 蔡志高 2 weeks ago

    mesa in the moutain

  • travis firebaugh 2 weeks ago


  • travis firebaugh 2 weeks ago


  • travis firebaugh 2 weeks ago


  • travis firebaugh 2 weeks ago

    me layton

  • travis firebaugh 2 weeks ago


  • travis firebaugh 2 weeks ago


  • Anthony Mazzenga 2 weeks ago

    6 hr evvee Hunt !! many red bulls

  • KRAZY _22 2 weeks ago

    Build your house in a roofed forest

  • LawFul 512 2 weeks ago

    Will u play overwatch

  • Kodiac 2004 2 weeks ago

    Who here has been watching Lachlan since pixelmon island season 1?

  • Team Blue Flare 2 weeks ago

    6 hour eve hunt

  • Laura Ayala 2 weeks ago

    at 1.09.35 look how big that rapidash is boi how!!??!!

  • Chris Wood 2 weeks ago

    Blind blind Lachlan they’re in the apricorn chest

  • Chris Wood 2 weeks ago

    Stop wasting balls on abra

  • Sarah McGregor 2 weeks ago

    Eevee is so cure

  • Sarah McGregor 2 weeks ago

    Cute I ment

  • Mimejr98 2 weeks ago

    Lachlan boy I don’t know if you will be seeing this but I just want to thank you for being a key player in calming me down today. With all the nonsense going on over here just having a nice chill session of pixelmon is a good way to relax. Just want to say thanks you kept me calm and making me laugh.

  • wiva craft 2 weeks ago

    2 eves at 27:05

  • bobthEgreat 1111 2 weeks ago

    Vic’s on number 13-14

  • Rami Dandan 2 weeks ago

    Put ice fang, fire fang, thunder fang and ??? fang

  • Survival Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Go to Sydney I live in the blue mountains that is right next to sydney

  • DALLIN WIDOWSKI 2 weeks ago

    Home in extreme hills

  • Brock1412 2 weeks ago

    Extreme hills or desert because there not as laggy

  • Dylan McDonald 2 weeks ago

    move to birch forest

  • Jack Howley 2 weeks ago

    Put new house in mesa

  • Gamer Groot 2 weeks ago

    Can you get sylvion in pixelmon ?????

  • Hernan Torres 2 weeks ago

    sub if you saw the Vidio and not the live stream

  • El Snivy 2 weeks ago

    12 hr eveeeeeee hnt

  • Get quick and timer balls so if they break you still have a better chance

  • Bryce IsLit 2 weeks ago

    Master Ball Loot 35:14

  • Hunter Thorvaldson 2 weeks ago

    35:13 :'(

  • pepper 2015 2 weeks ago

    When u watch this instead of doing homework

  • James Thomason 2 weeks ago

    Don’t move to a new biome. The frames might be a little worse for you but they are okay for us

  • AusCraft 2 weeks ago

    24:57 misses grotto, lol

  • TheGmaster123 2 weeks ago


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