Welcome back to the live Pixelmon Island Adventure of Season 2


  • Pratik Patel 6 days ago

    Add quickAttack

  • Ahmed Naqvi 6 days ago


  • MasteredByPAOLO MBP 6 days ago

    You look so cool

  • RandomChild69 6 days ago

    Use donphan or steelix

  • Galaxy-tri-force 6 days ago

    What about a mega

  • WonderfulDGlorious -Minecraft, and other 6 days ago

    where is Ark pokemon Lachlan #boybemissing

  • Edward Buckley 6 days ago

    You need to get armour to make yourself one of the teams

  • trexx 123 6 days ago

    Get kingdra its so so good

  • Umbreonisawsome 6 days ago

    I would say get a new Skarmory for sturdy so you don’t get one hit

  • chansey is a special defence wall not physical and chansey eviolite is better
    The ivs you want are sp defence, hp and defence
    You want max ev in hp and sp defence and put the rest into physical defence

  • DaGamingSniper 6 days ago

    Go to ur pc u have a shiny mareep

  • jamesr50 6 days ago

    Awesome enjoying the pixelmon island ✌🏻

  • Harvey Jagger 6 days ago

    use chansey eviolite as assault vest does nothing for you cos they will just abuse ur weak defense

  • Fahimul Islam 6 days ago

    doubt you’ll see this but GET A MEGA AERODACTYL

  • ye bad 6 days ago

    Get rid of arodactol

  • Arcanines are lit 6 days ago

    Skarmory-Impish Nature makes good wall, moveset-spikes, toxic, roost,

    Espeon- Timid nature for speed it modest fir special attack
    Moveset- reflect, light screen, physic, baton pass

    Skarmory and Espeon are for set up

    Cloyster- Naive nature
    Moveset- Ice spear, shell smash, Hydro Pump, Ice shard

    Good thing about naive is it doesn’t keep cloyster physical or special attacking so you can have both types if moves on him

    Sneasel- Jolly nature
    Moveset- Pursuit, Ice Punch, foul play, ice shard

    Houndoom- Adamant
    Moveset- Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Crunch, Pursuit

    Moveset- Foul Play/Moonlight, Toxic, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse or Physic
    Shell bell/leftovers

    Hope this helps have been a fan since before 500k!

  • OmarMaster22 6 days ago

    where is arkmon

  • Julien Dolan 6 days ago

    Anyone know if there is a way to download pixelmon anymore?

  • Shafeen Syed 6 days ago

    Take your pc

  • Timelord Guardian 6 days ago

    Dont put speed evs on skarmory put deffense and sp deffence he wony putspeed SHIT

  • Drew Burz 6 days ago

    Why don’t you get Rain Dance on a water pokemon and give sparks thunder? Thunder will never miss if its raining.

  • Edgar Watson 6 days ago

    do not keep spoonz keep Rk9

  • Wray Schultz 6 days ago

    Does anyone know where I can find this mod he is using? Thanks!

  • Snoweh 6 days ago

    You need to keep dragonite he is sooo good he just dances all night

  • Pratik Patel 6 days ago

    Kingdra kingdra kingdra kingdra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Hagler 6 days ago

    Shout out to my for lache

  • Tart Tank 6 days ago


  • Tart Tank 6 days ago


  • Marvin Jones 6 days ago

    If someone uses a Mareep put out Jolteon because of his ability

  • Sanemi Nair 6 days ago

    did something happen between jerome and lachlan?

  • Ste Dooley 6 days ago

    Water pledge is a double battle move if one of your Pokémon uses water pledge and the other uses fire pledge that’s when it does the rainbow attack

  • Flux 6 days ago

    Don’t sell aero

  • Flux 6 days ago

    Sparks unless shadow ball and signal beam or better sparks

  • Ioan Williams 6 days ago

    Sorry to have to ask but wtf is a crane game

  • Mads Lersey 6 days ago

    Get the chansey use it

  • OliverOP 6 days ago

    Do a mega tournement
    You can have 6 Megas but only have 1 Pokemon in team and you battle it out with Megas

  • COC Gaming 6 days ago

    Make a full eevee team

  • COC Gaming 6 days ago

    That should be fun

  • Kari W 6 days ago

    Get rid of spoons

  • H. D 6 days ago

    Lachlan you might have missed a shiny Kadabra in the episode titled FINALLY! across the river at around 13:37

  • DiegoIsHere 6 days ago

    Little did Lachlan know that earlier in the episode he killed a LV 52 pupitar

  • Yeee Yeeet 6 days ago

    Get rid of Spoonz

  • Joshua Johnston 6 days ago

    if you want to be a jag use umbreon with toxic, wish, protect and any move you need

  • Em Cee 6 days ago

    get rid of Sparkz hes not even that good just think about it

  • Hamster God 6 days ago

    Rip puff

  • Joshua Lee 6 days ago

    You and Ali double battle team?

  • Felix Martin 6 days ago

    Lachlan, did you know that the catch rate multiplier is 2.5 for sleeping pokemons? (versus 1.5 only for paralysis) It’s stronger than the difference between Pokeballs and Ultraballs (2x only). You not using any status condition hinders your catch potential a lot. After a little maths, putting Scyther to sleep on a quarter life left would have taken your catch rate from 65% to 82% !

  • jackal Jones 6 days ago

    Misd shiny golduck

  • willoughby addison 6 days ago

    for maril. use sleep talk rest belly drum and play rough/waterfall. if you get a belly drum of and a rest that’s gg.

  • Emile Van Reijsen 6 days ago

    Would love a double battle tournament

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