• Logdotzip 3 weeks ago

    Happy Easter and Happy April Fool’s Day!
    Let me know which section of the video you liked most about all the different April Fool’s jokes! 😀

  • chicken chicken 2 weeks ago

    wait did super secret settings get removed i did not even notice xD

  • Deniz Mustafa 2 weeks ago


  • Albin9000 2 weeks ago

    Awe I was excited for the oldest april fools and the controversy

  • Reshirom200 2 weeks ago

    Super NES… Really boi

  • Reshirom200 2 weeks ago

    kind of reminds me of those really bad tex paks made by a 5 year old

  • Stryke Buizel 2 weeks ago

    Fucin genwunner

  • doctorspice 2 weeks ago

    Eh we’re used to the YouTube compression

  • Southern Acrobat 2 weeks ago

    I love how they said “hooray !!! We can all retire !!!!” Lol

  • Cinqiz Cebrailov 2 weeks ago

    Dude, THANKS sooo much…I literaly thought its a glitch

  • Samoxide Jensen 2 weeks ago

    Looks like a game boy colour

  • Cinqiz Cebrailov 2 weeks ago


  • Braden Lorig 2 weeks ago

    Keep it at 360

  • ChaosPxl 2 weeks ago

    I want this to be real ;-;

  • JessW1985 2 weeks ago

    Who knows where the flag button is?

  • theshoutingfox 2 weeks ago

    To be honest I actually liked the April fools textures.
    They were easy on the eyes

  • Ooky Lukey 2 weeks ago


  • Andrew 2 weeks ago

    ot looks like bits from super secret settings, but not blurry, just color change

  • Megan Slater 2 weeks ago

    This hurts my eyes but luckily when I decided to play Minecraft for 3 hours last week I have just started a new texture pack so I had a copy of the original so I didn’t have to look at it

  • Genji 2 weeks ago


  • 48shepdog 2 weeks ago

    Who is watching this on Apr 7, whatever year?

  • Harry Scooby 2 weeks ago

    There was a controversy about the April fools update on Twitter

  • Super Luigi 2 weeks ago

    i love this! nostalgia: 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • SuperCool_Saiyan 2 weeks ago

    I like no face cam every so often it just adds a little mix to the videos

  • SirComet 2 weeks ago

    my Minecraft did not get this texture pack

  • Justinb535 2 weeks ago

    it looks like minicraft

  • Cinnamongamer 2 weeks ago

    oh god the textures are so saturated that it hurts

  • Roberto Damain 2 weeks ago

    this happen to me and i was trying to much to get rid of it and i was getting so mad but now that i watched this video i know why that happened

  • PrimePikachu 2 weeks ago

    Minecraft 2.0

  • ISAAC TILLINGHAST 2 weeks ago

    I think that the texture pack is kind of ugly in a way but u can see mire textures on items and blocks

  • Caleb H 2 weeks ago

    i got that and i though my graphics card was dying, i didn’t even download any packs

  • Ghost Chris 2 weeks ago

    April 1st is my birthday

  • Harmen TV 2 weeks ago

    10:11 for any of you who watch Fluffy the comedian doesn’t that voice sound so much like his girl impression XD like if you agree

  • ZeGamingCuber 2 weeks ago

    Happy belated April Fools.

    read more

  • XGamer XGamer 2 weeks ago

    the other signs were a JOKE Well I don’t think it’s very funny

  • Bronwyn Close 2 weeks ago

    D: I dunno how I didn’t remember April Fools… That’s probably why I didn’t think the new texture pack was a joke x’3

  • dakas Shadow 2 weeks ago

    I got april fools on minecraft and i tought its glitch

  • Bobby Chlebanowski 2 weeks ago

    i like the new texture pack

  • zappo9000 2 weeks ago

    ok i dont really like how you talk but i agree with you

  • Duckie Pencil 2 weeks ago

    The golds block has a smiley face 😀

  • SiameseHeart RAM 2 weeks ago

    I hate the new texture XC

  • Annabelle mckee 2 weeks ago

    omg i thought that something was wrong when i played minecraft

  • rayHunter 4 2 weeks ago


  • Awsome Cat 2 weeks ago

    Tyler I hated this video

  • Awsome Cat 2 weeks ago

    Just joking happy April Fool’s Day

  • Some Mightyena 2 weeks ago

    i hope they keep this texture pack around, i actually really like how it looks.
    but, i use the fan-maintained oCd texture pack so i like more simplistic stuff.

  • CosplayMemories14 2 weeks ago

    it almost reminds me of a Packard Bell computers gaming graphics…. from 95′ lol….

  • Jari Sipilainen 2 weeks ago

    april fool or not did you buy another minecraft version with + something. becouse your came look ugly now LOL. i did notice game loaded some images, and then game looked ugly. i had no clue bout april fool day lol, but this is how big brother control you. it can make your allready buyed game unplayable or even stop it playing anymore. what you say about that?

  • GalliRaptor 303 2 weeks ago

    you didn’t see the gold ingot.. it is green…

  • Christians Super Channel 2 weeks ago

    How Do You Get This As A Texture Pack?

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