• Silentdagger Gaming 2 weeks ago

    play the classic tnt wars by making a tnt cannon with no mods

  • Carter McReynolds 2 weeks ago

    My name isCarter

  • xpvolcanion 125 2 weeks ago

    Why. Did. I. Not. Get. Notified. R U SIRIUS!?!?!?!?!?

  • Anonymous Hacker 2 weeks ago

    Does jerome know that he will profit more if he uses focuses

  • mitch burrows 2 weeks ago

    @JeromeASF you should add custom ores into the mix (fixing the emc value obviously)

  • Callum W 2 weeks ago

    Jerome, it would be £5 and 10p not 10 cent. We don’t have cents in the uk lol

  • Little Art Productions 2 weeks ago

    5 pound ten cent…

  • Caleb Hasty 2 weeks ago

    @JeromeASF I have an idea. OP Gold Rush. Instead of ores, the mines drop blocks. I suggest, if you relay this to Ben, that the prices get jacked up to accomadate for the fact you’re running with blocks of diamond and emerald.

  • Christof Hinkelman 2 weeks ago

    Hy ill take her out on date lol

  • Ugandan Knuckles 2 weeks ago

    Richest person in Minecraft wow I thought that was Donald trump

  • Anime Lover 2 weeks ago

    If Austin is the captain I’m going overboard

  • UnknownNoob 2 weeks ago

    They should of fought the NPCs a lot earlier than they did and they would of won

  • Xx twilight xX Gaming 2 weeks ago

    I have a very saw head it herts badly

  • Tristin Spiros 2 weeks ago

    Pixelmon series !!

  • supreme0807 2 weeks ago

    since when was Zeus a Norse god…

  • afreh marreh 2 weeks ago

    Can I get 10 likes it’s my birthday please 🎁:)

  • SmartDummy 2 weeks ago

    I like 3v3 better

  • EnderReaper236 EnderReaper236 2 weeks ago

    So if 1 diamond =8000 emc then wy is a diamond leggings is 16000 emc diamond leggings is made from 7 diamond like what then diamond leggings is not allot of emc do i have a point

  • Chewydrake 355 2 weeks ago

    Jerry you are nearing 5mil subs are you going to do a video on it

  • Kirkwood Hockey 19 2 weeks ago

    My dog is named Thor!!!

  • Brent Shockley 2 weeks ago


  • S801gaming 2 weeks ago

    Buy my merch: http://www.JeromeASF.com

  • Joash Gavyn Lim 2 weeks ago

    im di captin now

  • Aren Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    They should do this but instead of playing just build a reactor with yellowite and graphite

  • Earth Destroyer 2 weeks ago

    Your gold run episodes are awesome. Keep up the good work Jerry

  • Kaylyn Harper 2 weeks ago

    The ss boo hoo Alex

  • Andre Perkins 2 weeks ago

    Play more of this

  • Andrew Chhy 2 weeks ago

    OMG!!! It’s DADSHA

  • Tomorrow Gamer1.0 2 weeks ago


  • Moist Mustard 2 weeks ago

    My names alan 😞🔫

  • Mason Noe 2 weeks ago

    boosie bombers or ze booby bombs

  • Shea McCleery 2 weeks ago

    No Im the caption

  • fire gaming12 2 weeks ago

    SS bacca boat

  • mojoops 2 weeks ago

    Come on pls go kill the bosses or like steal or something or you won’t get ahead of them

  • Janice Shaffer 2 weeks ago

    wtf is this jerome do mor vids wit tewty and get archeus in pixelmon he spawns in the extreme hills biome he is gen 4 or 5

  • thanh ta 2 weeks ago

    JeromeASF, can you please at more updates to the game like :
    Making a public mining area so you can mine with a PICK (Public so there Pvp)
    Add Miners to mine it for you (Don’t have too because too hard)
    Add Mining laser Guards like mobs that don’t hurt you just the other team (Or only Bean)
    Add Potions to the Store
    Add More Armor and Weapens like in your Money Wars
    And Add another buttons mine but has mobs and better prize
    Thanks for reading this 🙂

  • Logan Gerger 2 weeks ago

    No stop now

  • Me Idiot 2 weeks ago

    Colorblind butter ship

  • Me Idiot 2 weeks ago

    S.S. Asseti

  • Grant Ramos 2 weeks ago


  • Reno Vantorre 2 weeks ago

    Maybe you can put like a hammer or something and that can make mine thing stuck

  • john li 2 weeks ago

    Can u add teytiy

  • Julie Siciliano 2 weeks ago

    If you put a block in place of the button would you be able infinitely click?

  • Julie Siciliano 2 weeks ago

    P.s I would the ship the SS Sailer

  • Ben Wallich 2 weeks ago


  • Isaac Bailey 2 weeks ago

    Jerome if you can add a point system you could make it so if yo die they get points and you can spend them to clire there inventory or mine

  • Vinb123 2 weeks ago

    12:29 in the uk it would be 5 pounds and 10 pence or p

  • Jaeden Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    I am the kayng

  • Simple Sir 2 weeks ago

    I am the peasant now

  • Amazing Gamer 2 weeks ago


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