Welcome back to the live Pixelmon Island Adventure of Season 2!


  • Timelord Guardian 6 months ago

    You can spawn move realearner uaing npc editor aww

  • xxPanzerxx Roblox and more 6 months ago

    go to spawn and talk to your mom repeatedly to get moneyyys

  • Kameron Payne 6 months ago

    how do i get pixlemon someone please help me out

  • League Of Zashy 6 months ago

    but i thought pixelmon shut down?!!

  • Chibunna Ezeoke 6 months ago

    you could try getting sky drop on skarmory, the user of the move carries the opposing pokemon into the air and drops them the next turn. during the attack neither pokemon can attack or be attacke but the pokemen will still take status damage for the 2 turns. it’ll help with toxic stalling

  • go to the mesa when gen 3 is there cuz salamance

  • coryswarmer 6 months ago

    do a lucky dip instead of crane game.. you stand outside of the pit and throw 6 masterballs and get 6 random pokemon and then pick the top 3

  • Chibunna Ezeoke 6 months ago

    you could also teach her across stone edge/rock slide for flying and fire coverage

  • Bit Dungeon II Player 6 months ago

    Who remembers when lachlan was still called craftbattleduty

  • Shawy1111 Shaw 6 months ago

    Make charcoal

  • Jishnu Appana 6 months ago

    When will gen 3 pokemon be available in their server?

  • Fahimul Islam 6 months ago


  • ye bad 6 months ago

    Hi nubes

  • Mia Paetsch 6 months ago

    You missed shiny dough treo when you were battling a train in the desert and he had a char melon

  • ArabsCamel 6 months ago

    That little curl in your hair needs to be taken care of lachlan. I couldn’t even focus on the video.

  • Lukesbricks16 6 months ago

    Jesus organise your pc

  • Temmy9 6 months ago


  • Santa manuverz 6 months ago

    Hey lachy you should hawe a holiday in pixelmon by judt messing around with boys

  • Santa manuverz 6 months ago

    27:00 ate some bread

  • Ryan Gilroy 6 months ago

    Oi with the Kingdra use focus energy and a kings rock

  • Oby P 6 months ago

    Lachlan your louder than my alarm

  • LynchBrosStudios 6 months ago

    What did speedy do?????

  • Cas Thijssen 6 months ago

    You need to get your power thing back

  • Sertaç Derya 6 months ago

    A timid kingdra is good too.

  • Kahlen Cook 6 months ago

    Does anyone know what computer to use for pixelmon

  • Kahlen Cook 6 months ago

    And what computer are you using lachlan

  • Gangsterous Monster 6 months ago

    56:27 Vikki says that’s a boy it’s female!

  • Santa manuverz 6 months ago

    You fix evs

  • DiegoIsHere 6 months ago


  • Jmzyisbeast nice 6 months ago

    how do you get pixelmon

  • DiegoIsHere 6 months ago

    Don’t fuckle with shukle

  • ReverveTV H1Z1 6 months ago

    lachlan that hair lollll

  • Yo boy Baxton 6 months ago

    Weird its wed in Canada

  • Antonio Cortez 6 months ago

    If you can get steelix ge it with the ability sturdy

  • Aiden Cameron 6 months ago

    Mega horn on herracross op

  • Felix Martin 6 months ago

    @1:40:20 <-- Lachlan tilted =D

  • ILIKECHOCOLATEPIEmmm 6 months ago

    Kenny left the server because he missed tourney and didn’t get the useless points….Mitch quit because he’s not getting enough views…that’s pretty lame on both of them imo

  • Antonio Cortez 6 months ago

    In my opinion lachaln just level up your pokemon instead of wasting time looking for a perfect one

  • ILIKECHOCOLATEPIEmmm 6 months ago

    Speedy did not use 10 masterballs….your chat is just full of morons

  • Gordon Lou 6 months ago

    By Sunday do you mean Sunday in Australia or Sunday in America

  • Kait Von Blücher 6 months ago

    1:52:04 he shows has a notification about his channel and the only way to get that is to be subbed to his channel, and he’s said in one of his tour videos he has his channel on his computer and not his phone, BTW who doesn’t sub to their own channel when they start out so fair enough but just a little observation.

  • Stephen Lim 6 months ago

    Lachlan get a pigeot with high attack,speed(of course) and has a move fly from HM and maybe high HP

  • Amanda Robitaille 6 months ago


  • 22146ek 6 months ago

    STUN SPORE omg… Just use stun spore 100% chance to hit your sleep

  • FluffyBones 6 months ago

    Lachlan the Kabutops adn Cloyster models are the same since pixelmon island S1

  • John Murphy 6 months ago

    Bring back the pokeballers server! Only server that didn’t have survival in it just adventure and the only one with that Red idea.

  • Green And Blue Fishing 6 months ago

    More crane game

  • use Skarmory!

  • Larry Riffle 6 months ago

    at 22:30 there was a wild dragonighte

  • Shadow Shadowclaw 6 months ago

    this was livestreamed on my b-day

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