• Curve Rxvrtz 6 months ago

    I would say give 5m to him to level up to 25

  • James Davies 6 months ago

    CreepersEdge – Minecraft it my birthdayyyyy

  • A Doge That Doesn't Like Jake/Logan Paul 6 months ago

    Ryan that thingy were they tweet the cord to you I wouldn’t do it as they could be enemies and the are luring you into a massive trap

  • KalleKingKong 6 months ago

    If you raid a player, gives them a item, its like a trade off! Youre still too nice to be a faction player! XD be more brutal, be a creepers edge.

  • Groofy Gota 6 months ago

    U better still upload every day

  • JazerGaming 6 months ago

    Wait so Ryan Is Wearing the Same Shirt Everyday…

    I wonder If i Visit He Stinks

  • TheRusherC 6 months ago

    witch realm is he in

  • Arcon Max 6 months ago

    Not to be rude butnits sort of abusing by giving holy nugget and enchanted charm away beacause you are giving away that other guys money thwt he gave to you and also you have enough money to pretty much buy as many charms as you want whereas not everyone has enough money. I dont really know ok i just need friends 1 like = 1 prayer

  • Matt Swan 6 months ago

    STEVE U HAVE SO MANY SUPPORTERS!!! Just ask in chat for a tp to a base anyone would wanna help u out! Ur a YouTube people will tp u to a raid for free !

  • Matt Swan 6 months ago


  • JustThemo 6 months ago

    Cedge is the best youtuber ever.

  • PaVStudios 6 months ago

    It won’t let me play on Saico I think I need to downgrade can anyone tell me how to do that

  • Loganracer98 6 months ago

    I want u to raid me lol

  • MHY-Productions 6 months ago

    Dude stop ur making people not like u STOP LEAVING STUFF AT BASES

  • Squidsfriend 6 months ago

    Ryan stop the free gifts it only gives you less stuff when you die

  • ii Turk ii 6 months ago

    Honestly who plays factions anymore

  • ProGamingSenpai 6 months ago

    We wanna see catching hackers, bring back our enjoyment of watching hackers suffer

  • EighteenCharacters 6 months ago

    Per your request, I’d like to see more about the systems in play on your server.  Witch heads to level up?  I mean.. I’m fairly young to the youtube channel.. this was never explained.

  • Justin Stanton 6 months ago


  • InfernoGaming 6 months ago

    Domt leave stuff dude its so much money i cant afford anything im not allowed to buy stuff my mom said

  • Jackson Monsey 6 months ago

    Use replay mod for nice edits on your raids

  • Huy Gamers 6 months ago

    i am Vietnamese !
    I do not understand what you say because I don’t know English But I like you because of the videos you do very well
    I can play with you ??
    I very like intro xD
    1 sub and like xD

  • Devynity Gaming 6 months ago

    14:40 he lives in End

  • benjamin womack 6 months ago

    you should start doing more givaways

  • Ducky Playz 6 months ago

    Make a hall of hackers where you put al, the hackers heads in during catching hackers

  • Retarded Content 6 months ago

    Do a pvp episode

  • REDDRAGONYT 6 months ago

    I have Somebase just msg me on discord JASONXIX#9121

  • JoshuaSA James 6 months ago

    You’ve made your base entity raideble with those item frames

  • extremer 0707 6 months ago

    CEdge can you try to win the KOTH again that was pretty awesome

  • Minecraft Gamer 6 months ago

    You are too nice, last time I understanded but now you are just too nice

  • Kitchemm Is Great 6 months ago


  • Mickjrd Rotmg 6 months ago

    You should be able to make a holy nugget for 5,000,000 chicken breasts lol

  • Kitchemm Is Great 6 months ago

    Mmmmmm I’ll take the obisidian my username is Milquey

  • Cade Adams 6 months ago

    Collab with jacksucksatlife now. That is a Command. You know we all want it

  • NeRd7733 6 months ago

    *Lalalalalalaaaalaaaaallaalalalalalaaa* I LOVE IT!

  • RedW0lfStone Gaming 6 months ago

    My base has lots of gg stuff I spent 2 days making a cac farm and spent 700K ON RANKING UP lol oops caps thair

  • Iskren Dobrev 6 months ago

    creapers edge get thhe twitch launcher and make 2 seperate modpacks basicly u can have 2 modpacks that are not instaled in ur mc folder u accan set the folder its rrly simple

  • UTAKE BIGL 6 months ago

    Could u please do a like ban reset i made a mistake a long time ago and i told a mod to kys and i really do regret it i have the veteran rank and i really love this server please i beg of u please it would really make my day and even my life as sad as that sounds but i love this server

  • Lost samurai Gaming and More 6 months ago

    i cant join the sever it says unsupported protocol what does that mean

  • Kizzza x 6 months ago

    Love it how you say you’re “rich” but have no God apples :((

  • SashaGelert 6 months ago

    “Changing mods back and forth is tedious”…. In the vanilla minecraft launcher, create multiple profiles, and for EACH, set a different game directory. like desktop/vanilla, desktop/factions, desktop/modFac, etc. each would generate with a seperate mods folder, so changing mods would only amount to re-launching MC under another profile.

  • Keinjan Geroso 6 months ago

    dude try join this server play.guilcraft.org my name is Darkxevil

  • TheParkour GT 6 months ago

    I thought this was a new channel LOL

  • Kyle Reid 6 months ago

    My favourite colour is dependant on what it’s used against. on average my favourite colour is blood red. but if it’s a vehicle like a car or motorbike, my favourite colour is matt black

  • Bridgette Granat 6 months ago

    Yes go nugetes

  • KillerPotatoZ 6 months ago

    Hi random person who reading this follows their dreams, My dream is to be a successful Youtuber! Hope you have a good day. :3

  • Zack Lilboy 6 months ago

    he really does like blue look at his shirt

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