A new episode of our Minecraft Pokemon Mod Pixelmon Island SMP!


  • Lowen Manriquez 1 month ago

    get a jolly flygon plz

  • REX HEX 1 month ago

    Leave the other masterball for mew or mewti

  • Dennis Månsson 1 month ago

    Shiny rattata 16:15

  • fady samy 1 month ago

    get metal coat for aggron get ditto and breed with mrtang or beldum make sure to check tm shop and brawlator house

  • Chase Pitts 1 month ago

    Vikk make sure if u want to catch Pokemon put them to sleep and lower their health to red

  • Per-fection 1 month ago

    Electric type pokemon are special attack so you want boosted special defense

  • Dark Lucario 1 month ago

    You can find ho-oh is in the masa

  • Albert Botros 1 month ago

    Milotic is a sp defencer it has 120 base sp defence

  • paul smith 1 month ago


  • Sparkk 1 month ago

    Miliotic sucks dont get it

  • Blue Fiery Phoenix 1 month ago

    When you misses a golden snake at 22:11 near the house

  • Raphael TWD 1 month ago


  • Rudy Sori 1 month ago


  • Muhsin 11 1 month ago

    Who am I going to watch for pixelmon island now. Vikks going to film, Lachlan is in Japan and Mitch quit

  • JonJon Gaming 1 month ago

    Blaziken is my favourite pokemon in whole wide world.

  • ImpaledOsprey88 -Minecraft 1 month ago

    Salamance probably

  • toni olufeko 1 month ago

    Shiny ekans 22:13 come on mate

  • Skull Monster 1 month ago

    Vikk plz tell us when is h5m i m dying here

  • Jake Edwards 1 month ago

    Does anyone think that the rule stating to have a legend die means u can’t have a mega is stupid

    A zapdoss base stat is 590 and a normal metagross or Salamanca is 600 so a normal Pokemon beats a legendrie

  • Sam Robinson 1 month ago

    wheres alia

  • Dries Pipeleers 1 month ago

    Get a mega blazikan

  • DarkTemperr 1 month ago

    What is the audio at the start haha

  • FusionDerk 1 month ago

    47:58 Did Vik just assume Gardevoir’s gender

  • UNI Gaming 1 month ago

    Metagross because u counter him so kill him then wreck his whole team

  • Meepsty 1 month ago

    The mic eww

  • MoFaiz493 1 month ago


  • JUST MEGA BALL THE METAGRoss you already have a legendery

  • OresameBoy TSP 1 month ago

    vikk go for aggron iron head,rock slide,iron defence,earthquake

  • Keith S 1 month ago

    Get an Infernape

  • Spazmik the Gamer 1 month ago


  • MashaGaming YT 1 month ago

    shiny at 22:10

  • Rocky Adame 1 month ago

    you have to warm it

  • PJA Cactus 1 month ago

    Vikk get breloom good gen 3 fighting good speed and attack very good against water Pokemon he is grass fighting so good replacement for herocross breloom is resistant to electric moves and people won’t expect to come up against him breloom is a Pokemon I rate highly

    His best nature is adamant or potentially jolly although I prefer adamant

    Move set

    Stone Edge: Highpower, good chance for critical hit, used to deal with Flying, Ice, and Fire types.

    Sky Uppercut: Good power, decent accuracy, can attack Pokemon using Fly, STAB.

    Seed Bomb: Good power, high accuracy, STAB.

    Spore: Puts the foe to Sleep.


    I would recommend a focus sash although you could use a life orb/ kings rock with bullet seed but don’t know which move I would recommend swapping.

    Thanks smogan😂😂😂

  • U sure?

  • MoFaiz493 1 month ago


  • Chris Geddes Music 1 month ago

    I’m glad to see that you are enjoying the music I wrote for the mod.

  • Flame Bro 1 month ago

    Why can’t u use a level ball? That’s what Pete did to catch the lengendary pokemen

  • Flame Bro 1 month ago

    U should have killed the metagross

  • Joaquin Jr Borges 1 month ago

    Vikk, when you have the time please grind your Alakazam or Zapdos do level 100, not only will it be a beast of a pokemon but it’ll also help with the success of level balls.

  • IMD THE GAMER 1 month ago

    It might be just me but this series is getting boring again , also I would looooove lucky blocks back in your channel. Plz like if you agree

  • Nishil Patel 1 month ago

    go for a absol

  • Ricardo Vizcaino 1 month ago

    vikk plz get gardevoir its super op and its good against metagross

  • ShadowBlade 1 month ago

    when Vikk needs to learn how to read chat, lmao

  • Mr Anonymous 1 month ago


  • Noah Theobald 1 month ago

    Shiny arbor at 22:17

  • Xray_534 Lester Ly 1 month ago

    wait, theres no jerome, no porygon z, no aqua doods, no admin trolling 🙁

  • ThatOneBakedMan Noice 1 month ago

    22:12 shiny arbok

  • joshua kinsbourne 1 month ago

    ECO so much ECO

  • syekin ahmad 1 month ago

    Vik why are you not playing on the new pokemon server

  • David Ashbourne 1 month ago

    Sceptile you need him with mega drain and leaf storm also focus blast and x-scissor trust me i played minecraft pixelmon and i DESTROYED everyone (except from fire types) you have water types and you don’t have a very good counter to them so i HIGHLY recommend to get a treeco and lvl him up youll get all the moves except focus blast!

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