• NewScapeDos 1 week ago

    What will Cool Cory do next? 😏

  • SansGirl2016 1 week ago


  • SkeletonGaming1352 1 week ago

    Do the third person challenge!

  • SansGirl2016 1 week ago

    7:11 was uni trying to sing “The sound of silence” ?

  • Teh Potato 1 week ago

    Oh gawd you all sound like villagers

  • Jayden Brielle Magnus 1 week ago

    Watching this while Jurassic World is on and Uni is humming the Jurassic Park theme song. 🤣

  • catnolia 333 1 week ago

    I just watched a 14 min video of 4 people humming, grunting, and groaning, what is my life

  • Angela Alfonso 1 week ago

    I have a challenge for murder mystery if you’re murder pull out your knife the whole entire time you can not hide the knife

  • Ian Jeselson 1 week ago

    I didn’t know we were listening to the sims

  • Madison Brown 1 week ago

    I guys all sound disabled😂

  • Saint_Darkgold 1 week ago

    Welcome to Villager Noise Simulator 2017

  • Dill Pickle 56 1 week ago

    That was hilarious!

  • William Nesbitt 1 week ago

    Never do a no talking challenge again

  • SaisMa Draws 1 week ago


  • SaisMa Draws 1 week ago

    itsh cool cuul kool kul cul coal cole CORYY

  • mikayla linse 1 week ago

    Do more Non-talking stuff

  • Ashley the bunny 1 week ago

    LOL oh my god it is so funny

  • MegaNebulaGalaxy 1 week ago

    #QualityCommentary XD!!

  • Hanny Teng 1 week ago

    Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool cory what will happen next Cool CORY

  • Tess M 1 week ago

    Cool video! Since you all hummed it reminded me of the sims lol

  • Sillystyle 87 1 week ago

    Nick: fxnhuhm vivocsncmnfknfmocny

    Cory: kjdhgukcdmksrcjhskxs

    Uni: kjhj skmfs mbfkjisfd

    Jon: random gibbirishhhshhhssh.

  • koopa gamer koopabros 1 week ago

    alex was hacking with the shift run

  • • NewScapeCrew9596 • 1 week ago


  • • NewScapeCrew9596 • 1 week ago


  • MyThirdNameChange 1 week ago

    Is this the new Sims?

  • Orange dot Production 1 week ago

    Sims ?

  • Ashleyleaf Blade13 1 week ago

    this was akward

  • Amazing Me 1 week ago

    plz do another one of these vids

  • Antolink 10 1 week ago

    You should do assassination with no talking

  • Potato 1 week ago

    Bri would say Cory’s *hot* not *cool* . *winkwinknudgenudgehuehuehue*

  • jacob goeders 1 week ago

    mmm mmm MMM

  • Double Domi 1 week ago

    I came for a regular video and regular Cory, but then *OH BOYO* I saw the Sunglasses and I had a fanboy moment.

  • OG Killa 1 week ago

    cory take thos thing off AHHHHHHHHHHHH you look bad today thos glasess make you look hidyis

  • Jack Carroll 1 week ago

    new intro song?

  • Ish Just Yawrii 1 week ago

    This sounds like how sims would talk. CORY IS A SIM OHMYGOD. Its COOL COOL COOL SIM CORY.

  • Matt the Gamer 1 week ago

    This sounds like a cutscene from a Lego videogame

  • jobie 101 1 week ago

    Cool Cory is smooth in Minecraft Murder 😂👌

  • Jake Smith 1 week ago

    it’s not so slim shady

  • Love NINA-CHAN 1 week ago

    hahahha they sound like SIMS

  • Info Chan 1 week ago

    Bet they can’t do the one hand playing challenge in murder mystery.

  • XDX daisy 6 days ago

    You all sound like villagers… no offense, its funny 😂😂

  • CandyEvieIsThe BEST 6 days ago

    Great conintrary

  • Richard Atkinson 6 days ago

    Where’s Ashley?

  • maria sanchez 6 days ago

    Cory do you like the idea new scapeink???? If you want another channel for bendy and the ink machine you can have that name when you actully play bendy and the ink machine like the game is supposed to be…

  • Lucas Gannotti 6 days ago

    This sounds like a villager party

  • cl0ud3 Art 6 days ago


  • Madison Johnson 6 days ago

    Is it just me or do they kind of sound like Sims?

  • Pixel Stix406 6 days ago

    7:11 Hello darkness my old friend…

  • Corbin Black 6 days ago

    This sounds like an RPG game where when the characters don’t talk they mumble

  • Mia Lugar 6 days ago

    Cory almost broke his computer it sounds like

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