• Ee Ge 2 weeks ago

    50% Lava
    50% Clickbait

  • lillian Stewart 2 weeks ago


  • GAMER LeahOMG 2 weeks ago

    Always VICTORY

  • lemseancaranogrc 2 weeks ago


  • Noel Jomari Ramos Garcia 2 weeks ago


  • Uli God of Retards 2 weeks ago

    Almost 300k views in less then 24 hours tats hardcore

  • Jamesieboy365 - Roblox 2 weeks ago

    Roses are red
    Texas is hot
    I love Preston
    So unsubfromshot

  • Noel Jomari Ramos Garcia 2 weeks ago


  • Bayli Flynn 2 weeks ago

    I had to give you a big like for the great 2 vs 1 on round three

  • Jacob ruszkowski 2 weeks ago

    this looks so weird

  • Lindsay Hammer 2 weeks ago

    Hi how’s life

  • Ema Shparthi 2 weeks ago

    Hello preton

  • Garis Brauns 2 weeks ago

    I love the videos with the droppers or bed wars do bed wars with your little brother and more hide and seek

  • mr. moose 8 2 weeks ago

    Prestone should play sky wars likw if angree👍

  • el Chycky Quintanilla 2 weeks ago

    Hi love your vids

  • tommy mcgill 2 weeks ago

    preston took the L

  • zombcon zombathoner 2 weeks ago

    Can you give a shout out to my channel

  • Matthew Surya 2 weeks ago

    Preston im blaze and creeper in my jacket you lava and creeper

  • aleksa kazymyriw 2 weeks ago


  • Garis Brauns 2 weeks ago

    Play more bedwars

  • Novtek Jenna Abao 2 weeks ago

    i was tuned in to the live stream like the live stream is almost done like what

  • MatystheGamer 2 weeks ago

    Yo sweet vid I watched through the whole thing.

  • Becky Lynds 2 weeks ago

    Is Wallstreet always on your team

  • BlueBerry Tale 2 weeks ago


  • Jessica Martin 2 weeks ago

    my name is jason and I lick your vedeyos you are good at bed wors

  • Scarlet Kim 2 weeks ago

    u suck roblox is awsome

  • Hayden Garcia 2 weeks ago

    This isn’t even live

  • WONG CHEUK HEI [6E24] 王卓禧 2 weeks ago


  • Dale Steven 2 weeks ago

    can u do F&Q a F&Q is were a youtuber answer’s his or her fan’d questins!

  • Dale Steven 2 weeks ago

    i dare you to kiss unspeakable (AKA) noob44

  • Linda Hinojos 2 weeks ago

    Hi presten

  • Dale Steven 2 weeks ago

    wach DanTDM

  • Rashid Al Badi 2 weeks ago

    It was funny when he fell from the map

  • Nataley Taylor 2 weeks ago

    preston! you are my favorite youtuber

  • Rashid Al Badi 2 weeks ago

    You are to awesome and smart
    I like your videos.

  • Tania Downer 2 weeks ago

    Hi there .Please give me a shout out

  • Estevan Martinez 2 weeks ago

    Preston you are one of the best video game players I have ever watched please keep up what your doing

  • Bunny gamer Omg 2 weeks ago

    My name is Reese but that wasn’t me lolllll

  • kcbbbwilker 2 weeks ago

    Bruh you gotta be kidding me FORTNITE

  • ALESMC_2007 2nd 2 weeks ago

    if only minecraft was free
    i just subscribed because i feel sad for myself that i dont have minecraft on my laptop

  • RosiePosie 2 weeks ago

    Why will it be deleted?

  • Jack Alpert 2 weeks ago

    i am loving all of your vids. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL is all you say thogh

  • nerp nate 2 weeks ago

    Tomorrow is my birthday : D

  • Nilesh Bobade 2 weeks ago


  • The Hooded Ranger 2 weeks ago


  • The Hooded Ranger 2 weeks ago

    you my favourite youtube keep making good videos and have fun

  • a Farhan 2 weeks ago

    Wanna hear a joke?

    Read more

  • gud guy gamer gt 2 weeks ago

    Omg hi

  • Electric_Ethan87 Gaming Legend 2 weeks ago

    Hi Preston I have been a huge fan for 2 years

  • Terxz 254 2 weeks ago

    I miss

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