• Ipsita Das 2 weeks ago

    My friend told me ask u for some robux he can’t ask because he’s parent don’t allow him to public comment soo if u give him some robux and last noodle on

  • Alexander Freyr Heimisson 2 weeks ago

    Can you plz react to Pokemon lets go trailer

  • Charmandergaming 231 2 weeks ago

    Sub to me plez

  • David Greer 2 weeks ago

    Beep Beep I’m a sheep beep beep I’m a sheep I sed beep beep I’m a sheep beep beep I’m a sheep

  • DAMIAN CLAUSEN 2 weeks ago

    U can turn auto-jump off in the controls settings 🙂

  • Makuta C 2 weeks ago

    Put a waypoint on the portal, and your base

  • play roblox plz

  • Jahsir ball bro 2 weeks ago

    Think granny have a update

  • Harrison herbsttrith 2 weeks ago

    make an obsidian pickaxe, think ps you da best youtuber

  • Makayla Battle 2 weeks ago

    OMG that was a cool adventure in the nether

  • Isaiah Landers 2 weeks ago

    Think you should play BeyBlade Rebirth on roblox like this if you agree.

  • Carrie Halverson 2 weeks ago

    Can you do bendy neighbor chapters 1 2 and 3

  • Lance LeVier 2 weeks ago

    more granneh pls .w.

  • joe tunquist 2 weeks ago

    stop playing roblox

  • Max The gamer 2 weeks ago

    Think can you play bee swarm

  • Dipsticks Had a lif. Art. 2 weeks ago

    My favorite thinknoodles vids are the 1st and last pbb (Pokemon Brick Bronze ) Cause it brings back memories

  • Lance LeVier 2 weeks ago

    did you fart?

  • Saim Chughtai 2 weeks ago

    I finally know ur age it’s


  • Ottangue Walker 2 weeks ago

    So far no YouTubers took advantage of this Minecraft sword update ……..they are still swinging like wildly like Madman no one noticed when you hit a mob you hit 3-4 mods that’s the new update Time attacks 🙁

  • joker pop 2 weeks ago

    Can you play ROBLOX dragon ball z rage

  • Andrew Cotton 2 weeks ago


  • The Edge trailer Rathmore Productions Alan Suby 2 weeks ago

    I’m waiting Justin

  • DefNot RealMateo 2 weeks ago

    Yo Think where is today’s vid? Not to be needy or anything….but I’m greedy

  • marioluigitime321 2 weeks ago

    hey think, I’m waiting for the granny and baldi!!

  • Game King 2 weeks ago

    Hey think noodles me and my friend found out a glitch in granny first in the room your in get the vase or something and drop it in the front of the bed hide there and when she gets there spam the hide unhind button and it will Sometimes make her stop moving for the rest of the game

  • Game King 2 weeks ago

    Hey if Dan tedium decides to do another Granny video tell him the same glitch

  • Game King 2 weeks ago

    What I meant to say was if Dan TDM decided to do another Granny video tell him the glitch

  • GamingWith James 2 weeks ago

    How you be a mokey

  • Nicole Richmond 2 weeks ago

    think are you and dan still friends

  • Jacob Taylor 2 weeks ago

    Play FNAF for can choice friday! And ur my favorite YouTube in the world! 🌎

  • Jacob Taylor 2 weeks ago

    Fan* not can xD

  • Fel Gaming 2 weeks ago

    There is a new game in roblox called space mining tycoon you will love this game😄😀😉🙂

  • Antiplayer 2 weeks ago

    When is think’s lab coming back

  • Ian Molina 2 weeks ago

    Last guest 3 is coming obliveuos HD sent a picture

  • Ian Molina 2 weeks ago


  • Nancy Samanie 2 weeks ago

    play bee swarm stimulator new update

  • Ihavenomicrophone 2 weeks ago


  • Genaro GUTIERREZ 2 weeks ago

    I wanna see u play more

  • Becky Bybee 2 weeks ago


  • Dex Tube 2 weeks ago

    Rename this into noodle planet season 3

  • DogeMaster 2 weeks ago

    Lol who saw the pig ma

  • Ducktron Boss 2 weeks ago

    you should play FNAF since you already know bonnie and chicas jumpscare

  • Luke White 2 weeks ago

    Oka y baldies basics

  • Game King 2 weeks ago

    OK tell Dan this if he does another Granny video to get the visas or item next to where you wake up drop it on the ground hide under the bed and when she gets in the room rapidly press up and down or hide and unhide it will sometimes glitch her out and she will stand still for the rest of the game well slightly her legs and arms are moving in mid air but she will stand still for the rest of the game

  • Harry Naun 2 weeks ago

    Think play Ori and the Blind Forest as a series or for fan choice friday it’s a fun game I played with my dad and really enjoyed it. There are so many things to do that it never gets boring!

  • carlos martinez 2 weeks ago

    Dude how can you not see the blaze spawner its un the first chest you looked in where it had the notch apple

  • Mr.Keoch 2 weeks ago

    the spawner is under the chest

  • Stephanie Lee 2 weeks ago

    S* lucky

  • Rums adada bs yo 2 weeks ago

    Hey , think , the blaze spawner is under the chest .

  • ENDER VD 2 weeks ago

    Play baldi’s basics for fan choice friday

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