• Rebeca Peralta 1 month ago

    Fanny Me dice que increíble

  • Rebeca Peralta 1 month ago

    Fanny Me dice que increíble

  • Domiku Chan 1 month ago

    Hey sorry to be rude, Itsfunneh

    But if you always play minecraft and roblox people will get bored watching you just play it sometimes again.. Sorry for being like a rude person ….

    From: Me
    For: ItsFunneh

  • Kawai Cupcake 1 month ago


  • Brianna Zavala 1 month ago

    Funneh is the best ❤️

  • A Randall 1 month ago

    Funneh iron pronounced I ern

  • Tacky Salt 1 month ago

    Ur vids SUCK

  • Ronnie Cordova 1 month ago

    Funny make more yandere High videos

  • Katy Taylor 1 month ago

    Play speed builders

  • Junicia Eugene 1 month ago

    noooo I am a pleb

  • Christopher Taylor 1 month ago

    C-c-c- an i have some bacon- NOPE- welp worth a try ( lol im on my dads yt acc i secretly subcribed hehe -_- )

  • Ant go Browley 1 month ago

    You are osum

  • NYNY NATION FLOWERS 1 month ago

    What is that cat nose

  • Ismael Gaytan 1 month ago

    Funneh 4 the bacon u should’ve put a fork

  • YourBrightLava 1 month ago

    When they showd the pig dieing in fire When I started laughing I sounded Like a dieing pig LOL

  • The pro bros !!! 1 month ago

    YAY! Funneh! Sometimes, I watch other YouTube channels and I forgot yours! I am so sorry but congratulations on 2M subscribers! Whelp I’m too late to say that x3 Well but congratulations!! 😀

  • sharlyne berse 1 month ago

    Bacon funneh

  • HeyitsZia Roblox 1 month ago

    Hi Funneh I think you see me in a bunch of twitter notifications and YouTube comments. I just wanted you to know that I am literally sick I’m not those comments who just want likes to be noticed, but I hope you see my comment because you and the krew make me laugh and smile every single day and I have to make my parents let me watch you guys even if it means I get in trouble I really really hope you see my comment
    Love your fan forever -Zia

  • Rowan Geronimo 1 month ago

    i like bacon

  • cool cool 1 month ago

    Yummy bacon i want some

  • cool cool 1 month ago

    Before I forget I was buying ur murch i love it (I love the potato socks😁😁😁😁

  • Puppy Pupples 1 month ago

    For bacon I’d make a person on ROBLOX with bacon hair

  • Kimberly Nieto 1 month ago

    funneh u always make me smile i lol your vids

  • Diana Casanova 1 month ago

    can you make more CREEPY vids i like them

  • Zoe Howard 1 month ago

    I like the third and second one funneh

  • Jennifer Melendez 1 month ago

    Lol the pig 🤣😂😅

  • Savannah Cooper 1 month ago

    win you hit 3M can you do a fase revil ple

  • Crazy Gameplayer 1 month ago

    Ask Your siblings to upload videos too plzzzz

  • Animal Adventure 1 month ago

    It’s pigabalisoim. Yup bad spelling. Nom nom

  • Christopher Santiago 1 month ago

    Hi funneh thank you for posting because I just found out that I will be queen for mayday and you made me feel very not nervous just so you know I’m on my dad’s account that is why it is Christopher

  • Yandere Perce 1 month ago

  • Levoga Booker 1 month ago

    Funneh give me a shout out your next video on roblox and I like when you say dddddddddye.

  • Rose Ventureno 1 month ago

    Funneh u should play meepcity and if u go to toys there is roller blades and skateboards even in BLUE!


    this video make me happy


    i don’t like bacon because i come from malaysia ! ;c pls don’t mad to me okay?

  • Leela 3333 1 month ago

    I like the bacon theme

  • Emily Moisoh 1 month ago

    I have a Baby sea turtle and It has claus because when i hold him He pinched me.I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOY GUYSSSSSS

  • Cat Peacelol 1 month ago

    Funneh and krew can you please krew craft

  • XxQueenOfPupsxX -LovablePups 1 month ago

    Funneh, if you were gonna do a camp, can you make
    Camp Half-Blood?


  • Rosie Mcdowell 1 month ago

    BACON BACON BACON I LOVE BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sheenah Tan 1 month ago

    Holy in the bacon theme when the player made the pig die 😱😱😱😱😱

  • rhina bee 1 month ago

    Krew please play krew and build yourself and write your name and funneh write the mayor

  • Princess May-May 1 month ago

    Funneh you sould start a volg channel

  • Princess May-May 1 month ago

    Mmmmmmmm yummy

  • Mistylive 1 month ago

    Funneh: everything’s. looking like a frog or a reptile
    Me: Ummm… a turtle is a reptile

  • Amy Manlapid 1 month ago

    Can i have some bacon

  • Isabelle T 1 month ago

    I played build battle hardcor and I had bacon

  • Just Kai 1 month ago


  • Amy Manlapid 1 month ago

    Funneh u shouldve made a baconater from yandere highschool

  • KatelynPlayz :3 1 month ago

    BACON!! If potatoes weren’t real I would be a bacon lover 😍

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