• seng lim 3 weeks ago

    🤔what about underground secret room . Would it work in your new builds

  • Shadowy Nightis 3 weeks ago

    I don’t think the building looks modern, because of the use of logs it appears more like a luxurious mansion a rich person would have to escape technology and city life, get in touch with nature of you catch my drift. Just my opinion.

  • darrell erwin 3 weeks ago

    Awesome library!

  • James Liley 3 weeks ago

    I feel like the top of the library aswell as the buttons makes it feel castle like

  • sam does starwars 3 weeks ago

    Double the corridor as an armoury

  • Coeliac Kid 3 weeks ago

    Python build a auto storage room

  • lightningCRUSH epicness10 3 weeks ago

    Awesome video bro

  • Lobsta 959 3 weeks ago

    Hey python, loving the series, i found you like 5 days ago and binged from ep1 to ep32 lol. Its really good and im loving it. I got a question for you, are you gonna have names for the industrial settlement, the mansion and the (0,0) point? Because I have some names, Iron City, Python’s Den and Origin Point.

  • Afnan Nizam 3 weeks ago

    Python ur build has too much oak logs can u change up the theme a lil bit buddy😃

  • Kiev major 3 weeks ago

    Why u not use resource pack?

  • Davi van den Berg 3 weeks ago

    Use stripped logs on the modern mansion

  • Modern?looks very rustic and old,but it still looks nice

  • The Android Crafter 3 weeks ago

    Python just saying when ep 26 came around new towns should be far away hole point of a new town.

  • RyanmcYT 2 weeks ago

    Add vines to the library

  • Aditya Sreeram 2 weeks ago

    Just and idea – What about an underground floor? It can contain some secrety stuff – Like expensive materials (although this isn’t multiplayer).. or perhaps a train station to the industrial area.

  • Jack'O Creeper 2 weeks ago

    Good job. Python! You are the best.

  • Donovan Shankle 2 weeks ago

    Fill it up

  • Rjcraft 101 2 weeks ago

    use spruce or darkoak it looks more modern

  • Kalpana Hazra 2 weeks ago

    Please use different colour code for every room

  • Kalpana Hazra 2 weeks ago

    Can you tell me your real name

  • Elliott Weiss 2 weeks ago

    You should make a gold farm in your industrial sediment and hi 🙂

  • Ultimate LifeHacker 2 weeks ago

    Hey Python, I am your fan. If you have seen other modern houses they are made out of quartz block. I think it looks better. What about you?

  • EnderKnight20 2 weeks ago

    I think you should’ve gone for a giant wide library with more bookshelves and multiple floors to it. And stop with the dang flower pots everywhere.

  • Infinite Clashing 2 weeks ago

    How did u fly with a rocket??

  • nadia rapoo 2 weeks ago

    python i think you should swap the book shelfs with emerald blocks also i am commenting at a late time i am from school

  • Wayne Johnny 2 weeks ago

    caught up on the series on 3 days

  • Ronaldo Dimaano 2 weeks ago

    Python, Adding red wools and red carpet implemented on wood (spruce-myfav or dark oak-the one you use) will make a room modern.

  • Life Of ItsLeinardPlays 2 weeks ago

    living room,bed room,bath room

  • Kempy Bass 2 weeks ago

    Python I think the thing that’s bothering you about the design is that it is mostly oak logs and it needs more dark colors a little lighter than the dark oak, maybe on the roof it might look better. I’m not really sure though. Unless you like how it is after you changed it and added dark oak

  • Oldie 1 Kanobe 2 weeks ago

    love the hanging book shelves, such an incredible idea….stealing for my builds.

  • rhys Nicholson 2 weeks ago

    Why not build a gold farm

  • Alex Mato 2 weeks ago

    You are the best builder ever python

  • Manisha Patil 2 weeks ago

    python can you please do a mining livestream with QnA?

  • Janne Dankertsen 2 weeks ago

    Do you are from england

  • Janne Dankertsen 2 weeks ago


  • Jeremy and Heather Scott 2 weeks ago

    I like the inside of the library, but for it to look modern you should add some grey to it. But only a little. Right now, it looks kind of like a castle. Inside the rest of your base you should put everything you need in minecraft, so a full room entierly made for storage, A simple bedroom (or you could make a bedroom that looks just like your real bedroom in life) with a crafting table and other things that you only need one of.

  • Jeremy and Heather Scott 2 weeks ago

    Do you read all the comments? Do you go back to previous episodes and read any new comments? When do you read the comments? Any random time, before the next episode or other times? How do you pick the comment question of the video? s your name really Python?

  • Turkey3000 2 weeks ago

    You can add a couple more enchanting tables to add more particle effects and you can make a large tower as a elytra take off point.

  • Lynette Shaw 2 weeks ago

    Python on the next ep could you make the Hogwarts train station so you can get around easily?

  • Sophie Dinsdale 2 weeks ago

    Great vid keep up the good work

  • Leigha Klopp 2 weeks ago

    Why don’t you do any time lapses??

  • XBlader 43 /XB 2 weeks ago

    Python!!!Dumb,You forgot the ladder????????

  • Hir Spooky 2 weeks ago

    To be fair I think you should scrap the modern idea and keep the mansion wood-like + leaves. Natural blocks and making it mystical. I like the nature vibe better and you can be really creative with trees etc.

  • Jack Bindman Cohen 2 weeks ago

    Stop trying to make a modern build out of wood. The reason it doesn’t look modern is because modern buildings aren’t made from wood. They are usually made from blocks like concrete or quartz, usually grey and white. I love to see the world progressing though! Keep up the great work 😀👍

  • Adam Nelson 2 weeks ago

    Would it make sense to do the entry room for the mansion soon to get an idea for how high the second (or more) levels should be?

  • EduKings-PT 2 weeks ago

    I think im lost …

  • Alex Arguello 2 weeks ago

    Maybe you should make an apiary inside of a green house so that you have a place to supply your flowers of every kind then the back story could be that you single handedly supplied all of the flower in Flora valley.

  • Keaton Hess 2 weeks ago

    you should totally do a before and after photo on every decade of episode (50, 60, etc)

  • Keaton Hess 2 weeks ago

    python you have been doing a great job and are vary inspiring.

  • Linus Lundquist 2 weeks ago

    You should make a custom banner for your shield and builds!

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