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  • Little Ocelot Gaming! 6 months ago

    DanTDM used to be awesome but now he’s a cringe police and I’m a dabbing no scoper with doritos and Mountain Dew sos dan but ur stupid organisation will kill ur channel

  • Relegated relic0 6 months ago

    Dan the dab police is bring ppl together

  • Shadowtwilightmoon AJ/LPS 6 months ago


  • Brae1and Brae 6 months ago

    Will you bring the sims back

  • Isabella Caitleen Hinal 6 months ago

    I hate dabbing too… It is da worst

  • Angry Birds/ Bad Piggies 6 months ago

    oops i don the dab

  • Angry Birds/ Bad Piggies 6 months ago

    I’m going to be a YouTuber

  • Might Canon 6 months ago

    The dab shirt in minecraft from dab, i need to get it! Stop the dabs!!!

  • Caleb Herman 6 months ago

  • Christian Solis 6 months ago

    It’s not COOL stop the DAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JimmyGamerYT 6 months ago

    DanTDM Plz Make A Song In Real Life

  • Lily Unknown 6 months ago

    ..He hasn’t changed at all.

  • Libbie From The Emerald Dimension! 6 months ago

    Do more Vlogger go viral dan

  • YARIN MEDIASARI 6 months ago

    dantdm already did this mao about a year ago

  • YARIN MEDIASARI 6 months ago


  • Emma Munden 6 months ago

    Ihate dab ahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • Carlos Jean Picardal 6 months ago

    just play it please 😇😇☺

  • W0LFGAMEZ 6 months ago


  • fnaf plushie show 6 months ago

    Dan sir we are at your service the dab has gone to far we will stop all dabs in the world 🌎

  • BlueSpirit Goat 6 months ago

    no more DABS or be in go to jail where you can dab

  • yokesan chong 6 months ago


  • Sylvanian families role play! 6 months ago

    | |
    | 0 0 |
    | ~~ |
    | — |

  • A_Blue Awesome 6 months ago

    Portal References The Cake Is a lie.. What Is This Mean Cake Is a lie? I Saw Someone Says Cake Is Not a lie What Is That Mean? Which one??? lie Or Not lie?

  • Iron Helmet 6 months ago

    Imma make myself a wooden dab police badge

  • Iron Helmet 6 months ago

    Support DAB (Dabs Are Bad)

  • I love him playing mine craft 🙂

  • Evan Ricardo 6 months ago

    You have stop dan

  • catherine jankovic 6 months ago


  • Silver Penguin more TUBE 6 months ago


  • Silver Penguin more TUBE 6 months ago


  • Antivsgames 6 months ago

    Where’s the dab Police at? 👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼👮🏼

  • Antivsgames 6 months ago

    cookies 🍪 were mine 😆

  • CHICH CHICHY 6 months ago

    hey dan love your new dab police outfit my friends are all about the dab the even edited as song to have a dab at the end :(:(:(:(:(

  • Mia Raeside 6 months ago

    What is that .It look gun

  • Roblox Fan 929292222929 6 months ago

    DAN Wear OR Make The Dab Police T-Shirt At ROBLOX!

  • CHICH CHICHY 6 months ago

    yep thats rite:{}:{}:{}

  • Sterling Pedes 6 months ago

    dan why did you bitray your por twin brother

  • Teletubies Nuts 6 months ago

    Who else here is a mineman?

  • GeoNeonPUPPPY 4500 6 months ago

    Dan u dabbed during this video

  • POnI FAn21 6 months ago

    dan said a pun yisss

  • DrInfiniteBlox 6 months ago

    Pick up your 5 ft mini guns. .. the Dab Police are on the way.

    Don’t dab. OR YOU’RE DEAD.

  • Alfie Morrissey 6 months ago

    Dab is bad!!!!!!!! = 🙂

  • IRENAevents 6 months ago

    Can I join the dab police please dantdm

  • Toby Flux 6 months ago

    NO DABING!!!!!!!

  • The Legend Oyun 6 months ago

    Turklerde burada mı

  • Yuval Aguaviva 6 months ago

    where my dab criminals?

  • T Esh 6 months ago

    Dan please do some more VR

  • Sparklecats123 6 months ago

    Who else misses Dr.Trayaurus and The Lab?

  • Quang Minh Nguyễn 6 months ago

    i am your #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Queen Alyssa 6 months ago

    Did he say damn or dan at the beginning

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