• Manisha Patil 2 weeks ago

    Python use spruce trapdoors please im ur biggest fan just gimme a shoutout

  • Raging Savage 2 weeks ago

    Lol when he was flying with Elytra I felt he was it creative

  • Abdurahiman kallankudy 2 weeks ago

    Hy python enjoying your videos very much!!!! I what about making making an elevator to inside of mansion from flora valley…. It will be awesome and we can see your design

  • Wong Shiau Fern 2 weeks ago

    Python.Can you make a pumpkins farm!

  • Manmeet Singh 2 weeks ago

    I think those stripped oak logs make a good contrast with the stained glass panes but overall it is looking a bit dry and light. I think you should implement stripped oak logs in some places like around the window or use it as pillars or something but to be honest stripped oak logs are better when used with a color which is lighter like white or grey. But so far build is looking nice and love to see more from you.

  • Tahlia muxworthy 2 weeks ago

    Why don’t you try dark oak stripped bark with dark oak stairs

  • Mitsuki Takemoto 2 weeks ago

    I love your mining adventures…please do more videos about it.

  • BATMAN Yt 2 weeks ago

    Log is looking good

  • Damalas75 2 weeks ago

    I think the horizontal logs should be stripped logs and the Vertical logs remain barked to give it the mixed look yet the modern feel.

  • Dhanush Adithiya 2 weeks ago

    The number of likes this comment gets this series will have so many eppisodes……

  • Cool Sajid Playz 2 weeks ago

    Hey python I love your video very much but don’t you think that you’re making a modern house so you should use quiz.

  • The Bros 2 weeks ago

    Hey Python for your secret room you should make it when you push the button it drops u into the secret room

  • Sreevidya Venkateswaran 2 weeks ago

    Hey python i love ur videos and i had the idea to probably in your secret room to have a little museum where you keep ur very rare item

  • jeyakumar R.P. 2 weeks ago

    Hey python love your vids why don’t you make another sieries but with someone else

  • Tap TapTheChampion 2 weeks ago

    Why I always know what you doing next after the the part you done! I’m like future boy

  • Kaka Toys and Teddys 2 weeks ago

    Striped logs

  • Anas Bourega 2 weeks ago

    the wood at the library building looks better when you changed it to the lighter colour of wood

  • use the sprited log for the house

  • Brandon Chivonosky 2 weeks ago

    I wonder how stripped birch log would look like in this modern build…

  • Cheesey Man 2 weeks ago

    In my opinion the leaves with the slabs on it looks nice it doesn’t make sense

  • nunam limbu 2 weeks ago


  • Weberink Weberink 2 weeks ago

    OMG I’m like 1,000

  • James Gorgey 2 weeks ago

    Hi,you should replace the dark oak stairs into birch stairs,because birch wood is light as the stripped logs

  • Crazy Kat 2 weeks ago

    Make it a wet room not kitchen

  • Jeremy and Heather Scott 2 weeks ago

    Python, some of us have commented and questioned in the last few videos yet you have made no reply. Do you read all the comments? I’m not saying its bad if you don’t as there are so many, but please reply to the topics that multiple comments are about. Maybe have more than one comment question of a video, maybe read a comment question of a video at the beginning of the video and build the stuff (or not) that the comment suggests. Just an idea.

  • JaguarBrickFilms 2 weeks ago

    Python, you’ve got to use that little song you made up for the beginning of the next episode! 🙂

  • Dhaniel Calungsod 2 weeks ago

    Hallo Python! Please name the secret room, “The Cupboard Under The Stairs”

  • JaguarBrickFilms 2 weeks ago

    I’m pretty sure only Python would feel the need to decorate a hole. 😀

  • Clash Royal & Mobile legends 2 weeks ago

    I have some suggestions can u make an aquarium in the pit or a pet house or even a farm

  • R.D. Franklin 2 weeks ago

    I am new to these games. I would love to learn more about Minecraft. Do I play online or have to buy a system?

  • Kempy Bass 2 weeks ago

    Python you should the striped oak wood and spruce logs or striped spruce logs with some of the new buttons maybe, and also could you make a big storage room to keep all your stuff that doesn’t really fit in the random chests in flora valley and the industrial district.

  • Manan Karnik 2 weeks ago

    4:49 “Mr. Cow”

  • Janne Dankertsen 2 weeks ago

    Hey phyon do you want a dog

  • Janne Dankertsen 2 weeks ago

    You gave sooooo many bones

  • Dev Srivastava 2 weeks ago

    use dark oak sriped logs

  • Stephen Adams 2 weeks ago

    What a neat idea for the grotto, and it looks kool, too! And the stripped logs are a serendipitous improvement as well.

  • Lyv Plays Games 2 weeks ago

    Some of us would like to be more “supportive” but are financially “challenged.” lol I know giving a like rating helps you, but what about the ads? Does it help you more if we actually watch the entire ad? Does it hurt you if we skip them? I’d rather not watch the ads, personally, but it would be worth it if I knew for sure you were benefitting from it.

  • frightening MC 2 weeks ago

    i bet you 100000000 dollars pythonMC wont pin this.

  • Jesper Avilado 2 weeks ago

    I think birch stairs might look better with the stripped log pillars? Oak looked.. too similar.

  • JoaKing YT 2 weeks ago

    Hey Python! I am a Norwegian dude that LOOOOOOOVES your videos! I have been thinking much about subscribing and stuff, and now I just did it 😀 BTW: I would realy enjoy chatting with you! Maby some kind of a Discord-server?? Or do you already got one??
    Bye for now then, from a BIG fan from Norway 🙂

  • Ayden Hanssen 2 weeks ago

    Just started watching your video s now I’m hooked

  • TreeGoo 2 weeks ago

    Pls never end this series

  • River Jackson 2 weeks ago

    I really love all of yur video’s it’s the channel I watch the most, by the way can you create new videos?
    I really like the ocean exploring ones, but I also love the variation in each episode

  • Life Of ItsLeinardPlays 2 weeks ago

    happy 40k subcriber

  • Mickyll Josop 2 weeks ago

    Congratulations Python with 40k BTW love your videos ✌️✌️✌️✌️😎😎

  • Tanami Sullivan 2 weeks ago

    how about make a room with potions out with the background with nether blocks or quartz

  • Jon Hadri 2 weeks ago

    Python make a secret room in youre nature pit that contains a railway which is going to connect to the skeleton and zombie spawners . Love the series keep up the good work

  • Jerome Bartholomew 2 weeks ago

    Congrats on 40k subs!

  • User Animal 2 weeks ago

    Hey python. Do a big ball shaped window that is like from Doctor stange’s New york mansion.

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