• Mr Black Panther MBP 1 week ago

    Maybe you could do a royal red carpet for a pathway all the way throughout the mansion python

  • Ilija Donev 1 week ago

    Hey python you can also make a stray farm too.Because they will give you potion arrows.to make it you will need ice

  • Lilly Paige 1 week ago

    Hey python, just a suggestion! Maybe you could put a pool table in the living room, and have chandeliers dangling for the roof.
    Love your videos keep it up!

  • Dragon Blade 1 week ago

    I think you should set a waypoint for your mansion and give it a name

  • Dragon Blade 1 week ago

    When you find a jungle build a settlement and make it like treehouses

  • 50sRockChick 1 week ago

    I really like this room. As for the path, that would bug me to so I think I’d make it 3 wide down to the corner.

  • Theophilus Renton 1 week ago

    Axis’ comment is a good idea ref mending books – your armour is almost spent. Also, I’m guessing you just didn’t get round to it on camera, but you are missing the oak buttons on a corner of your Atrium. Loving the build style – it’s refreshing to see something outside of my default expectation for a building.

  • LifeBeLike 14th 1 week ago

    Can you make a world download for bedrock edition

  • GAMER DESTRUCTION 1 week ago

    Maybe you can make a kitchen in your machine 🍳🍔

  • Primal Chandarana 1 week ago

    It looks amazing but I think that it would look better if you change the color of the carpet

  • GAMER DESTRUCTION 1 week ago

    sorry I meant mansion 😅🐍

  • Plated Emerald 1 week ago

    you should use carpets instead of slabs

  • Fqeiz_ 1 week ago

    Because of water on slab are now a source block… How about put Sugarcane on conner?

  • matilda surkitt 1 week ago

    in the spare room you could possibly build a bedroom! love ya python!

  • Jack'O Creeper 1 week ago

    Python, I enjoy your video so much. And maybe you can name the mansion ‘ The Madness Mansion ‘

  • Bùi Ngọc Thiên Tân 1 week ago

    use red carpets

  • NIHALG9 Gaming 1 week ago

    I think the land near the mansion is getting filled as you have grown a lot of crops i think you should get rid of some…..

  • GuyverCraft 1 week ago

    Pathway = sandstone slabs 👍🏻

  • Lucky Salvador 1 week ago

    Hi paython I watch all of your Survival Series And I think one of your Episode 10 you Miss a Water Temple

  • The Minecrafter 1 week ago

    Python very good videos and can you explore the nether because it has been fairly a long time since you did it.(And you are saying alright guys nowadays but i liked that almighty guys even though that is very suttle change)

  • Katrina Williamson 1 week ago

    Hi python, I think you should do a uncut nether exploration episode. BTW, live the series so far.

  • the lost star warrior 1 week ago

    Hey python are you gonna do miss on this series if you are than what mods

  • Govindan S 1 week ago

    Python, maybe you should add a pool somewhere in your base to give it a more modern look. By the way I love your videos!!! 😉

  • REAPER MB 1 week ago

    Hey python my idea for a pathway block is white stained glass and stone slabs under it. Also when are you going to name your horse?

  • Hibloa 1 week ago

    Python I think you should try to automate the mob drop tower using more hopers (not sure how to write hopers). By having them be filled with the drop you want to go In a chest. I am sure you already know how to do it and hope you understand what I just typed. And as always keep making content we all know and love.

  • Scott Frank 1 week ago

    Try bone blocks for the pathway

  • Nichole Mahan 1 week ago

    Love the builds! You could do carpet for the hall, or glazed terracotta as a runner down the halls instead of stone

  • Branden Tan 1 week ago

    Phyton,maybe you should make some areas of the house 2 storey or even 3 storeys 🙂

  • Vipper Blaze 1 week ago

    Maybe what you could do is do a 1 or 2 hour mining session in the nether with your silk touch pick to get as much quartz as you can then break all of them with your fortune pick back at your base. Even if you don’t use any/all of it on your mansion, then it could definitely be useful for any future projects

  • Comedy Night 1 week ago

    nice mice!!! Python.

  • DailyPlayz 1 week ago

    You should invite a friend to your world for an episode of two

  • Mine Pro 1 week ago

    Hey Python you can build like a huge cathedral or maybe a church
    Or if you are really into building a city you might want to build a hotel and salon
    And I have a great idea
    Can you build a castle like huge size on a high cliff which will be visible from the floral valley and the industrial district

  • Chip Munk 1 week ago

    I find you the best Minecraft YouTuber ever and normal youtuber

  • Chip Munk 1 week ago

    I think for the floor you should do quartz or stone slabs

  • Mackenzie Williamson 1 week ago

    Hi, you should make a pier or a beach by your future fishing rack and make a dock for easy access to future products. Nice mansion by the way, keep up the good work!

  • THE PLAYER JMC 1 week ago

    bro when you said fourty second i thought the video is only of 40 sec haha

  • Murgu 007 1 week ago

    Get yeeted 🅱oi 👌💯🔥

  • janneseville 5 1 week ago

    Use concrete or glazed terracotta for the path in the mansion.

  • Smoothish Steve 1 week ago

    Hi python. I have been really loving this series and I have been watching since episode 1. I have a suggestion and that is to have a wolf pack and maybe make them a doghouse. Maybe you can call your dogs the pythonators claw. ☺

  • Tommy Schaefer 1 week ago

    When are you going to use them name tags and name your horse and you need to get your horse a friend and keep up the good work keen for ep 50 for the download ive watched all your ep I’m really enjoying it thanks for the videos

  • nathan Hayes 1 week ago

    Hey python when you hit episode 50 [which I cant wait for] you should make a mine cart system through all the things that you have built by the way I love your videos and keep up the good work.

  • Kestrel Silver 1 week ago

    Python time to get chunk trimming! They fixed a lot of world gen and ore gen as well as the end city generation as of latest snapshot! So now you can go end raiding again and spend proper time mining

  • Katie-leigh Stone 1 week ago

    You should build a xp farm

  • Gongas Gamer 1 week ago

    Good vid Python! I am really enjoing the series! Keep up the good work

  • Sanjay Mathur 1 week ago

    Python ur old cpu was a 4 GHz cpu then why did u change it to 3
    GHz cpu

  • David J 1 week ago

    I guess you could call the towers un tilted towers

  • The Legend Of Awesomeness 1 week ago

    Over the past 3 days I’ve watched the whole series, I just finished this episode and realized I just finished the most recent video.☹️😢😥😤😤

  • Nevado Brown 1 week ago

    you just let our mind figure the answers you’re @mazin

  • Music Player 2017 1 week ago

    the pythonator has a cold 🙁

  • IDontHateSpongeBob 1 week ago

    How are you not running out of sea lanterns?

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