• Blue Monkey 1 week ago

    Why watch through each short video when you could just watch one mega video instead!
    Sit back, relax and enjoy 14 minutes of Alex and Steve goodness 💚💙

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  • Excellent Torch 1 week ago

    Gold [[[]]]

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  • demonboy 6996 1 week ago

    yay its here!!!

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  • muffinman the muffin 1 week ago

    *if only they knew*

  • kok TV gamer 1 week ago

    Do a vidao how the alex and steve kissing

  • Darius Roman 1 week ago

    Why do I feel like this would be a tv show?😄😛

  • Tomaž Kregar 1 week ago

    Make video when Alex and Steve meet Herobrine

  • Mason Mcnaughton 1 week ago

    I was hoping their will be a | MOVIE 2 | and it’s better than | MOVIE 1|

  • agustin gutierrez 1 week ago

    good this is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good

  • CRON TOPEAN 1 week ago

    Lol Rick At 0:32

  • Shellie Smith 1 week ago

    Plz make more Alex and Steve are hilarious!😂;D

  • HippODystoIeR 1 week ago

    Rick and moody PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nathan Tube10091 1 week ago

    0:32 is that Rick from Rick And Morty??

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  • Anya Warrior 1 week ago

    My favorite by far is the “WE’RE TRAPPED IN HERE” one. XD

  • lynx core 1 week ago

    M8 someone is taking your content and reposting it in their channel

  • Da Deal Doctor Whovian 1 week ago

    i like the rick and morty easter egg in the beginning of the tv ad at the beginning of the movie.

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  • Aracely Cerron 1 week ago

    jajajjaja okey is imcredible

  • blossomheart20 aj 1 week ago

    The Halp meh

  • Parisa Tadayon 1 week ago

    You should now instead of touring Steve you should do it to Alex I mean for some of them I feel bad for Steve and in only like 1 it was at Alex so have that in mind. Btw love the series I enjoy and there kinda funny

  • DAT_NUGGET _DUD 1 week ago

    Alex is mean…

  • Gamerivan360 MLG 1 week ago

    When you feel bad you subscribe to me

  • caza putas42 1 week ago

    Subtitulos en español(Spanish) plis

  • Beastboyfan BB 1 week ago

    The winter one was funny

  • Anginessy Mendez 1 week ago

    Does anyone have a cup of suga

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    I like Blue Monkey

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    I love ,minecraft

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    How does the map work?

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  • Praecantetia 1 week ago

    Really? You gave me a notification for something that I already watched over the course of several months?

  • The Evil Sandwich 1 week ago

    Are you sure the sugar was not cocaine?

  • Sam Teinert 1 week ago

    How do ads place themselves perfectly between the animations, I’m scared…

  • The Timelords 1 week ago

    0:30 I saw this coming as soon as I heard the voice.

  • Arkenite [YT/GD] 1 week ago

    THIS Video Is #GAYYYY

  • Arkenite [YT/GD] 1 week ago


  • Cristal 326 Carcaci 1 week ago

    I wish mindcarft was like this

  • niña gamer 1 week ago

    Romance 7v7

  • Snoring Koya08 1 week ago

    I see the map in the office 6:11

  • papiux _ 1 week ago

    0:31 Rick?

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