• Pixlriffs 1 month ago

    A really promising start to the series, mate. Looking forward to more of this 🙂

  • Polar Bear 1 month ago

    i will follow the series till i dont have internet 🙂

  • FlyingGiraffesRule 1 month ago

    Python, I used to only watch you every once in a while, but now, I’m really hyped for this series!!

  • Candy Rabbit 1 month ago

    It’s been along time since I saw a pure Vanilla Lets play.. >v< I missed these!

  • It's Murphdog 1 month ago

    Keep up the grind

  • Jonathan Schlott 1 month ago

    Hyped for the new series Python!
    Hope it lasts a while

  • damian 1 month ago

    Only 18k subs with that voice!? That’s criminal!

  • The Calamity Leviathan 1 month ago

    hello my slithery brother

  • Briton Roods 1 month ago

    no more harmony ):

  • Mario12267 1 month ago

    Awesome video man! Looking forward for more! Keep up the awesome work! Welcome back PythonMC!

  • Game Glitcher 1 month ago

    When he said he’s *23* he had *23* wood. lol 4:32

  • Adriana Velasquez 1 month ago

    I’m so excited to see what you do, this is going to be the first Let’s Play I see of any game ever!

  • Sharkz ' 1 month ago

    I don’t really like to play minecraft but I like to watch other people play it☺

  • Ballora Ballerina 1 month ago

    Can you please do more episodes like these!!! I loved it!!!

  • Benji 1 month ago


  • Ben Shwartzman 1 month ago

    I’m so happy for you python that you were able to decide what to do with your situation, I wish you the best of luck and I absolutely love your vids man!

  • tylr josph 1 month ago

    you got yourself a new sub! good luck with the series!

  • Liam gamer Xl 1 month ago

    What r the co ordinates of your first base even though u won’t read

  • WarriorDood 1 month ago

    I wondered why you put in a specific seed, but I guess you just love flower forests. Can’t wait for more of this series!

  • colinvanful 1 month ago

    nice little house 🙂

  • Savage Moni 1 month ago

    I love your videos

  • Skelly Tope 1 month ago

    Hey, great start to hopefully a great series, I’m exited to see how it turns out

  • redstoneer34 1 month ago

    Python, you should do multiple series, but on the same world. By that I mean like how Welsknight did in his Kindoms series. I feel that would be cool even if you deside to do 200 episodes or more.

  • LukeNuke 96 1 month ago

    18K with a Minecraft Legend!?!??!

  • Streamer X1 1 month ago

    U sound like stampy LUCKY

  • I like the cut aways as apposed to ALL the grind but I do like to see some of the build. Glad you are doing minecraft agin.

  • Elemental Master 1 month ago

    Are you going to continue harmony

  • Schner1 1 month ago

    Uh oh… you better watch out, Python, there are still some game-breaking bugs in the snapshots. Certain major mechanics of the game are impossible to use.

  • Schner1 1 month ago

    14:00 Zombies are dead already…so what are they when they’re doubly dead?

  • Flash-Flire 1 month ago

    “So I hope you guys are excited for this”


  • buddy gameing 1 month ago

    I love the Minecraft vids

  • Short Man Walking 1 month ago

    I really like watching the start of new worlds – I’m always fascinated by the decisions people make and what their priorities are.

  • Linoose Drawing 1 month ago

    Singleplayer Vanilla Minecraft? Again? You’ve done a lot of these already… but, I guess it could work. I’m looking forward to seeing where this series goes!

  • Mattias Collin 1 month ago

    can you make a world tour every 50 ep?

  • XXDiamond Roblox & More! 1 month ago

    cant wait

  • Amy Murray 1 month ago

    YES! This is just what I’ve been looking for! How frequent do you plan on making episodes? X

  • Beast Master 1 month ago

    This series is finna woke

  • yoav's life 1 month ago

    please upload more

  • Jelle 1 month ago

    I like the series already but since you said you want to keep it all 100% vanilla what about the new default resource pack i know its not completly vanilla but it would be nice to use 😉

  • ItzMisterJoel 1 month ago

    YESSS a new lets playyy

  • julia58161 1 month ago

    Awesome start, I love how excited you are for this series! You make a good point about this game, I have been playing Minecraft since before they introduced beds (dirt huts in the dark with no torches because charcoal wasn’t a thing either). I still love playing it and watching it being played. I don’t know any other game that does that!

  • ThatAwesomeKid // TAK 1 month ago

    I did not expect this I just typed Minecraft survival and I saw this it’s awesome keep it up!!

  • Theophilus Renton 1 month ago

    Great stuff! I happened to catch your explanatory video just before you made this one – happily clicked the subscribe button on the back of that and with videos like this, I can see I won’t regret it! 🙂

  • Cadence Epperson 1 month ago

    Use Optifine please!!!!

  • Kevin Spee 1 month ago

    How did you get the bark tecture nightstand? Loving the series

  • Tristan 1 month ago


  • The Challengers 1 month ago


  • thisboi niggermop 1 month ago

    OK part 2 is ready orrr

  • Adrian ProMaker 1 month ago

    How do you get so much FPS? Mods?

  • Bloody Pleb 1 month ago

    I’m really looking forward to this 😋

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