• Koby Joe Taimanglo 3 weeks ago

    make a lab

  • TJR .03 3 weeks ago

    At 13:10 Why did Dasha sound like Mila Kunis from That ’70s Show.

  • ShyGuy ThunderZap 3 weeks ago

    Tell Ben to go through the tunnel

  • S Day 3 weeks ago

    It’s pronounced lop.i .dondo

  • The faming tarzan 3 weeks ago

    Broke do a video where u hatch all of the Dino’s that u haven’t hatched pls (I am talking about all the Dino’s that are in the chest and it will be a long time to) But pls do it pls

  • William Hedrick 3 weeks ago

    pixelmon plz

  • [SOUL] MaskedKnight 3 weeks ago

    If the niceposture was all in gangs or government defense agency
    The biffleGang
    The siteClan
    The minidear mafia
    The baccaPolice
    The beanCriminals
    The DondoArmy

  • Brendon Samuels 3 weeks ago

    You should put a moon pool in the viewing tunnel

  • Dope4 Gaming 3 weeks ago


  • Zachary Armstrong 3 weeks ago


  • Zachary Armstrong 3 weeks ago


  • Zachary Armstrong 3 weeks ago

    21:26 My favorite is Andrew

  • David Rassoli 3 weeks ago

    If Andrew was there he would say well aren’t you a leapladon

  • Do u know The way 3 weeks ago

    What is your’s favorite cereal mine is Cinnamon Toast Crunch content it and like it if you have one and #USA

  • Johnbenedict Pantalla 3 weeks ago

    Ban steve he is a sh*t

  • David Rassoli 3 weeks ago

    Hey Dasha make it 3 by 3

  • David Rassoli 3 weeks ago

    Why aren’t you making it 3by 3

  • Rina Hernandez 3 weeks ago

    Kick steve

  • David Rassoli 3 weeks ago

    When I look at Steve’s pictures he looks like the hr form the office

  • The Twins 3 weeks ago

    Frosted flacks are my favorite ceral

  • Marco Basso 3 weeks ago

    Jerome is right, Frosted Flakes is the best

  • Seamour Butts 3 weeks ago

    Steve’s a Richard

    Like if you understand what I mean

  • Carter Beard 3 weeks ago

    Make a transmutation Tablet

  • May Ang 3 weeks ago

    Steve and Austin is a pair of loepard pants.

    If you know what I mean

  • Clark Dela Vega 3 weeks ago

    The horses will despawn thats for sure

  • Nick-The-GamerYT 3 weeks ago

    Can you do more traps in Minecraft

  • Aidan Stark 3 weeks ago

    ohhh no here steve comes watch out bacs he will be buns

  • Sai Zay Phone Htet 3 weeks ago

    Make the tube 3 by 3 cause the 3 by 2 tube is soooooooo not perfect.

  • Mason Hinchcliffe 3 weeks ago


  • Jackson Hildebrand 3 weeks ago

    You are awesome

  • Xavid G 3 weeks ago


  • Isaac Burbidge 3 weeks ago

    Bring back fear the crafting dead season 2

  • Flaming_ Neo 3 weeks ago

    Geez replace all the glowstone and use sea lanterns because its more brighter than glowstone and it would look good

  • Kael Ivester 3 weeks ago


  • Lewis Ascott 3 weeks ago

    Alexir should start a company on there called dondo’s dodos

  • Shona Daveson 3 weeks ago

    Let it buns let it buns I can’t hold it back enymore

  • mircco ayivi 3 weeks ago


  • Amanda Gericke 3 weeks ago

    Lol jerome thought rhinos eat meat😂😂😂😂😂

  • Games devourer 3 weeks ago


  • Dragon Gaming 3 weeks ago


  • tyler jones 3 weeks ago

    Oreo-o’s are the bomb.com

  • toby waffle 3 weeks ago

    percy jackson fan anyone?

  • Spooderman Playz 3 weeks ago

    More dinosaurs plz

  • Ryan Playz 3 weeks ago

    This is by far my fav series, I love the Dino mode, I remember when I used to watch poet..

  • Luke5473 3 weeks ago

    if it was three blocks tall. . .

  • Hernandezzzz123 3 weeks ago

    Crafting dead

  • FlareRage Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Plz if anyone donates in the next stream,tell him to make a freaking ‘Lab’ because then they’ll have more space to cultivate and Jerome won’t have to place down culturevat Everywhere

  • Avengerzz 10 3 weeks ago

    Jerome plz remove the iron floors in the t rex cage and put grass it would look so much better

  • Avengerzz 10 3 weeks ago

    Dasha hates Steve lol

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