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  • princeses lovecraft cute 2 weeks ago

    And can you please prank strawberry bush 17

  • princeses lovecraft cute 2 weeks ago

    PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex & Steve 2 weeks ago

    Whens the next minecon? I really want to meet you! <33

    You should build a rainbow doge island for the doge and the boat from moana for pua x

    Like so lizzie can see pls (:

  • Chook 2 weeks ago

    Cant believe i used to play with her. 4 years later… 3.9 million subs.

  • Angela Herradura 2 weeks ago


  • Dawn Cawley 2 weeks ago

    OMG play yandere simulator please!!

  • lucas harding 2 weeks ago

    This video was really good.

  • Shahika Jolliffe 2 weeks ago

    Yay!! Long time not post!!
    Luv ya馃挄

  • Sapphire Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Lizzie are you excited for the new update?? 馃槃 love you Lizzie 馃挏馃挏

  • Lana BananaJelly OverLord 2 weeks ago

    Angel Stitch lizzie

  • Whqlee 2 weeks ago


  • Maria Lunnon 2 weeks ago

    Pls prakn someone on the server with a famous Lizzie dungeon

  • Lilly Edge 2 weeks ago

    Dat boi is a rude boi

  • The Real Royal Kitty 2 weeks ago

    I love the stitch hat I want one!

  • teresa kimber 2 weeks ago


  • The Real Royal Kitty 2 weeks ago

    You should make gear for certain wings and hats and wear them on certain adventures

  • teresa kimber 2 weeks ago

    my brother is BORN. he is three days old

  • Jessica Brown 2 weeks ago

    DAT Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • TigerOf TheFire 2 weeks ago

    So close to 4m

  • KittyPower K 2 weeks ago

    YAY you posted!

  • Unicorn Wishes 2 weeks ago

    Lol 馃槀

  • An Nhien Nguyen 2 weeks ago

    Instead of the star u changed to heart

  • Unicornz For life 2 weeks ago

    Oh squeak

  • Rocco Anzellotti 2 weeks ago

    Twice in one week omg

  • Ding Yan teo 2 weeks ago

    Looks like the pet Cemetery us expanding , rip dogh

  • HazelsTales 2 weeks ago

    Can’t stop watching you’re videos I love u Lizzie!馃

  • Jonathon Noble 2 weeks ago

    Thank God you finally uploaded

  • M. J. B. Puckett 2 weeks ago

    its just the creeper spider and ender spider

  • Kevin vlogs video 2 weeks ago

    hi I’m stephanie

  • Alisha loves da Sidemen 2 weeks ago

    Yey I鈥檓 so glad your back I missed u love you sooo much 馃挀馃挄

  • Tomu M 2 weeks ago

    What鈥檚 the mod for the wings??

  • Pengy09 2 weeks ago

    Can you make a adorable Disney room with everything Disney and see if you can get Disney animals ! P.S. please make more fun raft videos !!

  • cutie Moonlight Ember Sunflower 2 weeks ago

    Lizzie : shut up

  • cutie Moonlight Ember Sunflower 2 weeks ago

    Dat boi

  • cutie Moonlight Ember Sunflower 2 weeks ago

    Lizzie: shut up dat doi
    Dat doi ??

  • eliya 2 weeks ago

    please make a new house this one is haunted

  • Shanae Dancer 2 weeks ago

    OMG I DIED WHEN SHE SAID 鈥 Is dat boi a fat boi鈥 LDshadowlady 2018

  • Ily. gaming 2 weeks ago

    Please can you start posting more now

  • mai darby 2 weeks ago

    100% meme fix from this video MEMRES

  • Andrew Mccrae 2 weeks ago

    With the Disney pets make mini versions of their owners house or castle like Joel did with pascal

  • Incredible World 2 weeks ago

    Good quality video! Always keep creating worthy content and you are going to develop very quickly! Subscribe to our channel and also we’ll subscribe back!

  • Karlivan Medina 2 weeks ago

    Lizzie Can you do dis? Ever Ep in FunCraft you Wear Different Wings . sorry my english is bad ………. Dat Boi!!

  • Baby_ Bambi 2 weeks ago

    What version of minecraft is this? I need all of the mods 0^0

  • Lola Broderick 2 weeks ago

    lizzie you make me happy every day you never need to change ( it is true not a lie plz stay happy ) : )

  • Sugar Kitty 2 weeks ago

    Before I watched this I was thinking when u get in trouble people are saying your not good enough then people will say that they trying to say u can鈥檛 be bad but it鈥檚 not up to you to desire what your personality is it鈥檚 yourself but yeah I love u Lizzie

  • Gem Shaderds 2 weeks ago


  • Shawn Farley 2 weeks ago

    Wanna join my club?

  • Shawn Farley 2 weeks ago

    Arent you supposed to be shouting bb and looking for goldstein?

  • Lara SCHROEDER 2 weeks ago

    I noticed something… Lizzie doesnt know what to do in FunCraft… SHES BORED. Well lizzie i think u should dress up as a mermaid and join the Deep End series. Or look for more girls to adopt, collect inventory pets, or more Disney wishes. LOVE U!!!!

  • Kri kri Catcorn 2 weeks ago

    Love you lizziy i love when you post 馃憤馃徎鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

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