The Haunted Cabin | Minecraft Machinima “Minecraft Roleplay” w/


  • AviatorGaming 3 weeks ago

    I am so excited to be writing and making weekly Minecraft Machinima’s again!! Like if you’re excited to see a new one every week!!

  • Evil Kuriboh Lv9 3 weeks ago

    Who Screams Like Day?!?!?

  • Archangel2O 3 weeks ago


  • ssj3 goku 3 weeks ago

    i was the 1000nth person to like and 175th person to comment LIKE MY COMMENT

  • JerryBlaze7 3 weeks ago

    lolz this was hilarious, it kinda reminded me of the old “The Evil Dead” movie series with how it started; until the plot was revealed. XD

    Keep up the good work! O:

  • Hospitalguy101 3 weeks ago

    Zack stop saying “ecscape” it is pronounced “escape”

  • Knightsky Uzimike 3 weeks ago

    Hey aviator you haven’t been posting anything on lemonbar and also when are you going to to more games and things on your regular channel

  • Jack Gisicki 3 weeks ago

    jesus has everyone in your videos thumbnails been working out? they always have red cheeks!

  • That Guy 3 weeks ago

    179th comment

  • Knightsky Uzimike 3 weeks ago

    But I’m glad your posting on your other channel avaitorgamez

  • Xx321DeadShot123xX 3 weeks ago

    Y no glenwood, dont do Halloween vids just roleplays

  • savannahm Mellott 3 weeks ago


  • None of Your bizz 3 weeks ago

    Make real glenwood prep vids not a special I mean I want more glenwood and when will taylen ask zack if he likes her sheesh

  • MarVelq i want ibotta explains please 3 weeks ago

    it said untitled

  • Wise grimlock 3 weeks ago

    That scream tho

  • Kanye Barner 3 weeks ago

    upload dear dove more OFTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Queen Paisly Chan 3 weeks ago

    lol… the ending was funny…

  • imperius rex63 3 weeks ago

    Make them longer and upload more often

  • Red Pool 04 3 weeks ago

    ZACK YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

  • Red Pool 04 3 weeks ago

    i had a dream the other night that i was playing minecraft with Zack i was so happy but i got supper sad wene i woke up

  • Ivonne Flores 3 weeks ago

    when are you going to make part 2 of glenwoodprep

  • A. E. T. Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Making machinimas again, i m so happy for you Zachary 😄

  • 904DWEBB 3 weeks ago


  • Deon Brown 3 weeks ago


  • Neno 240 3 weeks ago

    Make the rest of the video I like drama like this

  • IceShadow 0510 3 weeks ago

    That was short… But great plot!!!

  • Sebastian Montgomery 3 weeks ago

    Ooh spoopy

  • Robot Challenges 3 weeks ago


  • Pieter Meeusen 3 weeks ago

    Thought it was glenwood for a second…

  • Kathleen Formanek 3 weeks ago



  • The_Red 3 weeks ago

    See that’s having common sense unlike every other thing and horror movie well. Zack you are smart

  • Utranation 3 weeks ago


  • Utranation 3 weeks ago

    FffffffffffffffffffffffffSub Sub to me plz i subless i beg for subs plz

  • Sid Tube 3 weeks ago

    This series is weird

  • Trophyfish Animations (Firox and John) 3 weeks ago

    Your content’s bad and you should feel bad

  • Rebel Gamer Jonathan' S 3 weeks ago

    Hey Everyone what ya’ll gonna do in Halloween this year?

  • LanieltheGamer 3 weeks ago

    sorry i am late i just finished school and me mom and me went to the mall

  • Poop Face 3 weeks ago

    Is that ravens v/a?

  • FairyGod Fork 3 weeks ago

    Acctually scary

  • Kathleen Ramsey 3 weeks ago


  • Lordwebbyman Minecraft 3 weeks ago

    Thought this was glenwood 🙁

  • Kawaii violet 3 weeks ago


  • LukeWalker777 8 3 weeks ago

    Nooooooo not glendwood?😔

  • Jaden Rammer 3 weeks ago

    Plz pokemon live stream again

  • abby showalter 3 weeks ago

    That was so scary

  • abby showalter 3 weeks ago

    Please do more

  • Pumkin JO 3 weeks ago


  • Sam Sam 3 weeks ago

    Why would zach choose a thunder and dark and NOT chosy place for a ROMANTIC ANNIVERSARY!:)

  • Jorden Clark 3 weeks ago

    Bring back Jay Garrett Leah Nathan and moose

  • Grace Fisher Random 3 weeks ago

    Just realised this wasn’t murkwood manor

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