Welcome back to the live Pixelmon Island Adventure of Season 2!


  • Inw Buddy 1 month ago

    Gen 3 get
    All of them must have growl leer splash tail whip sand attack
    Shedninja must holding life orb toxic orb or flame orb
    Have fun lachy
    NOTE:this is just a joke don’t take it serious

  • TeckyLemon 66 1 month ago

    Where is Ali-A ?

  • Shark Army 1 month ago

    R.I.P The Pack

  • That One Kid 1 month ago

    Lachlan don’t put a flame orb on heracross because burn half’s attach, that’s why Pete is dumb :3

  • TenTonTerror 227 1 month ago

    Lachlen your hyper offense strategy is to dangerous. You need to be willing to switch pokémon out and not just let them get 1 shot. You also need more defensive pokemon. All your pokémon are to weak defenseivly. Even skarmory who you didn’t train property. Skarmory is a staller not a fighter. You wasted it’s evs.

  • Felmar LIM 1 month ago

    Also where is the Salamance love

  • Canyon Ty 1 month ago

    Your plays are horrible

  • ricco ip 1 month ago

    for gen 3 slaking

  • Miller Selland 1 month ago

    Vikkstar123 uses rock! Lachlan used paper! Rock was super affective!

  • GreekGamerPlayz-Roblox&More 1 month ago

    Lachlan get aggron with curse stealth rock ironn head and rock slide and ev train it attack and defense it will be good for set up

  • Trumf 1 month ago

    You guys should introduce a tag battle tournament

  • Noice Dab you got there 1 month ago

    Lachlan u rlly need to plan out your teams better and maybe do an egg farm for the ivs or else you will never be able to beat those plebs. My team for gen 3 would be: sparkz, Galil, rk9, breloom, swampert and metagross

    Breloom- nature:jolly
    Evs: attack and speed
    Item:focus sash
    Moves:spore, Mach punch, seed bomb, swords dance

    And I cba to read the rest so just look on internet 😂

  • Magnus Hjaltested 1 month ago

    Could you use Donphan?
    Item= Choice Band.
    Ability= Sturdy.
    Nature= Adamant.
    Max attack.
    200 speed.
    Rest in Hp.

    Ice Shard.
    Play rough.
    Knock off.

  • Fahimul Islam 1 month ago

    He says life orb does attack not special attack then gives it to his jolteon is it just me or does that not make sense

  • Edvard J 1 month ago

    Its good that Lachlan don’ represent a city
    ‘Cuz you know it would not be litty
    ‘Cuz Lachlan is so shitty

    Lachlan get better bruh

  • jordan 1 month ago

    Skarmory for the L

  • Derpy Playz YT 1 month ago

    Use swampert it will sweep with rain dance

  • Ryan Cameron 1 month ago

    “Vikk would of been an easy battle” vikk gets to the final

  • The Animation Squad 1 month ago

    3 gen get gardivuar

  • Ryan Cameron 1 month ago

    Is just me or is Lachlan low-key salty vikk is doing better than him😂

  • Anthony Velazquez Leon 1 month ago

    you are the best

  • Carmelo Monaco 1 month ago

    Scarmary was a bad idea

  • Carmelo Monaco 1 month ago

    Should’ve used puff the dragon

  • Infernioz 1 month ago


  • BoomCakeGaming 1 month ago

    i honestly just hate quiff XD

  • Jag battle duty /insanity 828 1 month ago

    Bro u were back to back champ what happened

  • Infernioz 1 month ago


  • Mdemike22 1 month ago

    Lachlan getting protect on your skarmory would be a good play because you could start with a toxic then protect the spikes and continue layering on the spikes in between protects, you would slowly whittle down pokemon and be an absolute pain in the ass to take down.

  • the three crazy friends 1 month ago

    Vikk is beater than you

  • Brjoho31 1 month ago

    I want to enjoy his content, but I can’t because of his lack of knowledge about pokemon while claiming to be a pokemon(ish) channel

  • get rid of substitute for flash cannon on skarmory

  • Sefe Sierra 1 month ago

    Omg use ice beam ice is effective against grass smh

  • Sefe Sierra 1 month ago

    Use knock off on ala

  • Sefe Sierra 1 month ago

    Fr tho u keep makeing your pokemon horrible and u need to realize go for special attack not regular attack only on certain pokemon idiot

  • exodic legend 1 month ago

    if u don’t win the gen 3 battle we will all unsub

  • Magi_Cacti - Official 1 month ago

    Knock off would have killer Pete’s crobat

  • Erin Head 1 month ago


  • Tyla311003 Gaming 1 month ago

    I love how Lachlan says he’s got all da pokemon knowledge lol

  • Gabi Barukcic 1 month ago

    you are awful at pokemon you didnt get tyranitar hes strongest gen 2 and you got a skarmory *facepalm*

  • Gabi Barukcic 1 month ago

    speed deoxys is the fastest pokemon btw

  • The Gweilo 1 month ago

    Poor sport Lachlan😩

  • Bestie Fastie 1 month ago

    you took another L achlan(your new name)

  • Bestie Fastie 1 month ago

    but I’m not mad
    Here’s my tip :

  • Owen Swain 1 month ago

    surely toxic spikes would be better on skarmory or can he not learn it????

  • TehRedBoy 1 month ago


  • Anantha Kadur 1 month ago

    get Sceptile,Milotic,Flygon,Swampert Gardevoir,Salamence megatross,Agron ,Blazikien,

  • Priscilla Hilburn 1 month ago

    You I mean you are the best

  • Snivysaurus Rex 1 month ago

    for next pixelmon island you should update the versions of pixelmon instead of the generations

  • Leg end 1 month ago

    Lachlan why get such a shitty team

  • Charlie Martindale 1 month ago

    what mod is Lachlan using for this version of pixelmon

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