• Aron Salazar 3 weeks ago

    Racecar backwards is racecar. I never knew that

  • Aron Salazar 3 weeks ago

    NEW COMPUTER!! Yess I have been triggered because of his old one, because I would hate that it crashed. But it was still a computer lot of good memories

  • Aron Salazar 3 weeks ago

    R.I.P Old computer ( Even tho your in storage)

  • Aron Salazar 3 weeks ago

    We’re a pg Christian channel. I was dying because it reminded me of whorifa from one life 😂
    Edit: ~20 second later~ let’s make a mari*juana pot 😂

  • Aron Salazar 3 weeks ago

    I AM EXITED FOR YOU TO GET BACK IN ACTIONNN (SCREAMS LOUD ~Realizes there in the kitchen and Mom is right there~)

  • Aron Salazar 3 weeks ago

    Have you seen me in any other video?

  • Team Ellenburg 3 weeks ago

    I feel so awkward watching this without his face cam..

  • Aubreigh Meyers 3 weeks ago

    We can’t see your face and it makes the video not as good

  • PumpkinSpice _123 3 weeks ago

    Guys Joey has his webcam on duh it’s just uhhh… Minecraft version! Yea.

  • Lydia Pérez 3 weeks ago

    Joey get your shit together

  • Gingerbread J 3 weeks ago

    Joey come to my realm called the candy kingdom

  • Fox Animations 3 weeks ago

    Joey: you know what this can also mean pot as in weed but we are making flowers cuz this is a PG Christian channel 😂😂😂
    Me:Dies while drinking water 😂😂😂😂💀💀

  • Melly Morasse 3 weeks ago

    December 1st was my b day!!

  • gameinggirl78 loves minecraft 3 weeks ago

    joey please do more roblox I LOVE YOU I WATCH EVERY SINGLE VIDEO YOU MADE

  • Dragongirl 200 3 weeks ago

    A sphinks is square but you built it round

  • bryleigh busby 3 weeks ago

    “This could also mean pot as in weed,”

  • Cristien Perezzx 2 weeks ago

    It feels weird without face cam it sounds like a voice over 🌝

  • Liza Ley 2 weeks ago


  • XxDrågønšpÿęrxx Ånįmåł Jåm wįth vłøgš 2 weeks ago

    It just feels weird and alone without your face

  • Lps.Barley.Tv. 2 weeks ago


  • ItzDOTTIE! 2 weeks ago

    Omg POT WHY XD

  • Ella Meyermann 2 weeks ago

    It’s cool you made my day anyway ☺️☺️😁😜🤩

  • Unicorn Face 2 weeks ago

    Sooooo much LAG!

  • Alana Ramirez 2 weeks ago

    Hey Joey I love you soooooooo much and you are an inspiration to me I really hope you see this I watch you videos every day

  • Emma Sansregret 2 weeks ago

    Your voice is so clear, awesome mic quality!!!❤️

  • Sariya Dennis 2 weeks ago

    Joey is so damn funny

  • Dragicorn Friendz 2 weeks ago

    It was a great video

  • rainey Bendio 2 weeks ago

    joey i love your channel

  • ssugaa.a a 2 weeks ago

    without face cam is sooooo weird 😂💕

  • XProtom RBLX 2 weeks ago

    For a gaming channel Joey, what games would you prefer that would get attention fast?

  • Living Lights 2 weeks ago

    It feels so weird without your Cinnabon face to stare at ;-; (sounds creepy…don’t take it the wrong way lol)

  • Living Lights 2 weeks ago

    Joey is such a savage xD “You didn’t change the ground! If you changed the ground, you would’ve gotten a good.”

  • Kassie 80 2 weeks ago

    What texture pack are you using?

  • Klare Rolton 2 weeks ago

    joey can u pease not have a texture pack or chane urs?? pls like if agree

  • Sophia Walshe 2 weeks ago

    Aw poor dogs i dont know how i could live without my pups

  • Ali Kno 2 weeks ago

    please can u make some more roblox videos

  • Hannah Constanse 2 weeks ago

    can you make a server agen on minecraft? PS. love you and Your videos XD

  • Maria Martinez 2 weeks ago

    Without your face, i don’t know what i’m watching.😭😂

  • Michelle Hernandez 2 weeks ago


  • Kother Al-sabaghah 2 weeks ago

    Joey it ok that you haven’t been posting we onderstan talk as much time as you need u deserve to finish and don’t forget we love you you’re one of the best YouTubers ever ❤️❤️❤️💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💙💜💜💜

  • Kawaii Kitten Games 2 weeks ago

    The person with something in their hand the thing they were holding is a shovel

  • Coconut Drum 2 weeks ago

    I had no idea you were on Miranda Sings!

  • Destiny ! 2 weeks ago

    Feels weird without your face ❤️you Joey

  • Aya m 2 weeks ago

    Lotsa love from Egypt ❤💙💙💙
    بحبك فشخ والله 💖

  • leah lashwood 2 weeks ago

    Your doing great sweety

  • Celina Del real 2 weeks ago

    We need more fun craft videos lol

  • Amaya Nicole 2 weeks ago


  • Aurora Grey 2 weeks ago

    When I saw the pot theme, I didn’t think of weed or a flower pot. I thought of a pot you cook food in. I think of food way to much… 😂😂

  • zavyonfleek 2 weeks ago

    But…But… *IT WONT BE THE SAME*

  • Kyle danniell Sisayan 2 weeks ago

    if your homeless go to philippines. its fun there

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