• Felix Lemon 3 months ago

    Wtf I saw the beginning and skip threw to maybe half the video with out thinking and I came just att where he was jumping away from the island like in the intro

  • 09 Beast Boii 3 months ago

    Its only 2 winstreak WOW

  • Dark Star awx 3 months ago

    thank god vurbs voice changed

  • Aidan Caverly 3 months ago

    1st?. I’m sure i hacked with like 12 People in my /p last week.

    Flux b12 is awesome.

  • Why do people play UHC Bob 3 months ago

    Dude make your intro red it will look more rubier

  • Yi Jong Gan 3 months ago

    I love u Ladon

  • RunnerPatrick 3 months ago


  • Beneree Hodgkins 3 months ago

    “WELCOME BACK TO TODAYS MINECRAFT VIDEO”. I think he meant this months minecraft video

  • Ali Falih 3 months ago

    landonmc you nead jitter click in youtube how to jitter click


  • timhung Leong 3 months ago

    Landon play factions and do ban reset

  • EnderPlayz MC 3 months ago

    i just started minecraft like a week or 2 ago and i am better than him

  • Queen of Animals1H 3 months ago

    I am engoying watching your minecraft videos and roblox videos😁!!!

  • DuckTheGamerGuy 3 months ago

    2017 – 2017
    We loved u…
    I think xD

  • Royce Tompong 3 months ago

    slap that like button

  • ImAGryffindor 3 months ago

    0:59 vurb…..

  • Cille Husum Hunnerup 3 months ago

    I JUST love Vurb

  • Nana Ridzduan 3 months ago


  • Julia Appello 3 months ago

    I like your visor

  • Julia Appello 3 months ago

    Y did you not wear it

  • TheGolemSquad 3 months ago

    Bring back TNT Wars!

  • O_boyboy ! 3 months ago

    Landon lol I saw nemo 3 days ago!?

  • -TBNR_Kaito_Joker- 3 months ago

    landon developers is my friend he play block strike on phone his name in block strike is Not Know and he have a channel on YT

  • -TBNR_Kaito_Joker- 3 months ago

    YT is youtube

  • Jamie Quinn 3 months ago


  • EthanGamer 928 3 months ago

    Hey Landon I like your Minecraft videos and roblox

  • TM Gaming 3 months ago

    vietsud in vietnamses

  • Lol Joker 3 months ago


  • NohaxJustImYolo -Minecraft 3 months ago

    I wish he was the first one for real!

  • Ninja_do 3 months ago

    Ninjas always teleport

  • ammar yaser 3 months ago

    Who’s here before 1000 likes

  • Team 7 3 months ago

    Landon or Preston

  • Anthony DeMelfi 3 months ago

    Landon u gonna ever do factions?

  • Davon Brix Studios 3 months ago

    How does this guy who hasn’t posted for like 3 months have more subs than hardworking daily uploading YouTubers

  • Joya Alhadeff 3 months ago

    Why is it Landon and not London

  • Epic Eri 3 months ago


  • EthanPlayz_MCPE 3 months ago

    the videos clikbait how would he have force field and if he did u didnt know cause vurb never hacked before so he cant just tell he hacks

  • ShnizzDizz 44 3 months ago

    Solid Rest In Peace win streak

  • Core_ 3 months ago

    Landon Say to Vurb to use TNT so he can beat technoblade

  • Vince Montano 3 months ago

    hey preston always win look at his bvids

  • ICodeMinecraft 3 months ago

    AYTYYYYYYY lando commando is back!!!!!!!!!!

  • PugPlayzMinecraft 3 months ago

    “they used my skin in the npc”

  • PugPlayzMinecraft 3 months ago

    landon if you dont stop minecraft i’ll forgive you for going to roblox

  • Rit Yates 3 months ago

    Use a knock back stick in bedwars to knock people off the edge when on the the pathway to another team

  • Fritz R 3 months ago

    Noice New Intro

  • Fun with science 3 months ago

    I wanna see Technoblade vs Preston

  • Awesome Andre 3 months ago

    Strange I met a hacker on the same mappp

  • ElectricMousGamer 3 months ago

    rest in peace winstreak but landon will revive you

  • Noah Zacharia 3 months ago

    nice to have you back

  • Ismith Games 3 months ago

    I love you

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